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Discussion in '1994 Ford Mustang GT' started by civic people, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. ive got a stang and yes ive raced a 300zx tt and no i didnt get beat. his costed more and didnt handle very well. just for the sake of knowledge, a fox III mustang (87-93) is SCCA approved with small mods of the suspension system. with an eibach sportline spring kit and some type of strut tower brace to stiffen the front end, it can be raced at an SCCA event.
  2. How much HP did those seatbelt covers give you?

    Mustangs are slow compared to most japanses sports cars.

    Hell the WRx STI manages to put down similar times to the 2003 cobra.
  3. Yeah, but the STi is among the faster of Japanese cars.

    That said, every major Japanese has a production vehicle that puts down similar or faster times to the 2003 cobra
  4. password, torque isnt anything? torque spins the wheels, without torque(which is impossible) horsepower wouldnt do a thing. torque will pull you out of a tight corner, or help launch better...
  5. once again, someone is misunderstanding that sig.

    HIGH torque is useless, the same effect can be achieved by having an engine that revs high, with better results for racing applications.

    And you wouldn't have Horsepower to do a thing.

    Torque will also cause the wheels to lose traction out of a corner and make the car spin out.

    And it will only help launch better if you can't drive, if you do have decent driving skills however, you can launch just as quickly.

    But again, high rpm hp without a lot of torque in comparison, is better for racing applications, not for the drag-strip.
  6. on street tires. put the cobra on slicks where it can actually get grip and the cobra would put down better times.

    the Sti is a cool cars so is the evo 8 but they cost the same as the cobra so I think it should put down similar times
  7. I think with better traction the Cobra would likely be slightly faster. Without it though, they're pretty much the same in acceleration.

  8. i'd just like to say my peace about stangs v/s imports.

    first of all, i love the 350z. i liked the 300z okay. superas were very nice (for a 40k car) and rx7 although yielding surprisingly bad gas mileage, were awesome. evos are good runners, by i'm not much for the style. same for the very capable wrx. i like the new rx8, and the s2000 is a great little roadster. my favorite other that mustangs and 350z's would be an m3. i owned a 94 v-6 convertible. the 3.8l is were the mustang gets the "bad reliability" press. that engine was a piece of shit, though and though. but look, the mustang is great because it has so much untapped potential. you can spend 5-10 grand on any year stang and practicaly crush any competitor. sure, you can soup up other cars, which i have no problem with. but when a stock car with turbo's is beating a stock 4.6 mustang, i am unsurprised. first of all, the turbo'ed car was most likely more expensive. 2nd, it has already been technologically stretched. what are you going to do, take off the turbos to put better ones on? sounds like a waste. for a car retailing at 24k, i'd say 260 hp and 300 f-lb's with 0-60 in 5.4-6.0(w/auto) seconds is damn impressive. it's worth it now, and it was worth it then. for a mid-priced car that gives above average for the year 0-60, and only being a few tenths of a second off the heels of the more expensive and less comfortable camaro, i'd say it's a bargain. i just bought a 00 gt with a 01 hood and Bullitt rims. it's a 5-speed. jet black i love it.

    and that is the last point. if you don't like mustangs or the way they look, then you will never like them. i love mustangs because of their looks and real-world performance which, at stock level, is plenty for me since i find no real reason to prove my self at every stop-light like some Neanderthal showing off his muscles and barring his teeth. when i get in my car, i am happy. i smile. when i see some f*cking street racer kid with a grimace on his face leaned back in his set at uncomfortable angles that are suppose to look cool and tough, i just want to vomit in his face and piss on his car. it's like, grow up. you race cars because you like to. it makes you happy. so stop posing like you are some kind of pointlessly hardcore angrily asshole. it is not a life-style. it's a g*ddamn hobby. that's why i always admired the name "fun Ford Weekend."

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