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Discussion in '1994 Ford Saleen Mustang S-351' started by Heyman, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. ok, GJ the supra is only about $25,000 less then the cobra R, and the cobra R is faster, by the way, a 1993 supra will kill a 2000 cobra, and there are only like 500 cobra r's made every yearif u wanna say some thing like "jap cars suck" name what jap cars you think suck, so we can compair, not just all jap cars vs all american cars, because, if u wanna do that, the supra is closer in price range to the focus, the focus and the supra are less then $10,000 apart, the supra and the cobra R are $25,000, so i can say "yea, but the supra will smoke a focus" atleast when you say XXX car sucks, compair it to some thing in it's class
  2. American cars suck, Jap cars are awesome, go japs
  3. better that any japanese car? why would you say that when you know youll get shot down because there are many jap cars that are faster. and when that happens you piss off to god knows where. this is overpriced for what you get. can no one else see that?
  4. Name a few jap crap cars that are in the same price range as this and that are faster.
  5. i don't know many jap cars that could compete with it even an nsx or a supra would barely be competitive.


  6. NSX would run laps on this and it doesnt even have that much horse!. Skyline R33 and r34 would also run laps. Nissan R390 would kill it and any other ford! Blitz Skyline would own it Blitz Supra would own it. Tommy kaira ZZII would own it and it doesnt even have a V8 hell no its got a V12!. And you say Imports suck? well a Ferrari Enzo would own every american car if it raced one. same with a Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT these cars would kill your Top fuel dragsters at the track and once again run laps! the Mclaren to would kill every american car!. What are you going to say oooh well a Corvette 427TT or a Viper Hennsay 1000TT or a Camaro ZL1 they all can compete! yea right Whats next you think a Hemi(Dodge magunm) can out run a Skyline or NSX! haha that will be the day!.

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