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  1. Reason the Camaro and Firbird are out- the lease ran out on the building where the majority of their production took place. Nothing to do with the Mustang being better in any way, cause it isn't.
  2. props to this stang on its power.
    but come on, those numbers are lame as all hell.

    "Well, the R has all the power we wanted, but its missing something..."
    "What about big numbers?"
  3. Yeah, I'm sure that GM would just let the lease run out. C'mon, get real. Production of the F-Bodies ended because they were selling, plain and simple.
  4. it seems no one could come up with a good enough retort to my earlier post...
  5. what the hell are you smoking do you know what a prime condition 69 z28 camero is worth? it is well over 19,000. so look up your facts before you talk
  6. to john kilo

    i agree if you are looking for fast mods to a car add a supercharger to a import, but if you are looking for brute power with a non aspired engine there is no way in hell you could beat a small block 350 bored and stroke to a 383 in a camero just try to get a b16a or a b18a over 700hp and not use nos so there is the reply you were looking for
  7. to johnkilo, WTF is ur problem? Ok u like imports big fookin deal, lets do some inspection shall we? Seeing as u probably got all of your facts from the Fast and the Furious.
    1) Front wheel drive will never REPEAT NEVER have the same performance potential as rear wheel or AWD, simply for the fact that a transverse mounted 4 or 6 when put under high load will eat half shafts.
    2) All JDM true sports cars were or are rear or AWD. A civic is not a sports car. A 3000GT VR-4 is.
    3) granted 4 and 6 bangers can rev higher but thats only because they need the room to produce the power, and domestics are a bit behind in motor effinciency I.E. the S2000. as a trump to that 1969 Z/28 Camaro used a de-stroked 327 to rev up to ten grand, purely for speed purposes.
    4) JDM performance cars have been around since the time of domestic ones, the only problem is that their performance was not up to par with that of the american cars.
    5) Ok u said who would waste their time on old dinosaur cars, or something to that extent....where do u think ur hobby came from Uncle Ben's boy? Just like 60's muscle car gearheads spun from the guys from the 40's with their flathead and nailhead V8s. U came from the muscle era, u have a respect for fast cars, and workin with them. If it wasn't for aftermarket pioneers like Holly, Edelbroc, and Moroso and performance driver like Smokey Yunick you wouldn't be able to B16 ur CRX now would u.
    So hows that for a good arguement? Now, get out of ur girlfriends GS eclipse grow a sac, and know what the hell ur talkin about before u post stupid schiesse.

  8. actually ford wanted to put an aluminum engine in this but they kept blowing up during testing so the waited on it also the ls1 and ls6 have aluminum blocks with steel sleeves around the piston helping it achieve a weight comparable to 4 liter v8 engines. this is a great car. the last real ford mustang now they rely on forced induction to keep up('03 svt cobra and gt40).if you want speed a supercharger on an ls1 can put it over 450 hp and use the tires this car has (bf goodrich g-force kdw the grippiest street tire available) and you will have one badass street machine.
  9. True that, The R's engine is Iron block I believe, but huge displacement doesn't neccesarily mean more weight, the chevy 350-427 small block series usually weighs less than smaller displacement 6 cyl.
  10. ford makes light engines, at least now they do.
    look at what they're doing wit the duratec engine.
    (look at noble gt)
    the ford GT, has a lightweight engine, granted with light superchargers, but it's 450hp.
  11. Do you know what a prime condition 1696 Mach 1 is worth? Look it up.
  12. My experiences with the Mustangs have given me respect for them. Not to mension the 1968 hardtop a friend of mine had. It had a 427 SOHC "cammer" believe it or not in it.
    That was the wildest thing i have ever driven!!! I even tested -70 Camaro with a 454, but that was nothing... Even though the 427 "only" had dual Holley 850 Dominator carbs on a low manifold,
    and the 454 had a high rise manifold and the same combination of carbs. That Ford would blow the doors off that Chevy even in 150 mph!!!
  13. First off, I would like to say if you want to rely on anyones information, bruddah man matt knows whats up. Secondly you all sound like children arguing about Mustangs, Camaros, Trans-Ams, and Corvettes because they are all sweet and everyone knows that. No Orange Juice is better... No Apple Juice is better. Its all about preference, you like what you like, and I like Trans-Ams. Thirdly, you all sound like damn fools when you say NOS because that is only 1 company(Nitrous Oxide Systems) that makes nitrous performance mods. Quit watching movies and start reading magazines.

  14. Re: Camaro haters beware!

    finaly someone else who actualy knows what's what and doesn't rely on movies. it's still a good movie though just a movie thats all
  15. I agree with you alot the Mustang and the Camaro are, to me, the best constant muscle cars along with the Corvette. Imports suck! Right now the design of the Camaro yes does look bad and im mad at Chevy for it. And I think that yes the 65-68 and the 99-2003 Mustangs are the only ones that look good. I like the Firebird less than both of them though-on power and looks. The Chevelle I highly disagree was the best muscle car in history. The Nova was much better and Novas are sweet. I think the muscle car of all time is the Vette. Its 50 years old and soooo very powerful.

    Mustang LX vs Camaro (base) Mustang
    Mustang GT vs Camaro Z28 Camaro (Most important win because most common on the roads)
    Mustang Cobra vs Camaro SS Mustang

    And the Saleen 281's are slower than the Corvettes. But true not all are slower the other 2 models of Saleen are faster but 1 of them costs like 170,000. I forgot what model it was and im too lazy and tired right now to check but if you want to know just got to

    Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races.
    -Carroll Shelby
  16. Tell me, how do imports suck?

    BTW - it's now becoming more like Torque sells cars, horsepower wins races, as so many people believe his misleading statement is true. However, both are equally important for anything beyond the 1/4 mile, and hp is generally more important than torque the longer a race is.
  17. The 1970 Chevelle SS looks great. What the hell are you talking about?
  18. The Chevelle always did look great
  19. About the topic...Getting a Trans Am or SS, you get what you pay for. That's a load of bull. In Canadian funds...I bought my Mustang GT 2000, for a tad over 27grand, with tax. I looked at a TA and a SS, and they were both upwards of 40grand. With the extra 13 I saved, I put on a Cobra R body kit, many bolt ons, suspension and interior mods. I still have left over cash, and can run high 12's. So how's that for your bang for your buck. Face it...TA and SS died because they were a rip-off. Plain and simple.
  20. Asains compair there Honda Civics to Dodge Vipers so I think im safe compairing a Saleen to a Camaro. I agree on the looks of mustangs. 64 1/2-68 and 99-current and the only good looking ones. I like Chevelle looks and the Firebirds and the 80s Camaros and old time Camaros but the new Camaros were so ugly they had to discontinue Camaros for good. DISCONTINUE, GONE! Theres not even a Camaro to compair to the Mustang cause they dont exist.

    Mustang started before and lasted after and ever year a Camaro was built there was a Mustang that was faster. Good time to stop cause the 2003 Cobra is the most powerful Mustang Ford ever built.

    The 2003 Cobra is faster than any Z06 except 2002 and 2003. Kinda sad since the Cobra's 10,000 less and only uses a 4.6L V8 over a 5.7L V8. It almost produces the same amound of horsepower too. Only difference is that The Corvette weighs like 600-700lbs less.

    As for saying that the Corvette is faster than most (enphesis on most) Saleens in entirely wrong. Out of 3 Saleens there is only 1 slower than the 2003 Z06 (fastest Z06)

    S281 with 425hp is probably slower than the Z06
    S351 has over 500hp and will smoke any Z06
    SR Will not only smoke the Z06 easily but the 2003 SRT-10 Viper.
    It better if it costs 150,000
  21. JEALOUS chevy owner....
  22. it dont matter which one is better....and anywaz they r close 2 da same....but ALL american cars murder those lil buzz bombers. thats one thing we all r proud of
  23. Dude, you either don't know anything about your favourite car, or you're an extremely biased idiot.

    "Mustang started before and lasted after and ever year a Camaro was built there was a Mustang that was faster" Before the 2003 SVT Cobra, the Camaro SS was faster than every Mustang ever released.

    "The 2003 Cobra is faster than any Z06 except 2002 and 2003", well, I guess that's all that really matters since the 2003 Cobra was not made in 2003.

    "Kinda sad since the Cobra's 10,000 less and only uses a 4.6L V8 over a 5.7L V8" Why don't you go find a pre-2002 Z06 and tell me how much it costs, it definitely won't be the retail price. As for the 4.6 litre V8, that's a SUPERCHARGED V8 in comparison to the Z06's NA 5.7L V8 which is an entirely different story.

    The Z06 actually puts out less power at the wheels, but it's lighter, and faster, meaning that its drivetrain is more efficient.

    The Z06 is faster than all Saleen Mustangs, that's all that really matters.

    Dude, I hate both cars, and yet it seems like I know more about your beloved Mustang than you do.....weak buddy.

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