Re: Bath Tub with Wheels

Discussion in '2001 Lexus SC430' started by Antiford, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Bath Tub with Wheels

    Wow! this car is stupid. It looks like a blowted Audi TT. Not to mention the back seats in this car are ridiculous. I heard Lexus only put in back seats so the insurance rate would be lower. What a stupid thing to do. I will abmit I do like some things about this car, but the bad outweigh the good by far. I'm sure this car is a dream for some punk kid to get his hands on and modify until you can't even recognize it. I vote this the worst Lexus ever!
  2. 456 GT...they have back seats...
    back seats = lower premium???
    lick my ass<!-- Signature -->
  3. Yeah but you can actually sit comfortably in the back seats of 456. The back seats in this car are a joke. I would like this car a lot more if it was just a two seater.

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