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Discussion in '1999 Blitz Skyline GT-R R348' started by sparetire, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. the 800tt hennessey was tested again by car& driver i think in a road test for overall best tuned car of the year. this time however, obviously it was strapped with high performance rubber instead of slicks, which obviously demolishes any advantage teh viper had in a straight line. the viper actually is considerably slower than some weaker vipers because there is so much torque that it overhwhelmed the wheels. i think the quarter mile was almost 1.5 seconds lsower than the 10 second mark that was set earlier.

    anyways i would take the blitz over the hennessey because i love the grille and two cuz i corners better.
  2. dude
    Blitz GT-R vs. Viper 800tt

    dude i know im new but i know everything about cars and the venom800 would kik this skylines arss!!!!
  3. dude
    Blitz GT-R vs. Viper 800tt

    and another thing i can tell u that and im only 15!!!!!!!!
    the venom is a v10 the skylin is an inline 6 i think with a turbocharger dude american muscle all the way babby!!!!!
  4. dude

    Yeh well I'm only 14, and I know ur being stupid.

    It really doesn't matter wut size the engine is except for top speed.
    U could have a 3 cylider mini against a Ferrari Enzo and the mini could have 4000hp and beat the ferrari at drag. it doesn't matter the size of the engine.

    The Viper 800TT would probably win against the Blitz Skyline, but it would be a very close, and very fun match up 2 watch, and I'm sure you'd all agree.

    Vipers arent THAT bad at track handling, they're not as good as the Skyline, but they're still not bad.

    And the Dodge-Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT would be a LOT more rare in Japan than the Skyline R34 would be in US/Canada.

    but seen i don't know how many blitz' there are in existance, I can not say which would be rarer in each of your area's.

    The Veiper Venom 1000TT would smoke the Blitz in a straight line, and would put up a damn good fight on the track.

    But out of these 2 cars, i'd say tie, because they are both fine pieces of art.
  5. Re:

    I agree with Futher Mucker

    Have you ever seen a dodge colt with a 3000gt turbo enguine in it....
    you probly haven't i have and it will tear almost any of the hondas or integras u put againts it.

    and i dont see why anyone cares witch car is faster unless u have that car and ur freind says it sucks.who cares wat car is faster its called sentimental value.I happen to like vipers better than skylines but i still dont care wat car is faster.
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    This topic to me is abit dumb. How can you compare a 2.7 litre straight 6 twin turbo, to a 8.0 litre v10 twin turbo? The nissan has a engin that is about 3 times smaller then the viper and it pushes out the same kind of power and is not slower? Face it, the japanese technology is far superior then anyone else in the world. Imagine what they could do if they use that technology on the kind of engin the viper has, it would be faster then a space shuttle :)
  7. The 800tt is faster in accel and the cars are near the same weight but the skyline may catch up. It's a tough choice but i believe the viper would win 0-60 in 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 235MPH the blitz Skyline goes 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 213MPH if thats accurate
  8. also i dont see how u can possbily think that the skyline is faster when the site itself says the viper has faster accel and higher top speed

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