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Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 360 Spider' started by M360, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. ok i believe you in a way but what's the name of the firm that you are president of and also does the architectual company have a website? thanks. Also for you people that don't believe you can make enough money being a manager of the place well that's not true, my father used to be the owner and a civil engineer of an architect company and he made a couple of millions with it, but he lost it all years later! #$%#! haha
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from X360MoDeNaX</i>
    <b>Hey Iluv2xlr8. I know way more about the car then you. Wel of course the Modena is faster. It has more aerodynamics. Its got more control, but the 360 spider is lighter. If you think you know so much about the car, i bet you dont even know how to start the ferrari f1</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE --> Thanks to you, anyone who wants to can find out how to start it just by looking at your previous instructions. "You have to insert the key into the ignition, then hold it there for 3 seconds, then you start the car." Nice one, so what now, your going to say that that wasnt this car? Maybe you should try getting some proof... or at least better comebacks! Really, where is your knowledge of this car? If you own it, you should know more about it then any other car, so why is it that you dont seem to?
  3. the first one, how could you not know?
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    Check out My Spider F1

    yea my 360 spider kicks ass, if you want the rims, you can get them at, you can add the ferrari logo in the middle, like i did
  5. it's a beautiful car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Those rims are hideous in my opinion. The factory wheels are gorgeous and are part of what make the car look so beautiful.
  7. you really have one?<!-- Signature -->
  8. I have
    Peug 405T16 Pikes Peak
    Toyota GT-one
    CLK GTR with a WW100 engine
    McLaren F1 150000 hp
    Ferrari F60000000...

    So easy to lie...isn't it Mr X360MoDeNaX ???
  9. Check out my Garage

    ... see.. i can find pics like that online too
    (unless u can prove it, post a picture that'll prove it)<!-- Signature -->
  10. I almost lost my lunch. Those rims are FUGLY. You just took a Van Gogh and painted over it. Put the factory rims back on. <!-- Signature -->
  11. God, i just got the new wheels from ferrari retard, it has 5 spokes, and it is an f1, ill post up a picture!!!
  12. Stupid asses, y would i #$%#ing lie? that is plain stupid, anyways, i scanned a a kodak picture of the car so u can #$%#ing see if im lying or not.
  13. hey shit 4 brains, somebody stole your precious rims oh don't tell me this pic is before u bought them oh right okay well bullshit<!-- Signature -->
  14. r u retarded? liek i said i didnt liek the axis rims so i got the new 360 spider rims retard, believe waht u wanna believe MAN!

  15. yo man if you really have one then i envy you very very much.... however, if you dont and your just lying then you should be strung up upside down from a branch of a tree and get your face beaten in with a barbed wire baseball-bat...<!-- Signature -->
  16. thanks, once i get my pictures of my turbo ill scan em and post it up
  17. but next time try not to get pictures that look like a flashlight that is shining in my eye! lol<!-- Signature -->
  19. Me too, but Im still young. Im still capable of suddently stricking it rich some way or another<IMG SRC="">

    If you really own that car, than congrates on making it at a higher level that the rest of us only dream about...if your lying, than #$%# off, and stop making up stupid bull shit to look cool.

  20. i think this car looks good with those rims(not the greatist, but pretty good). people get jelous when other people have awsome cars, but if you are lying, then thats just hurting, but on the other hand if you do, congratulations bro, great choice of car, i hope i can buy one one day.
  21. Enzo Ferrari had a dream...Dr.Ferniland Porsche crushed it!
  22. Anybody else notice the rims are differen't in the pic where the 360 is in the driveway, it has 5 star spoke rims, where as the one in the dealership has 6 star spoke rims.
    I smell bull sh*t.
  23. I'd just like to know if this really is your 360 Spyder or did you just happen to get your picture taken in one while visiting an exotic car dealership? If really is yours then you have one truly AWESOME Ferrari!
  24. One more thing.........if it is yours then take those stupid rims off and put the originals back on! Please!!!
  25. If you can see in the license plate, it reads ferari of anaheim, i got it there. The rims that i put on the ferari are from the 550 barchetta, this is a better looking rim then the ferrari starz. It doesnt matter if you dont believe me, i dont care.

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