Re: **cough**aston martin, jaguar XK8 ** cough**

Discussion in '2002 Maserati Coupé GT' started by MrMetalHead82, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Jaguar? Aston Martin? Ha! *cough* unreliable *cough cough* POS *cough*
  2. **cough**aston martin, jaguar XK8 ** cough**

    hmmmmmmmm ? this thing copyed the Aston martin And the XK8 and put them together! since maserati is owned by ferrari it will be really expensive. You could get a XK8 that looks the same for a lot le$$!<!-- Signature -->
  3. this car looks like.... crap crap crap crap crap crap, it's really crap! They've just copied the jaguar XJ8 and changed the back. this makes it a really crapy car!<!-- Signature -->
  4. lmao this is funny, your british peices of shit dont even compare to the masarati.. see for your self?

    2001 Jag XK8 Coupe 2002 Masarati Coupe

    243 cubic inch V8 259 cubic inch Aluminum V8
    280 Horse 390 Horse
    3726lbs 3682 lbs
    70 Horse p/ liter 90 horse p/ liter
    275lbs@4250rpm's 333lbs@4500rpm's
    0-60 6.6 sec. 0-60 4.8 sec.

    And now ur comparing ur aston martin's huge v12 to masarati' v8..

    2000 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Coupe

    362 cubic inch v12
    420 Horse
    70 Horse p/ liter
    0-60 5.0 Sec.

    So looks like the only thing ur v12's got goin for it is its torque and horsepower but still cant beat the v8 to 60... and they call it a supercar. llol. So i suggest next time u shut ur #$%#in mouth's and do some comparing b4 sayin all dis bull shit.
  5. i aint no brittish piece of shit im from the motor city<!-- Signature -->
  6. I here ya<!-- Signature -->
  7. Much more beutifull inside and outside than these cars. Much more cheeper also. More seats also!! Look the images!!

    I love the old rear lights!!

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