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Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Malibu Cruiser Concept' started by vee8killer, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. come on, everybody has those tailights

    Im getting sick of all these people copying other peoples ideas. first toyota had the ""altezza lights"", then everybody gets them. Ive seen them on nearly everything now. 70's model chevrolet trucks, jeeps, I even seen a SUZUKI GSX-R with them. I seen a NISSAN comercial earlier, even NISSAN is making cars with them. And now chevrolet has to try to get a piece of the market. Personally, i think they are ugly and stupid looking. Come up with something original like toyota originally did and stop biting off their style.
  2. I will never underestand the fascination with clear tail-lights. But still the car looks pretty cool with good power.
  3. clear tailights are the new shit man, and they look pretty awesome on this car too. you have to admit it. chevy has made yet another good looking car.
  4. yo does anybody know where I can pick up some of those tail lights?those are the sickest lights ive ever seen, everyone help me out please!
  5. Best looking chevy? bullshit, I hate American cars but even I can see that a corvette is around 100,000 times better lookin than this car, c'mon chevy stick to trucks!!
  6. Seriously, they were overdone BEFORE they started coming standard on factory cars.

    I think the reason clear turn signals and headlights look good and clear taillights look uhhh "unique" is because the front half of a car is supposed to have clear/white lenses on it, but the back is supposed to be red, cause by law brake lights are red, so we're used to that.

    I know the bulbs are red and so they're still technically legal, I'm just saying this could be the root of disagreement over how "cool" clear taillights look. The traditionalists think it's abnormal looking and therefore unattractive, and the rebellious types think it's cool for the same reason. The problem is, as more and more cars come with them stock and more and more tuners install them, the appeal of them to the crowd that liked them in the first place is going to go down because their goal is to be different from the mainstream, not consistent.
  7. I'm sorry, thats bullshit V8killer ask yourself this, what more popular the clear lamps or the redlamps? Plus you know even Japanese manufactuers are getting V8's now. Honda is going to put a V8 in there next genration NSX. Nissan has done it with the Q45 and considering it for the Japanese Skyline. If you could shoehorn a V8 in your what ever you have, tell me you wouldnt? Please... I had a 4 Banger Isuzu Impulse. Great car. But when I got my Maxima. from 4 to 6. Forget it. I'll never go back to a 4 banger.<!-- Signature -->
  8. what the hell people??!! Stop bitching. Those tail lights are phat, the shape is phat, the whole car is phat. And anyway, can you imagin red tail lights with that colour, i mean hello (im not gay, i thought that would be funny). If you dont like those tail lights dont look at them, just look at the front. I rest my case.
  9. what are you smoking man?"everybody has those taillights!"and toyota did not have the first "alteeza style" light either,in 1956 Chevy invented the "alteeza look" ok?just go look at a 1956 Bel air!dumbass!<!-- Signature -->
  10. """I'm just saying this could be the root of disagreement over how "cool" clear taillights look. The traditionalists think it's abnormal looking and therefore unattractive, and the rebellious types think it's cool for the same reason. """

    If everybody has them, how is that rebellious? Wouldnt that make you a sheep, a follower? A follower is no rebel, but a mere poser. And HOW IN THE F*@%ING HELL ARE YOU GOING TO COMPARE AN ISUZU IMPULSE 4 CYLINDER TO ALL 4 CYLINDERS? Go drive a B18(honda) , or a 4A-GE (toyota), then you can maybe make a comparison.
  11. Where can I get those tailights???
  12. wtf! civic/IS300 wanna be! american cars r that despirate?<!-- Signature -->
  13. the reason everyone has these cleared lights is cause it looks nice with certain cars

    you can not tell me that a silver NSX with cleared lights aint a sweet ride?
    cmon man
    ill admit, you cant do it to a black car, or a bright colored one, it just adds to the uglyness, but do it to a sliver, gold or chrome colored car, and it adds to the look of a solid peice, instead of segments as would be with regular red tail lights.
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  14. EVERYBODY AND I MEAN EVERYBODY HAS THOSE F***EN TAIL LIGHTS, GET OVER THEM, IT ALL STARTED WITH THE ALTEZZA, bullshit that the chevy bel air started that style of tail lights
  15. who the #$%# cares about the lights, give it a rest already, they got played out now, i live in nyc and 1 out of every 2 cars has them, which makes them played out, if this car had the tail lights of the impala than tell me if it wouldnt look like a SKYLINE cause i duno who said this looks like a honda cause i would take this over #$%#in hondas, a least a hooked up malibu is unique, fukin everyone drives their mommys honda, and they put clear lights in the back and a cheap muffler and think they got hooked up cars, get a fukin life
  16. damn this thing does look a hell of a lot like a honda, i wouldnt go out of my way to park this thing on my driveway. would be pretty sick with hydraulics though. I HATE LITTLE HONDAS WITH CHEAP ASS MUFFLERS
  17. These are not even available on the aftermarket yet for our cars. So give it a rest will ya. Everyone has their own taste in customizing their car. Most of you guys that posted against these probally do not even own a car...................
  18. what else can they do with the tail lights they have to light up red there isnt much you can do you can either have a red lens or a white lens with a red bulb<!-- Signature -->

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