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  1. Corvette vs. supra.

    Corvettes would tear up a supra bad.<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  2. the corvette would win, but lets face it the losers with nos would use it and beat it. a vette would beat a turbo anyday.<!-- Signature -->
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from bmwmpower24</i>
    <b>the corvette would win, but lets face it the losers with nos would use it and beat it. a vette would beat a turbo anyday.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->How true.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Yep, you will never have a faster car then the next hard core racer out there.People could be holding back and not use nos, then hustle you. The only way you could possibly be top dog on the roads is if you had something just as fast as the ZL1 Camaro and it is street legal on roads. It all depends on how much money you have in your pockets.
  5. Youre comparisons are unfair and in complete. Youre comparing a car design that came out in 1994 which one that came out in 1997. Compare a 1994 vette with a 1994 supra then youd see itd make a very good run for its money. Now what about tuneable oppurtunities? put 1400 on mod on a supra and it will kill the vette. yes Kill it. Im talking about et trap speeds of 122 mph. the 1400 bucks on the supra will up its power ratings from the stock 320 hp to 460 hp That means it kills all stock c5 vettes and beats yes beats a Zo6 vette. Ohhhh IM comparing lightly modded supra with a stock vette how unfair of me! Youre comparing a mid 40,000 car with a mid 30,000 cars in price.

    What about tuning potential? We have street legal supras of excess of 1000 hp. The fastest street legal vette reached 212 mph. The fastest street legal supra can reach near 240 mph. Also theres 1200 hp engine kits you can buy shitloads cheaper then lingifellters 7 liter engine kit. All while doing this with a 3 liter engine vs 5.7 liter engine.

    now heres something im cooking up since im 18 yr old freshman in college I cant afford avette i like the vette ( i like the new supra even more becuase its much more tunable for the price) but i dont know i dont have 45 grand for a 350 hp machine. I could manage 6 grand. SO what do i do? Buy a 1989 supra turbo, Ok your 350 hp 2003 vette will kill my 232 hp supra turbo but theres more supras are cheap to tune I can buy kits for it more specifically a 375 hp kit. So in turn ill have a car that cost me less then 10 000 and be able to beat all stock vettes in accelaration ever made except the Zo6 and ill have a ride that will beat all vettes in top speed except maybe a Zr1 from last generations vette and maybe even in top speed i could tie with Zr1. all for 10 grand. how much is your vette again? <!-- Signature -->
  6. Even though I love the Supra, the Vette would dominate an un-modified Supra. Oh yeah, Camaro is a fu<!-- Signature -->
  7. Even though I love the Supra, the Vette would dominate an un-modified Supra. Oh yeah, Camaro is a fuking POST WHORE!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I can tell that people even in this forum respect the Supra whether they like it or not. the last gen. Supra (4th) was released in 1993, ten years before this particular Corvette, yet still, we are comparing it to the Supra! this Vette would most likely take the supra with little difficulty however, let me point something out.

    1993 Chevrolet Corvette: 0-60: 5.3, 1/4 mile: 13.9
    1993 Toyota Supra Turbo: 0-60: 4.9, 1/4 mile: 13.4

    stats off of !<!-- Signature -->
  9. Ok, the fastest official street legal corvette reached 255 mph.

    We were talking stock for stock, but tell me what exactly these mods are and how much hp they make and I, or other people, will give you $1400 for the Corvette in mods too.

    Show me these 1200 hp kits for the Supra that cost less than a Lingenfelter Corvette, BTW - those Supras can't handle like the Lingenfelter either. Thats an aftermarket tuner too, there is a MUCH bigger and cheaper aftermarket for the Corvette over the Supra, expecially when you're talking about the LT1's.

    Oh yeah, brand new C4 Corvettes cost in the mid $30,000. Only the new C5's cost in the mid $40,000.

    We have street legal Corvettes in excess of 3000 HP est.

    Ok, a Turbo '89 Supra can only go like 170 before it runs out of gears so how does that beat every production Corvette?
    Given everything else I've found thats wrong I'm going to need proof of your accel. claims.
  10. yo son this car sucks yo. I have a supra with 6000hp and i also have a nissan skyline with 9999hp and it will dust this thing yo.The only car i used to like that was american is the escalade yo all u white boys in ur gay ass whity muscle shiits damn you its gay son.Well off the topic i went to get the escalade and they said one it only comes with 17 inch wheels i thought i came with 28 inch wheels and it only has 145hp son. So now i thinks that shiit is gay son. Euro cars r aight though its pimp to have one of those s something i forgot som like its the mercedes st100 or somein. well the fast and furious was off the hook son i have almost all those cars except 4 that american shit at the end the ferrari dusted tha and the american thing blew up and fliped over son i was like o snaps car r ill yo but american cars r wack yo. So all you white boys out ther son with ur whack ass cars watch out because i will dust u son.
  11. First off there is never a replacement for displacement. NA vs. NA bigger wins, Forced vs. Forced bigger usually wins.

    Know what the best thing about having over 500 posts is? You get to report people. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  12. ok first of all the kit that can put 1000 + hp on a stock supra is the veilside and also ab-flug. the 99 veilside gave a supra 1039 hp and it's topend was near 250! and that would beat the crap out of ne corvette
  13. o ya and the veilside kit is cheaper than a Lingenfelter! so there
  14. Ok, the DETUNED callaway kit from the 80's took the Corvette to 255. Last I checked 255 > near 250.
  15. The lingenfelter costs something like $125k right? It's also a complete package w/ engine, driveline, rearend, suspension, interior, ect. ect. It goes 0-60 in 1.9 seconds. What does the Supra do?
  16. the supra does whatever you want it to. they are a perfect blank slate for a good tuner to go to work. the engine can handle massive amounts of hp without changing much inside. as for real times, I dunno, I don't have one yet. what I do know is should the veilside supra and this corvette you guys always flash around meet on one a track with what do you call those things... oh yeah TURNS! the supra will have the corvette over it's knee. 0.98 stock is nothing a drag machine should be messing with.
  17. i hate this. the supra would win. If they were both stock the supra would still win. The supra can out handle and out perform any corvette(except in top speed) Thats the way i see it you Import Bashers.
  18. This "drag machine" pulls 1.00 stock, once again last I checked 1 > .98.

    Supra is a terrific platform to tune, I never said it wasn't.

    BTW - Your going to compare a stock production Corvette to an after market modified Supra? Real fair.
  19. Theres a laugh, you think a stock Supra TT could beat the ZO6 straight line or track?
  20. I mean the veilside should go up with one of those lingenfelter(?) corvettes. I bet in a real track, the supra would take it. I'm not comparing stock to modded, that's not fair as you say...
  21. Any stock C4 is not all that powerful, because of fule resons that were in that time. And I think we were talking abot the 02 anyways.
  22. Even though that's 100% true, that was a very bad way to start this topic.
  23. Even then it would take something mean to beat the Lingenfelter 650, 427TT, or the factory road version of the C5R.
  24. this is true. both the AB-Flug and the Veilside Supras on this site are prime examples, but the current Corvettes really impress me compared to past models. there's been no comparison, so I can't claim to know for sure either would win or lose.
  25. Here's a much better comparison with cars on the market on the same time in direct competition: Go to the '96 Corvette Grand Sport Forum and post your opinion in Grand Sport vs. MKIV Supra. Don't do it here, it's already started there!

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