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Discussion in '1998 Nissan R390 GT1' started by ilovevipers, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. stu: ive heard off a secert superbike on it as well. i don't no if it is true thought<!-- Signature -->
  2. your signature is from superstreet
  3. By far the best car in Gran Turismo 2

    Yes, I know that I have spent too much time (about 150 hours) playing the game, but this car can be entered in most of the races when you swap out the turbochargers, and dummy-down the performance enhancements for the lesser races. Even though mid-engined, rear-wheel drive cars are notoriously squirrely at low speeds (and even high speeds sometimes) this one's nose is glued to the track at all times. It is lighter than most other cars, and even with a 100+ horsepower disadvantage, this will still whoop almost all other cars' asses on the track. Nuff' said.
  4. Alrighty!!! ;) yeh, i hear ya on that one. I have spent too much
    time in the past on my GT2, and i really havent got around to
    playing it lately anymore<!-- Signature -->
  5. I'm With you on this on guys. I play too much GT2 also until i found out that it was screwed. Can't play Red Rock Valley or get the Shelby Series 1 eather. So now i'm playing GT1.<!-- Signature -->
  6. You guys need to pick up a PS2 and get GT3!!! It absolutley BLOWS AWAY any and all forms of the GT games thus far! The best car in GT# i think is the Pagani Zonda C12S. by the way, why isn't the Pagani Zonda C12S on<!-- Signature -->
  7. you guys are ALL wrong. the escudo pikes peak is definitely the best car in gran turismo 2. it's more powerful, lighter, and 4wd.
  8. I used to play Gt2 everyday after school for 1 hour for 2 years. I still think it's a very good racing game, I would like to get PS2, GT3, and GT 2001 Tokyo Concept.<!-- Signature -->
  9. I never said that the R390 was the best on GT2. The best is the
    Escudo...I got it to turn on a dime without slippage and no
    spinning out.<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  10. Hey people this is a car forum not a play station forum. <IMG SRC="">
    This car is very nice and has massive power.
    Wouldn't mind the skyline sharing its engine.
    Do you see any of these in the streets?

    Long life to NISSAN!!<!-- Signature -->
  11. No Way! Tuned ups Toyota GT1 and Jaguar Xj220 are the best!
  12. Nope, toyota and Jaguar are not better than NISSAN.
    The R390 is better. I think you underestimate NISSAN!

    Long life to NISSAN!<!-- Signature -->
  13. I was reading this about the R390 being the best car in GT2 so I thought I'd try it out. I used the racing models for this comparison because they are faster and if you don't own them you haven't got very far into the game. This is un-bias and un-practiced.

    R390 GT1 LM Race Car '98
    Special events>GT All Stars>Laguna Seca
    best lap: 1:13.051
    race time: 6:30.388

    Special events>GT All Stars>Red Rock Valley
    best lap: 1:04.067
    race time: 5:35.593

    GT-One Race Car '98
    Laguna Seca
    best lap: 1.10.285
    race time: 6:12.201
    Red Rock Valley
    best lap: 1:01.422
    race time: 5:41.732

    I found that the Toyota is actually much faster once I got use to it. Its just that it requires far more skill to drive than the Nissan. Just now was the first time I had played the game in months but I've probably played more hours than the person that started this thread. I'm on day 937 and I've started over 3 times. I have 4 memory cards with full garages.

    BTW: The hill climb cars are faster but in real life pikes peak cars only go about 130 mph due to low gearing. For that reason I won't use them in anything but rallys on GT2 or GT3. Also, the fastest car in GT3 is the F094/H, in my opinion.
  14. ha ha ha ha
    ha<!-- Signature -->
  15. i play way to much gt2, i have only cars u can win, i dont have any car that u can buy, becuz wats the point some other person has that one becuz they bought it.

    anyhow i have 67 cars all lm or special cars.

    and after days weeeks months years and hours of playing it i have to argue that for being only 640hp the Saleen SR is by far the best car in the game.

    i average 58secs on redrock and 57's on midfield, 1:21's on rome night, and a 51sec on tahiti road, with much more, sure its not really the fastest doing 191mph average on the tracks above but damn can it turn on a dime, and gets the best times.

    then again i spent a whole day literally tweaking the cars suspension and gears, to exact perfection.

    but then again, all my other cars are monsters as well, but the saleen is just a whole other story.

    and also the two race cars that are r390's just kick ass, though i experience a slight slow build up to really high speeds when compared to other cars of its hp and catagory, but nonetheless a ruthless race car.
  16. The fastest time I ever got on Rad Rock was right at 54 sec with the Cerbera LM. Keep playing and win the GT-One Race Car. Its super fast.
  17. the suzuki escudo is the best in the game. it's simple.
  18. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EmmArTooGuy</i>
    <b>The fastest time I ever got on Rad Rock was right at 54 sec with the Cerbera LM. Keep playing and win the GT-One Race Car. Its super fast.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    post the setup for ur car, becuz right now my cerebra lm runs 58s and 59s average times. and thats with lots of tunning behind it to get it that low.
  19. I dont know about all that, but one thing i do know is i have a Nissan Skyline GTR on Gran Turismo 3. And the Nissan R390 GT1 and the Toyota GT1 are the only cars that can beat me.
  20. alright alright, in GT2, the fastest car i got was a fully modified toyota supra RZ (twin turbo in real life). i think i got it up to 275mph. but stock, the fastest car in gt2 was the toyota gt1 race car. however, in GT3 for PS2, it got more realistic; you can't turn a normal car into a full fledged race car with paint and drastic weight reduction. and also, race cars can be modified even further with turbos and such. there are even 4 secret F1 cars to be unlocked(ive only gotten 1 so far, and it has 680hp, and can beat my 1800hp escudo around the test i wont include these in my results). with the new features, the fastest normal car i got so far (im not even 50% done the game) is the viper, which has roughly 1100hp and goes 280 on the 10k course, the only other car i have gotten past 280 was the suzuki escudo racecar, i made that go around 285-290mph...this thing comes with nearly 1000hp stock, and this time around you can throw a stage 4 turbo on it to boost it to 1800hp (hint: use the wheelie trick and you'll go 500+mph; works on other rear drive racecars that can acheive 230+mph with ease) i didnt go into GT1 cuz its essentially the same as GT2 with less cars and courses.......................most of my gt2 info is accurate, since i completed that gt3 i have yet to test most of the more powerful racecars such as the team oreca viper, the toyota gt1 racecar, the tvr speed 12, or the panoz
  21. no,escudo is<!-- Signature -->
  22. how do you get the toyota gt one on gt2. I have played for upwards of 300 hours and won every race in the game but still dont have it. Oh yeah with the R390 GT1 i average 1:12 second laps with some going as low as 1:10 seconds.
  23. ive done 823 days on gt3. ive done 73.5% of the game and have over 180 awesome cars. The quickest car 0-400 is the polypony 001 (a secret f1 car.) it has 829 hp and does 0-400 in 8.235 sec. The quickest car 0-1000 meter is the pikes peak escudo. It has 1849 hp and does 0-1000 in 14.231 sec. the escudo also has the best top speed at 467 km/h or 291mph. THe polypony 001 is the best braking, gripping, handling and cornering car. It only accelerates faster than some cars like the toyota gt1 by a bit but demolishes them (escudo included) on the corners and switch backs.The polypony001's lap times are markably better than any other car.

    one of my mates says that someone he knows won a bonus superbike which is the quickest! Anyone know anything about that or is it bullshit?
  24. the escudo is by far the best car in the game<!-- Signature -->
  25. In GT2 I can beat the escudo pikes peak on my 975hp/900kg Toyota GTone road car. It has better handling than the Escudo. <!-- Signature -->

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