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  1. The only funny thing here is that the new 500hp S55 AMG can burn every car in BMW's current line up except the M3 GTR. In terms of acceleration the S55 can easily keep up with a Z8. I don't know, maybe grandmas drive cars that get you to 100 in around 10 seconds nowadays.
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    wow. Your fifth post. And its a stupid comment

  3. It can't keep up with a Z8. The S-class is a lux car, the Z8 a roadster. There is no comparison.
  4. Read what I said. I said in terms of acceleration, not on a track or anything. In terms acceleration it will burn a Z8 so you're right in that aspect, there is no comparison. Check out the most recent edition of Road & Track and see what the E55 AMG did to the competition. They got the E55 to do 0-60 in 4.2 and the 1/4 mile in 12.4 seconds. Those are 911 Turbo stats and the S55 still has 24 horses more than the E55 (though weighs slightly more). Prove me wrong there if you can.
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  6. people are buying it, and not soley based on the looks....its definatly the sportier of the 2 if you've ever driven them back to back.....tighter handling and firmer ride.....another reason people might like it better than the benz
  7. You fu#king idiot. If we have a look at youraccount it says that you have sold your Aston and are buying a Merc SL, I dont believe it to start with but why go and take the piss out of merc and then say you are going to buy one?
  8. The S-class connot touch the 760IL. The new 2003-2004 range is just a face lift exterior/interior. Rather dated i think.
  9. In case none of you have noticed, the S63 has long since been superceded by the S55 and S600, and if the S65 is available, then that is the godfather. Stop comparing a car that Mercedes put out of production almost as soon as they made it with a non-existent M7.
  10. wow this is the most retarded thread ive seen for some time...

    the commercial vehicle sales are not counted with the passenger car sales - the two divisions are obviously linked but market their vehicles independently.

    also MB doesnt make taxis, it makes cars that people buy and use as taxis. how about you pull your head of your arse and think about why people would do that?

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