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Discussion in '1973 BMW 2002 tii' started by Guibo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. It may be fast for a car in its time, but it still looks plain and boring. It's kind of square, the front is black and looks old, the headlights are cheap, the wheels are plain, and it's small.
  2. boring? doubt it... a friend of mine had one of these in a dark red shade, it was a sweet little car....very kewl design, too
  3. whats wrong with it being small?
  4. This is one of the coolest cars of it's time, and as a testament to the greatnes of its design, the 80's BMW F-1 engine was built around a 2002 block, making up to 1450 hp in 86'!!
  5. That's how someone can tell that you actually own or drive a 2002, because you mentioned the visibility. I also like the big steering wheel.

    I know some people don't like the looks of this car. But at least it polarizes you. You either love it or hate it. Not like today's cars which look really boring and the same as everything else. At least car designers tried to give a car some style back then. Have you seen the new GTO, it looks just like a two door Grand Prix.

    Also I wish companies were designing cars smaller and lighter, it seems now that a car with 200HP wont even move it fast because it is so heavy.
  6. ok, i'm officially wrong...we have one at school for our autocross events. having driven it, it's a damn kick in the pants!!

    it's stripped though. no glass (save for the windscreen), no carpets, no trim, no grille, no headlights, no seats save for the drivers' seat. the engine's stock save for a k+n filter and a header. and lemme tell you, with all the weight gone, it does NOT mess around. fun to do burnouts and donuts in the parking lot with hehe.

    factory stock this thing probably sucked, but strip it down and mod it, and it's just insanely fun.

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