Re: can you say, Import drivers are gay?

Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Coupe' started by KOBRA KAHN, Aug 9, 2002.

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    <b>Iam sorry but my car owns you all, "3000GT" is faster then this american junk, plus it cost more, and iam with Mistertwo on this one, i think i speak for all when i say that ummm American cars suck, they suck, and they suck, there junk and they always will be!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Wow, your 3000GT is really expensive....and still slower than a stock Trans-Am.

    Congradulations on being a dumbass, and throwing all that extra money away.

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    <b>Also this is one of the most IMMATURE threads I have ever seen. You are all pathetic (with the exception of Josh, who actually knows a thing or two). Get a life you prejudiced kids.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Funny, I trashed your car, yet you say I know a thing or too. You must not take stuff too seriously, or you were just being sarcastic.

    Many of the mags get higher times for the stock SS and TA's because they wait to late to shift...that's right, not to early, but to late.

    SS's and TA's get better times if you shift just about 500 or so rpms below the redline...instead of waiting to the redline to shift like most cars. The LS-1 starts to lose power at higher rpms. You can get the cars down to the 13.0 mark just by shifting right and getting a tighter set of gears.

    *by the way, NinjaAssualtSquadElite, I don't really dislike Supras at all, I just target them, NSX's and Skylines b/c those are three cars that are idolized by all the ricers, and I use them to try and make points.

    Just trying to let everyone know that American cars are not inferior, as some believe.<!-- Signature -->
  3. I laugh if you compare an F-Body to a Supra. There are two rules to driving an F-Body: 1. Yo have to have a mullet and 2. You have to rename yourrself Dale. If you think supra's are slow then race one, and tell me how you do. Yes they cost more but they are also a hell of a lot better in the quality department, so many people are confused with their patriotism. Euro and Jap cars are the future, do you think i'm european or japanese.
  4. Hold up. I just got to say that the Firebird can handle for shit!!!
    That is all, folks. Thank you for your time for reading my very one and only true post.
  5. Man i cannot believe how many STUPID FU*KS USE THIS SITE!!! JESUS!! you god damn rednecks i dont know how you got the money to buy a computer in the first place, or how you found out about this site, but all of you are so ignorant, Import Drivers are gay!?! I would kick your #$%#ing redneck ass you #$%#ing #%$it, call me gay, then i would smoke your piece of shit crapmaro, i would kick your ass all the way back to the trailer park where you came from, Can You Say American Cars SUCK!?!? Heavy, Unrealiable, Expensive, Pieces of shit, theres your explanation, and i cant remember exactly who the dumbass was who said somethin about a civic with 700 lbs of nos could beat a corvette hehahha or some dumb shit like that, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about when u something as #$%#in ignorant as that was, all i know is my WRX went 0-60 5.8 seconds before i modified it, it beat domestics then when i raced it, now i can SPANK the #$%# out of Corvettes, or whatever you drive, because im sure since your a poor redneck piece of shit you couldnt even afford a Corvette to begin with, but anyway enough with this, i think i proved my point to you #$%#ing redneck homosexuals
  6. Enzo6 summed it up pretty well, although it was kind of harsh and partly not true. I have respect for some domestic cars, namely the Viper and the Corvette, and maybe some others. But foreign cars are ten times more reliable. Think about it. Every one of you who owns a Dodge, a Ford, etc. how many times have you gone into the shop during your car's life? How many times have I gone for my Civic? Sure my civic can't beat anything on the race track, but I know my car will start every morning. It is the same for expensive automobiles. I would take a Skyline or a Supra over a Camero or a Corvette any day. It is much more reliable, it weighs a lot less, and it is much more fun to drive. Please someone post a domestic car and I will come up with a car that is very similar that is foreign, only it is better, except maybe for the Viper. Oh yea and if you say trans ams and Cameros are nice, I will laugh in your face because i would be embarrassed and scared to be behind the wheel of one. First because they are trashy, second because they are heavy, third because they are extremely unreliable.
  7. improts are sh!t i would rather drive a GTO then any other cars american cars were the best to modify they reliable and they dont burn like piece of sh!t honda's sure you can make a honda kill a vette or f-body but you have to put in an extra 25 grand to do so jap cars suck and the supra ya its so good howcome they dont make it anymore?
  8. Sorry you live in such a small world....

    Why are they ceasing production of the Firebirds/Camaros?

    Why is it a Nissan Station wagon costs less and outruns a C5 `vette...interesting questions.....

    Most Civics may be relatively slow, but why is Motorex able to run high 10`s in the quarter for less than 3000USD modification...sounds like a pretty good deal to me.....
  9. To be honest, Ive driven your beloved import cars and they dont handle all that well. The only advantage they have is less TORQUE. Remember, the only reason you think that your low powered front wheel drive car handles is because it pulls the car into the turn insted of pushing it out like RWD cars do. If you had the balls to drive a RWD car to its maximun potential, then you would realize that these cars actually do handle well enough to outperform these little cars in a corner. Then again, having less torques isnt even an advantage, because after the turn you cant accelerate as half as fast as a torquey car can. The only reason you believe that imports handle better on a general level is becaus they they dont have the amount of power needed to cause someone to actually know how to handle a vehicle, imports are made for beginner drivers in most cases. You need to remember that Camaros were made for road racing to begin with, not these little cars that are close to being something like a go- cart. Another thing, what do you think would happen if a strong V-8 were put into one of your little imports? Better yet, what would happen if one of those little 4 cylender motors were put into a camaro. The V-8 would make that little car fly, and the little 4 cylinder would destroy the idea of a Camaro being fun.
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    I already posted this but it applies to this stupid ass arguement too

    Quote from sk8erjo21
    "Some queer said his eclipse was faster than any domestic. what a #%$. a stock jap is so much slower than a stock domestic. this gap gets biger the more modifyed the cars get. japs just suck, im sorry."

    He could easily be right. I'm sick of tools thinking Since I have twice as many cylinders you must be twice as fast right? Don't get me wrong, Camaros are defintley one of my favorite cars but when I see douches say "japs suck", "they take more money to mod up" I have to say something. I say the same when A kid in his pimped out civic says american cars cant handle or they break down. Thats just not true,,many american cars can really take the turns, espcially vips an vettes.

    Another thing, QUIT COMPARING A STOCK CIVIC ECONO-CAR TO A CAMARO, do I compare a supra to a 4 cylinder cavalier?

    Ill talk about what i know from experince though other imports defintly fit the bill.
    My point to the above, 90-99 eclipes and talons are one of the cheapest and fastest cars to modify period (yah, thats outta anything v-8 what have you). I know your probaly laughing but if you actually go to most tracks you'll see quite a few whipping some ass. Why are they good you ask, Like almost all forced Induction engines, they are built up from the factory. They can easily take 450 hp on stock internals daily driven. Factor in AWD launches at 5500 RPMS and 22 PSI you see you have a real car. THAT IS WHY ALOT OF IMPORTS ARE FASTER AND CHEAPER SPEED THEN ANY DOMESTICS.
    STI's, evos, dsm's,supra,rx-7,wrx,300z's,mr'2.
    Many of these cars can more then double or even triple their horsepower with TOTALLY stock internals and just turned up boost.
    Lets give an example so im not just talking out of my ass like alot of the 15 yearold bench racers I see online

    You can pick up a 92 Turbo AWD eclipse for $1,500 average. Most people run a 14.6-14.9 avg stock. Is that incredibly fast? Hell no, however when they came out in 1990 they WERE FASTER THEN THE VETTES AND CAMAROS of the time, look it up. Thats not my point though, so how do u make it faster? I'm glad you asked,, just shut your mouth and listen.
    Being a turbo car you want NO BACKPRESSUE, if your in the $2000 challenge you can just remove everything after your downpipe. Now, using a 5 dollar boost controller, you can crank the boost up on the stock 14B turbo and EASILY run mid to high 12. No internals and NO fuel upgrades. Just open up both ends w/ exhaust and intake and crank up the boost. The stock turbo has gone in the mid 11's w/out nitrous but im just doing averages w/ a average tuner.
    Now you wanna get faster, easy. Throw on a bigger turbo and some 720cc injectors w/ a SAFC. The engine is boost happy and runs so well because it WAS designed for boost. Meaning, Oil squirters, LOWer COMPRESSION, ECU which has a knock sensor and advances timing right up until the edge of knock. Obviously you will need to upgrade rods at some point if you want to Daily drive it espcially but not until the 10-11 second mark. So yes, you have a CHEAP car you can actually drive on the street that will beat ANYTHING on the street w/out spending 20,000 grand like some honda owners.

    Got another question for you? How many daily driven cars do you see w/ full interiors and STREET TIRES, that run 8.7 second 1/4 mile times w/out changing a thing. Well I know of one but since its only a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder DSM (talon/eclipse) it can't be fast right??
    CHeck out the link. I see his car every year at the DSM shootout in Ohio. Great car, check out the old mag article and videos.
    There are faster eclipses/talons that are full out drag cars but I'm impressed more by the cars that actually drive to the track and don't even change the tires they are riding on.

    So you say "Well, If I put the 22 pounds of boost on my camaro im gonna be twice as fast cause I got twice as many cylinders" GOD, If murder were legal I'd kill all you stupid asses who talk shit but never touched a wrench. It's hows a engine is designed and its quirks, period. To run over 8-9 PSI on your SS you'll have to do some serious internals which will be very expensive and ruin any chances your car had of being a daily driver because of noise and reliability. Remeber, i already knocked off a mid 12 w/ $2000 invested INCLUDING the price of the car. The 4 cylinder 4g63 engine can easily handle 25 Pounds of boost WITH TOTALLY STOCK INTERNALS. And it still would never make you twice as fast even if you did get that much, just keep reading tool.

    So whats left, you still say domestics are FAR SUPERIOR cause there faster stock. NOPE. You know those evos and stis will kick your ass. How about the new evos and evo MRs that actually have the same 2.0 liter 4 cylinder 4G63 engine as the eclipse.
    EVO MR
    0-60 4.3 sec
    1/4 mile 12.9 sec
    .98 g's on the skidpad
    Oh YAH starts at $31,000, check out R&T from march

    Heres a motor trend article on the first US EVO, not the more powerful EVO MR. Notice it still beats EVERY CAR IN THE SLALOM, Murcielago, Viper, cobra. corvette, 360 modena etc.

    The new Evo MR is 300 pounds lighter, better tires, active center differiantial, upgraded shocks, upgraded turbo w/ 30 more horses and ft/tq. It will kill the regular EVO in these same test and for only 3,000 grand more. A VIPER AND VETTE KILLER IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD FOR 31,000 grand!!! But i got 6 more cylinders dogg, so i cant lose!! Yah whatever..

    This shows even HP and TQ are just another number in determining speed. The EVO MR is only rated at 281 horses and 295 ft/tq. Some douche on this site would think a 500 hp/ 500 ft/tq viper should be twice as fast but yet there within a .4 second in quarter mile time.
    That is because there are MANY FACTORS THAT DETERMINE SPEED. Weight, traction, power ACROSS THE RPM RANGE, are defintley as impotant as any Peak horsepower number which means almost nothing. On the street the EVO will most likely take a faster car for the simple reason it has that AWD system. That split second the viper spins is the split second the EVO will jump and beat even 11 second drag cars on the street.

    I got more but I probaly shouldn't waste my time since talking to a wall would be more productive.
  11. For one i have seen the Zo6 handle amazingly well enough to compete with euro and japanese cars. Two, as you said that you would love to see a import beat a domestic, yea of course it cant beat it are you F u ck ing blind. Whos gune win a 180 hp 1.6L engine or a 330 5.7L engine. For the people who enjoy talking about cars, first drive the #ucking car, then talk about it, most people here say stupid ass ideas from their head. If you say that Americans made cars long before anyone, then why did it take them so #$%#ing long to make these cars of today when with a tiny porportion of that experience japanese cars are keeping up and in most cases beating domestics, for my opionion i think americans should drop the pushrod, even with the huge as displacement and even at 5500 rpms the engine still it doesnt good hp. The only reason why we like our cars is that we actually think before we make something, not just glue everything and try to fix it. Plus the NSX is a car that will handle amazingly but it always depeneds on the driver, if your firbird beat that Z8 im guessing that the BMw had a $$ driver who never drives over 70 mph. On this race track i went to with my buds this little japanese r!ce machine beat this car. Im not sure about the driver of the camaro if he was good or not, but the guy in the civic was a japanese young driver, who made fast shifts clean corners and a lot. So in the end i would say, just drop this convo because Amercian cars are made for something different and same with japanese cars. PST! at least our cars have high perofrmance engines rather than low performance.
  12. First, I joined this site just to reply to some of you Idiots on this thread.

    American cars aren't reliable??????? OK, now check this out, MY CAR, A BONE STOCK 95 Z28 M6, [email protected], with a 2.2 60'.........oh yeah 225k original miles!!!!, no rebuild on the motor or tranny or rear......What else would you like me to say, how about it dosen't smoke the least amount, dosen't miss or shake or anything. And I drive the SHIT out of it. Rear tires last about 3 months. And gas milage???? How about 28~30 on the highway at 80mpg not bad for a 3700lb car with a 5.7L. WRX STi WHAT????? LANCER EVO WHAT???? SUPRA WHAT???? TT RX-7????? What are these things??? I know there things that have I have seen in my rear view mirror. And let me see......The price tag on my car......$5,500. Ooooo that hurts..... now say, 4K for a S/C and Full exhaust and tunning and another 1K in susp. Then what could you import guys complain about then?? My car would be faster in a straight line than pretty much any car you won't ever have and beat it in the turns. And that would be a total bill of $10,500 "plus tax, tag, and title" You go ahead and spen whatever it is, 30K for an EVO or STi, or 20K for a used Supra or RX-7. I will still beat you. But I'm sure you will find something else to complain about.

    Oh yeah, I work at a Ferrari Dealer, We have lots of customers that have 360 Modena's and 575 Maranello's......AND A Vette, and most have Head and Cam Pakage's on them... and there reason for that, from THEIR mouths....Lot Less Money, MORE PERFORMANCE. I have the Ferrari's for the looks. Oh Yeah, The Vette's get better gas mileage too.

    Do I hear anything????............(crickets)........

  13. Domstics suck! thats why a 93 supra can beat a 93 vette. funny you say Imports are gay but yet hardly no one sports domstics except old guys and hicks. Wyclef Jean got a Mclaren f1 an Import and he doesnt look gay to me. xzbit gots a Murcielago dosent seam gay either. Paul Walker gots two skylines and dosent seam gay. These people got import they dont seam to be gay at all plus imports are the best you see alot of stars geting them because they think there the best and the want the best not some bang for the buck deal.
  14. Iam sorry but my car owns you all, "3000GT" is faster then this american junk, plus it cost more, and iam with Mistertwo on this one, i think i speak for all when i say that ummm American cars suck, they suck, and they suck, there junk and they always will be!
    3000GT ownz all you #%[email protected]!

    Really? I just smoked on in OK earlier this week on a trip back from AZ, and I drove what you say is a piece of American made junk. Sorry to say, Corvettes and Z's, can smoke these little Jap cars. Now, if modified, it can. However, just remember, your jap cars require some extensive modifications to beat a stock Z or Vette. If the Z or Vette owner, does the same modifications, then the jap car can't win.
    As for you guys who say American cars can't run a road course, then why did Saturn win last year in the SCAA road course; not to mention that a stock Vette can corner pretty damn good.

  15. jap cars suck.i drive a 72 vw beetle with a modest 1835cc(1.8L roughly) motor with dual empi carbs.i have done absolutely no weight reduction.I also had the same shop that built my motor re-gear the tranny.ive never taken it to a track i have no idea what my 1/4 mile is so dont ask.i was going down PCH and some cocksmith with his girlfriend in a 95ish supra N/A revved on me.I honestly thought hed beat me.all i know he had was an intake and exhaust.anyways light turns green and i #$%#in take off on him and I actually beat that shit.i let off at 105 seeing a red light in the distance and i still have four wheel drum brakes so my car stops about as quickly as a freight train(disk brake conversion coming soon) so that ended sure his top speed would be faster because my car just isnt geared for top speed.anyways JAP-CRAP has to have a turbo to be fast!no other way.besides building a twin turbo 5.7 would cost less than building a supra TT motor and the 5.7 would make more HP on less boost.If i threw a 2276cc motor in my bug and then threw on a single turbo id keep up with SOME of the fastest supras that there are.i dont dislike imports.I just am not into crappy jap cars.theyre only reliable if you dont modify them.German cars however are so ahead of everyone in engineering that no one will ever catch up so face it.V-tec only goes so far and running turbos ove 15 psi is just downright stupid.

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