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  1. corvette

    a kick in the butt for corvette. if yoou are going to say that cor is better dont answer this forum.<!-- Signature -->
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EugeneF15</i>
    <b>Z06 Vette is faster but the SL55 looks soo much nicer.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->this is alot faster than that z06!!!!!!! this has like a top speed of more than 215mph!!! or more!!! some ppl say 230mph!
  3. The 'Vette, at least the Z06, is certainly faster than the SL 55. The AMG uses a very trick supercharger to produce numbers that are only ho-hum improvements over the 'Vette (alright, the torque is nice) although their displacements are relatively similar. If one were to give the Z06 a comparable induction system, I'm am quite certain it's power output would disgrace the SL 55. Moreover, it is possible to produce 750hp+ LT5 engines with natural aspiration, and so on.

    As for the top speeds, look at the gear ratios between the two cars. Obviously the SL opted for smoother highway operation and a higher top-end (which is favored by slower revving, high-torque engines) compared to the Z06's more racecar-like performance. If I were an engineer, I'd go ahead and try to calculate the Z06's performance with the SL's gear ratios...

    And I bet the SL costs twice as much, but that's the point, of course: luxury.
  4. The Vette does not matter in this forum. This car costs how much more? and maybe the performance is kinda similar, but this is a luxo car, more than the vette by a long shot. Its a merc. No need to compare them, the customer bases are different.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Whoever was talkin about the Vette saying that it was so much faster also has to remember the Benz weighs damn near a thousand pounds more and also has an automatic tranny so if the benz was lieghtened and had a manual I bet it would be equal if not better than the Vette. <!-- Signature -->
  6. well it may not have the 0 to 60 like the vette mayb its cuz its the sl is 1000LBS MORE!!!?!!?!?! and this has alot better top speed that that damn vette! i don't even think the vette can even go 200mph! the top speed on this is 208 alot of ppl say more than 220mph!

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