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  1. Cops in Lancers?

    I'd just like to know if the rumours are true. I was told that the cops in England have Evo and Impreza police cars! Is this for real?
  2. Well they sure don't drive Crown Victorias.<!-- Signature -->
  3. I mean they have just aquired a load of em and turned them into police cars, to keep up with the joy riders and all.
  4. Yep they do. Some forces have special persuit units with 400HP, 460 Lb Ft imprezas and lancers. They are used to catch dangerous joyriders and getaway cars from serious crimes etc. Back in the 80's they had and RS200 (!) persuit vehicle, but it was mainly for public image. They have also had a Lotus Esprit V8 persuit vehicle before, but they only used one as it cost a fortune to run. They have a penchant for using them to ram other cars off the road aswell.
  5. So is there any car that would be able to out run them, on the british streets and motorways. I know that a Porsche can outrun a helicopter, but with these ur definately gonna get caught!
  6. I saw some "police camera action" type thing a while ago, and they had a few of these cars and a helicopter chasing an Impreza and lancer (both were heavily modified they found out afterwards), but the impreza escaped as they split up and the copter couldn't keep an eye on both of them but it is pretty rare.
  7. I have heard that they do. I dont know what kind or if they are even fast but that is true, they do drive them.<!-- Signature -->
  8. I got pulled over by an Oregon state trooper in a Camaro SS once. I've also seen a highway patrol officer in a Corvette. That was one cool cop car.<!-- Signature -->
  9. I'm from Canada. You know.. the RCMP Mounties. Most of them drive Crown Victorias but the guys who ride the motorcycles are on Honda CBR's. Cool, eh??<!-- Signature -->
  10. I saw a motorcycle cop on a Gold Wing once. Our tax dollars hard at work . . .<!-- Signature -->
  11. i though the police in U.k~ drive Accord Type-R~~????~??<!-- Signature -->
  12. i saw a police skyline in japan if i find a pic i'll post it
  13. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from dakillabee</i>
    <b>i saw a police skyline in japan if i find a pic i'll post it</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    That would be a kickass car to drive for a living.<!-- Signature -->
  14. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from izemyunche</i>
    <b>i though the police in U.k~ drive Accord Type-R~~????~??</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    I can definatley confirm they dont (as I am from the UK)
    Most of the plod cars around where I live are in fact DIESEL ESCORTS. They are similar in size (and performance to american escorts). The special pursuit units used to have Escort Cozzies, the lucky bastards. In Essex, The Police vehicles are almost all Fords (Mondeo's, Scorpio's, Focuses, Escorts and the odd fiesta) Some of the nearby forces like vauxhalls(as in owned by GM) Read my post above for details on the fast cars our plod drive.
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  16. haha dakillabee, thats one wierd looking cop car
  17. Its a r34 skyline!! weird looking?? its beuitiful!!
  18. so, i saw vipers,stangs, skylines cop cars...
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    In Colorado I've seen Imprezza wrx, Camaro ss, Mustangs, and Lancers in the Pikes Peak area.
  20. That is cool, And its a Skline-R too!!!. Well that has to be the worst job on the planet, driving around in a sports car (that was sarcastic for all you [email protected]$$e$) ;0). We all dream of having a car like this, and ironically, it is our money (taxes) that paid for this car. That really Sux. <!-- Signature -->
  21. in saskatchewan we have a camaro ss cop car
  22. cool now i can lead them on a police chase while on foot. And probably escape em too
  23. If you go on, you should see info on evo cop cars. I wish we had Skyline cop cars! I'm also from the UK. I think I saw a M5 cop car once (not 540i for sure).
  24. Yes, you are. Do you know why police in america drive crown vics instead of mustangs and camaros? They have absolutley no need to go that fast. Try going 80 in a porsche down city streets. You cannot do it. If you were somehow to get on the highway, you are still screwed. You may be going 140 mph, but you cannot manuver at that speed. All they have to do is call ahead to their friends to lay spike strips and you are screwed. Thinking you can get away from the police because your car is faster than theirs is a pretty stupid idea, no matter what movies like Fast and the Furious tell you.
  25. That's a surprisingly intelligent message from someone with the Name don't mess with texas1.Tell me how many years will you go to jail for in Texas if you get for being involved in a high speed car chase or is it death.

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