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  1. You think they discontinued the Firebird and Camaro because they couldn't sell? Do some homework before you say something stupid. The numbers on both those cars in sales actually had big GAINS this past year. The new emission standards are the cause for their discontinuation. Think anyone would buy a Firebird with a 4 BANGER? I don't think so, and unless they loosen up restrictions again, the 6 will be undoable legally. Unless they get smart and take a cue from Porsche...<!-- Signature -->
  2. accualy it doesnt meet gm's side collision requirements that is why it is being discontinued not due to emmision well it is possibly that to but this is the main reason why and also why they are redesigning the camaro and pontiac is becoming like the family devision of gm thats why the bird is gone.... <!-- Signature -->
  3. yea i like this car but this ecotec L850 inline-4 has to go. they need to put the 3800 series V-6 then put a supercharger on it. i know for a fact that the 3800 you can put superchargers on them cuz they used to have it an option on the olds and the buicks. well this car is nice. itll probably roll in to production as the F - body rolls out, but it needs to come to a final dession of the engine and production.<!-- Signature -->
  4. a new if this cars gonna sell when it comes into production at least 2 things need to happen.

    1. it needs a new the front end. that whole hood is ugly and especially the grille

    2. it needs a bigger engine. the things only got an inline 4 and its supercharged and it only gets 240bhp on the concept. take away the supercharger and its down to at least 190hp. give the thing an inline 6 and have it rear mounted. it could at least get 240hp w/o the supercharger. add the superchargernew and now your up to almost 300hp on a small light car.

    GM has to do this. they r getting rid of the camaro its the least they can do
  5. This car is going to bring back pontiac. The car will out acelerate a miata with ford's standard 6 cylinder which they are doing and this car has a 4 banger even though it's turboed. The car weighs probabely less then a pound. It probabely does 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and with a six speed manual it rocks. The only problem is the grill.
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CamaroEater</i>
    <b>Chevrolet does nothing good. wheres the camaro? Wheres the KODIAK? Where in the hell is the Firebird? Trans am? The Duramax's? all gone because they couldnt sell. Unfortuanetly chevy made bad moves on buying company's that couldnt benifit for them like hewlett packard and car companys like Vauxhall and Opel. and especially cars like SAAB. BLEH </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    hmmm......what about the vette which beats just about every other car out there and im not talkinga bout suped up hondas those dont count and if you want to compare the suped up hondas compare it to thelingenfelter vette which hits 60 in 3.2 with street tires and 2.4 with slicks. so dont say chevy cant do anyhtig right.
  7. I don't understand you people. Half of you just want to knck GM. Who cares if its a four, a six, or, an eight if it has the torque to burn rice. There isn't much in this cars price range and if it is this can beat. If this car had a little more torque it would be sweet but it has more horsepower than a 96' mustang and is more than a thousand pounds less. Its like a good looking Miata with an engine. This car has pottential to beet the ricers in there own game and all most of you want is a V8. Be sensible for $20,000 this car is great.
  8. To Tim6676 who just happens to be my brother, keep the grille. If you look around the T-bird, sports cars, and even lux. SUV's are having bigger more noticeable grilles. This to me is part of the reason you buy an American car. Where would lincoln be without chrome and huge, enormous grilles. If there is anything under the hood it is often advertised by the hood. This cars hood might not be surrounded in chrome but it makes it look more powerful thanrice burners.

    If you want to fight about it come home and I'll beat the living #%$% out of ya
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    the engine in the s-10 and the Solstice are the same DISPLACEMENT, but not the same engine. The truck is an ancient OHV, iron block design worth only 120HP. The Solstice is based on the ECOTEC, an all aluminum DOHC 16V 140HP, with vastly superior power characteristics and NVH levels. Trust me, I drive a Grand Am with this engine and its a great little motor. It's also used in Saturns, SAABs (in a smaller 2.0L turbo version). sunfires/cavaliers, and even exotics like the Opel Speedster.

    Check out a good article on this engine at this website:
  10. The Duramax? Im a sales rep for a Pontiac/Buick/GMC dealer, and the Duramax equipped trucks are selling at a premium. Why? BECAUSE EVERYONE WANTS ONE. The demand far exceeds supply, and to factory order one, the wait is nearly double that of a truck without one. Even though my dealership has one of the biggest truck inventories in the city, our stock of Duramax equipped trucks rarely exceeds 10 units, because people usually buy them before they roll off the truck or within days of arrival. So how do you figure it couldn't sell?
    You think companys like Vauxhall, Opel and SAAB are no benefit to GM?
    How about shared development costs, including the use of common platforms to bring different types of cars to different parts of the world, at affordable prices? Ever hear the expression, "strentgh in numbers"? With more resources, more minds at work from different countries and different environments, GM is becoming a leader in the development of "world" cars.
    Do you have any business sense whatsoever? Please, if you fell you are qualified to do so, I would love to hear what you feel GM should change about its business plan. I'm certain many other forum users, especially the ones employed by GM, would love to hear it as well.

  11. Re:
    Chevrolet should stick to what it does best....

    its not like they couldnt put a v6 or v8 in it if the demand was there, but they plan to sell this car for under 20k
    its funny cause its true

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