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  1. sorry meant 125K for the 800TT.<!-- Signature -->
  2. Good point , but if you open the link i've posted above , you'll se that the total cost of the parts i've estimated is very high , it includes IMO the cost of the labour.

    If you don't trust me , you can calculate the total cost by yourself.
  3. how many people in the states have R34s? let alone an R34 GTR, or higher model... the R34 alone is illegal in the US, only R32s and R33s for us
  4. DO some homework buddy, there are other sites than this one, and get a job.
  5. If we were compareing this to the 427tt then I'd take the 427tt the viper is faster than this it got 0-60 in 2.7sec without cheater slicks and has a topspeed of 230mph. that's all faster than this so I'd take the viper. The 427tt is even faster than the viper. who cares that this did the 1/4 mile in 8sec. the camaro zl1 with a turbo it did the 1/4 mile in 5sec. and had over 1200hp. They have other vipers that can go faster than the 800tt they're called svsi vipers with 1200hp. and they have corvettes that go faster than the 427tt I don't know the name I only know that it has 1400hp. So I'd take a viper or corvette over this. Anyway this isn't such a bad car.<!-- Signature -->
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EvilNinjaMoby</i>
    <b>Yes that 45-50K$ Skyline also only runs high 13's in the 1/4
    from Road and Track nov 01:
    99 Skyline GTR: 85,500$ (not going tocount this b/c Im sure thats what a conversion would cost.. so we wont include this) 0-60 5.2 sec
    1/4 13.7 .... now of course the Skyline will be cheaper in Japan.. due to there is more skylines on the Road in Japan, than there are Vipers in the US due to vipers having "somewhat" limited production numbers.
    00 Viper ACR (MotorTrend 01) 71,000$ 0-60:4.2 1/4:12.3
    There is a reason for the Viper being a more expensive over here... like i said above.. they are less produced here than skylines are in Japan.... and its faster... as for Viper Being fat and heavy
    99 Skyline GT-R 3673Lbs
    00 Viper ACR 3355Lbs..and thats with our "heavy" v10.
    Try and do a little more research....
    oh and to prove the homoligization reasonings for price.. lets compair the 99 GT-R to a '00 Z06...
    99 Skyline GT-R: you SAY 45-50K in Japan 0-60:5.2 1/4:13.7 Skid pad:.89 Slalom:60.8MPH
    00'Z06 Vette(385HP): 45,000$ 0-60:4.6 1/4:13.0 skidpad:1G
    slalom:67.1 MPH
    So if you want a fair compairo... there you go. But again.. you are right about the parts being cheaper.. obviously it will be expensive to replace parts for an NSX here as opposed to Japan.. just liek Im sure it would cost a pretty penny to replace a connecting Rod on a corvette in Germany. But.. no... not all vipers cost twice as much as a GT-R.

    <!-- QUOTE -->b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    You must be getting your numbers from the same place Elite was getting his....I'll reprint my post from in the Nur forum.

    I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers Elite...but here they are according to the Mar '98 issue of Option Magazine (who Nissan allowed to pick a stock V-Spec vehicle from a lot of their choosing).

    Price as tested: 5,127,000 Yen after Taxes, Shaken, and registration
    (47,200 odd dollars) with all options (12 disc changer/DVD player/GPS everything else is Stnd on the V-Spec).

    Test results
    BHP [email protected] (actually posted in PS...same as HP)
    Torque [email protected] (332.7 ft-lbs)
    Turning Radius: 12M
    accel 0-100kph (62mph) 4.68s
    400M 12.72s
    braking 100-0kph 31.4M
    210M Slalom (700ft) 120.42kph (74.82 MPH)
    Skidpad 1.032g

    Just a tad different from the numbers you quoted.
    And how are you going to compare a Stock R34 with an ACR anyway? Don't you think a more likely comparison would be with the GTR N1...but I don't think you really want to go there<IMG SRC="">
    ...and you can, by the way, pick up an R34 for around 57k USD in the states. One thing you can't do...import a NEW R34 into the U.S....
    Unless you are importing a Nur edition...then you can claim it as a limited edition vehicle (and wouldn't be required to make it conform to DOT, CARB or EPA) thus giving you a brand new R34 Nur for 50k USD. Any questions?
  7. By the way....does Hennessey Motorsports even exist anymore? Last time I heard, he had twelve different lawsuits pending...stemming from failure to deliver parts to failure to honor his own warranty. Both the 800's AND the 650's are HORRIBLE in terms of longevity. I guess Hennessey forgot to research the effects of a FI, High Compression engine on an Aluminum block!
    To add more fuel to the fire...there's another American out here in Nippon land with an 817 (dynoed) HP R33 who drives it to work everyday in Tokyo traffic. He's been doing it for almost a year and a half now. I would LOVE to see that in a Hennessey Viper.
  8. First of all, you dont know what you're talking about when you say that Skylines in Japan are more common then Vipers in America. Well it depends, in Japan there are many versions of the skyline, MOST OF THEM ARE NOT THE RACING ONE, most of the skylines in japan are the family sedans. GT-Rs, however, are argubly as rare as vipers in japan. Second, you act as if 1/4 and 0-60 time is a godly comparison, when in fact 1/4 and 0-60 times really dont mean sh*t. I'm willing to bet a pretty penny that the skyline has much better handling, and on a real track such as Nürburging, skyline handling would come on top. And finally, yes your V10 is very heavy, compare the v10 to the inline 6 of the skyline, compare the cc's. Heck, even look at a frickin mustang's v6 look at the size difference. The only reason the skyline is so heavy is because of its Super hicas, and atessa pro system. Essentially the thing that makes the skyline so heavy are the 'goodies'. What makes a viper so heavy? Its engine, its already overweight, so the dodge engineers couldnt add any 'gadgets' to it. Go look up the Skyline GT-S, it doesnt have attessa, and its a LOT lighter then the gt-r.
  9. This car is the greatest car ever built, this isnt designed as a dragster but it would still tool anything else other than a funny car, on the track it is literally invincible.
  10. CHEVY Silverado 8100 Vortec
    380 Hp
    560 ft/lb of torque

    8 Inch Lift

    40 Inch Tires

    12,000 pound winch

    try that on for size :D
  11. This thing would absolutely tool the 800tt viper, as a matter of fact the viper isnt even that good, the best american car is a 66 shelby cobra. But the cobra doesnt compare to this.
  12. porsche Gemballa 650 is one of the few cars that can match the mighty Blitz! Around a race track the porsche would beat the Blitz, drag race would be close though<!-- Signature -->
  13. I'd take the Blitz over the wiper
  14. I'd personally take the Viper.
    -looks a lot better
    -faster 0-60 time
    -faster 1/4 mile time
    -higher top speed

    The Blitz most likely would beat the Viper around the the track, although it would be very close, and may depend on the drivers. Even though the Viper does over 1 g, that lateral acceleration crap doesn't mean a whole lot. Some cars have very poor records for that, yet are still extremely fast around a track, while for other cars it's just the opposite. The Viper will beat the blitz in 0-60 thing some of you are forgetting, the Viper has 150 lbs. more torque than the Skyline. I'd also take the 800 TT because it looks a lot better. From these pics, the GT-R looks like a box that was spray painted by offense to Skyline lovers, but they honestly could have done a better job on the exterior of this one.
  15. First of all the 800TT ran 9.81 with slicks, this car runs 8's without em, or nos, so you figure it out.
  16. Blitz GT-R vs. Viper 800tt

    just ur take on this comparison.<!-- Signature -->
  17. Drag race would be close, the Viper would take off, the skyline would probably catch up a little but eventually the Viper's V10 will top out higher. Around a track it would litterally be a joke, the viper would get destroyed no doubt. Inferior handling and technology.
  18. Im not meaning to piss anyone off, but the skyline would shoot off the line a hell of a lot faster then the viper. I think you got confused. the skyline has 4 wheel drive and if you have ever seen one drag race you can bring up the rpms really high and dump the clutch, you will hear a little squeak and then the skyline will just fly forward. So, the skyline would win off the line, and i think the two would probably go at about the same speed. So i think the skyline would win, only because of the take-off. On the track the skyline would domminate and in a top speed contest im thinking the viper would probably win quite easily.
    <!-- Signature -->
  19. Drag Race- Viper

    Track- Blitz

    Looks- Blitz

    Overall- Blitz<!-- Signature -->
  20. MrKatchet, no harm done :) but the viper, well this particular twin turbo viper has done 0-60 in 2.4 seconds, so it would shoot off faster. To be honest i don't know why exactly, but it has the skyline 0-60 and top speed, but not much else. Skyline still wins overall.
  21. More information about the Viper has come up, now its stats were all performed with Slicks, which seemed pretty obvious. Without Slicks the 800TT will hit 60 in 3.1 seconds, the question is whether the times for this Skyline were done with Slicks or not.
  22. I really have no background information on this at all. But i just assume that the skyline was run with out slicks on. It is not a drag car, and i doubt they bought drag slicks to run a test, which wouldn't really be true results because it would never really race with them on. But that is all just me thinking to myself.<!-- Signature -->
  23. I agree, but who knows, i'm having so much trouble finding more info on this car, its driving me nuts.
  24. Dunlop SP Sport 9000
    front 265/35 ZR 18, rear 265/35 ZR 18 These were the tires it had when it was tested.
  25. Personally, I'd like to see how this car actually costs before I compare it to the 800TT. They are both kick ass cars that perform incredibly well with or without slicks. I'm just wondering if they dropped a bigger chunk of change on this Blitz as compared to the Viper.<!-- Signature -->

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