Re: camaro vs mustang past to present who is better.

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  1. You also need to realize that Camaros have always been more expensive and have always used a bigger engine. So in raegards to that the Camaro probly should win.
  2. my BLACK escalade has the tints, scoop,floorboards ....... 23"inch Antera's

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  3. It is not important who win at every year, what is important is who is standing up at the end or the round, and today the Mustang is the only one that is still stading up up and kicking while the Camaro/Firebird is laying on the ground killed. In other words: Camaro/Firebird has been discontinued and I WILL miss them.
  4. You can't count who is the last man standing because unlike GM, Ford can pull in money from their successful subsidiaries like Jaguar. Not only that, their economy/commuter lines pull in more money then GM. Basically, they have a lot more money to play around with and can sustain greater losses.

    I know most of you Mustang/Camaro fans hate Japanese cars but the same can be said for Mitsubishi as GM. Although their Evolution series are excellent cars, because they lack sales in other areas, they are going bankrupt. If the Evo line does get dropped, it does not mean that the Evo is a bad car. All it means is that Mitsubishi just doesn't have the funds.
  5. if the camaros better then the mustang howcome the mustang put the camaro out of buisness. why do you think they stopped making them
  6. I just explained this... It is because of the amount of funding and marketing Ford can do compared to the Camaro. Just because a particular product line is stopped does not make it a bad car. It is a matter of funding.

    Let me break this down for you. Chevrolet has the Malibu, Monte Carlo, and Impala as its economy cars; for trucks it has the Colorado, Avalanche, and Silverado; for SUV's it has the Tahoe and Blazer; and for vans, well they have a few, but I don't remember the names.
    Ford has the Focus and Taurus as its economy cars; for trucks it has the F-series and the Ranger; for SUV's it has the Ex line: Escape, Excursion, Expedition and Explorer; again, I don't know what vans they make.

    Now you tell me, looking at that line-up, who do you think has more revenue to support projects like Mustang? I may be wrong but I believe that the Explorer and F-150 are the number one SUV and truck in America. Ford is a gigantic company by itself on top of owning companies across the globe like Mazda, Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin, Lincoln, and others. What does Chevrolet own? a whole lot less. They are one of the many companies of GM and while GM might have a lot of money, Chevrolet doesn't have access to those funds. Besides, even while this isn't researched I'm pretty sure GM as a whole doesn't match Ford. They own a lot of pos companies like Pontiac and Buick.

    Ford has been able to make Shelby's, BOSS's, and GT's to support its line up of Fords. Camaro wasn't. It is only natural with such a diverse line that they will get more name recognition from past triumphs like the '67 fastback, gt500's and other successful models. You ask a random person on the street, someone without any knowledge of cars, which one they'd prefer and they would choose Mustang purely on name-recognition. Sales are not always an indicator of performance.
  7. Actually, GM is the world's #1 company atleast in the automotive business. Chevy, being GM's primary pinalcle of profits, can pretty much take quite a bit of money. The Camaro is dead because its old. Chevy needs to design a new engine for it (the 5.7L might be good, but people want "new!", not "good ol'"). I also think Chevy's redesigning the Camaro.

    As for the explorer F-150 thing, yer right. As a matter of fact, 2003 was one of the FEW years in Ford's 26 year reign of king of trucks that GMC and Chevy COMBINED outsold Ford (but still, by a very small number). Another thing, Ford doesnt own Mazda, they own shares in it, about 33% or somethin.

    As for which is better, Mustang for handling, Camaro for raw power. Dont get me wrong, Im a die-hard mustang fan, so its hard for me to admit that most Camaros can beat most 'Stangs in a straight line, but then again, its a shame the Camaro didnt wait a few more years to compete with Ford's 05 Mustang GT. That woulda REALLY killed the Camaro there.
  8. Camaro wins. The question wasnt really about cheap parts or who was still in production it was past to present seeing how the camaro is just now canceling production it has won so many comparisons over the years it can aford to give you one in the year 04. Get over the fact they cost more and have bigger engines you get what you pay for and is what you get when you buy the camaro is a win.
  9. lol, but the fact that the mustang killed the Camaro, Firebird, and Corvette COMBINED in sales shows you that people didnt like what happened to it. The opinion of many outweighs the opinion of a few. I respect the most recent Camaros, and I look forward to a reincarnation of it (as long as its American, not like that Aussie stuff the GTO is made of, no offense to Aussies of their cars, but the GTO should be AMERICAN DAMNIT!) And even then, of the 4th generation Camaros, how many were sold with V8s? Not many! The Mustang GT model alone outsold the Z28, SS, and RS models of the 4th generation Camaro. The V8 model was too expensive and not desirable due to it being somewhat rare (the Z28 being the lowest model V8, which was still pretty expensive and not common enough). The Mustang, however, has the GT model almost as popular as the V6 model, so people can get both the sporty model, or the powerful model.
  10. You are an idiot.

    Put any factory firebird or trans-am (or hell, even a normal vette) up against an STi V4, a Evo6, or an r34 skyline GTR on a TRACK (yes TRACK) and see what wins. It's possible the vette MIGHT beat one or two of the three (although not likely), while the firebird and trans-am would be get absolutely slaughtered. Hell, even an S2000 or 350Z would probably hand both a big smashing on a track, not to mention an R32 GTR, which is now around 15 years old !

    Stop putting dirt on the japanese. Just because they build better performance cars, that can perform in more then one area, doesnt mean you have to bring out your jealousy.

    And dont bring out any of your crap about something like "but if i spend $X on my *insert american car here* i'll beat them" crap, because we are comparing the factory built, production cars, not aftermarket modded cars. Fact is, that as a general rule, the japanese built better all round cars then the americans (not just performance cars, but also economy cars and family car).

    Lets take a look at the best cars in some categories, including just US and japanese cars:
    Economy: dont even have to start, japanese have this one cleaned up
    Small family car: nissan pulsar, mazda 323/3, honda civic sedan etc etc etc..
    Medium family car: honda accord (euro model), subaru liberty/legacy, mazda 6
    Large family cars: do i need even MENTION the Crown Victoria, for if I do, I may break into hysterical laughing fits after remembering how long it was sold as a NEW (!??!!) car! I'll admit though,that the jpapanese dont have alot of cars in this category (atleast here in aus).
    Luxury: For a purpose built luxury vehicle, lexus wipes the floor with any american made cars IMO, especially as far as built quality and refinement are concerned. Hell we just got the V6 engine from cadillac over here in the new commodores, and according to reviews its barely more refined then 30-ish year old buick based motor it replaces!
    Sports: for the japanese: NSX, GTR, Evo, STi, 350Z, RX8, S200... list goes on. For US: Corvette and Ford GT.. the only american sports cars that can (or more correctly, LIKE to) do more then just go in a straight line.
    SUV/4WD: here again, the americans have it sorted.

    So, out of the entire industry, we essentially have one area that the americans are better then the japanese (SUV's) and one that they are better in only because the japanese barely exist in (large family cars). In every other area, IMO, the japanese built superior motor cars to the americans. You can argue and disagree all you like, but as a whole package (i.e. all round ability) the japanese generally do it better.

    Hope that provides a nice outlook for you. If the japanese build such "shit" cars, then you should be absolutely embarassed, as they are STILL superior to those made by the americans.

    p.s. I apologise if i offended anyone with this post, I just get irritated to hell with people coming up with americans bringing the "hate japanese cars" crap. Personally, i'd buy a hyundai before i'd buy 90% of the american cars on the world market.


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