Re: bugatti vs. lamborghini vs. ferrari

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  1. bugatti vs. lamborghini vs. ferrari

    in your opinion which is the best<!-- Signature -->
  2. the one that delivers for the least amount of money. They all look cool and they all have the engine in the right place. If the numbers are close in whatever racing or driving condition you compare them on I think the cheaper one will be the one most people will choose in a real situation. There will always be something you can upgrade or change to your liking.
  3. I think the Bugatti would be the fastest on a track , not just because of its power , but because Piech loves efficient cars , he's a top engineer and wants the Bugatti to be very fast.The bugatti will be fast
  4. BULL... do you realize that the new bugatti veyron has one of the most powerful engines and internals? For anyone who has read the 2001 july issue of sports cars int'l, you will read the italicized lettering that describes this demon's full capabilities. I say BRING IT ON!!!

    BUGATTI VEYRON: 1001 HORSES, q. 64 v. turbo charged engine, (without ugly ass egotistical body such as, lets say.......ummmmm. lamborghini.)

    Ferrari I like, to a certain extent, but i will not comment.

    BU-GA-TTI, BU-GA-TTI, BU-GA-TTI, ETC.<!-- Signature -->
  5. all are great. Lamborghini you get more bang for the buck. Lambo is faster then ferrari and around the same price. Bugatti is fast but cost 600,000$ more for an extra 40mph. Thi is a nice car though<!-- Signature -->
  6. i kno i kno !!!!!!!! all the engines blow the #$%# off!<!-- Signature -->
  7. that all depends on what Lamborghini and Ferrari you are talking about

    the only reason I would take the Veyron is for its rarety, and its class otherwise it'll be the Lamborghini
  8. I'll take the Lamborghini Murcieglo... End of story!<!-- Signature -->
  9. Ferrari. Just because there proven!!!! They may not have a car faster then this but they are more advanced and all aroundly built. Lamborghini has still yet to beat ferrari and as Bugatti..... Well there actually establishing themselves as a supercar genious. So I say.....

    1. Ferrari
    2. Bugatti (Give them a little longer and they'll make cars that will smoke this)
    3. Lamborghini(because they can never be ferrari. Although they do make beautiful cars. Note: This is not as insult to lambo lovers I'm a fan myself this is just the order in which I think.)
  10. 1. Bugatti (i wonder why)
    2. Lamborghini (ur average lamborghini is better than ur average Ferrari, ur fastest lamborghini is faster than ur fastest Ferrari (just))
    3. Ferrari (very very very close third)
  11. bugatti... period
  12. > Etore Bugatti
    Bugatti of course.........................
  13. it all depends on the model driver and the track
  14. Re:

    they are all great, when they get so close like this usually the cheaper the better.
  15. Re: Re:

    man bugetti gotta win, most BHP n 4wd not way those other cars can catch up
  16. Bugatti takes it
  17. Ferrari with Michael Shumacher un stopable! that guy seams like no one cant beat him except Dale hartert Jr from nascar. but if his not driving the ferrari im going to pick the Lamborghini Murcielago its been racing compared to the overrated Enzo thats awsome to look at.
    Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT ,1
    Ferrari Enzo,3

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