Re: *cough* STUPIDEST CAR EVER *cough*

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by 911turbo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. *cough* STUPIDEST CAR EVER *cough*

    this has to be one of the stupidest cars ever. lol
  2. intelligent. should i grace this honorable thread with a reply, or should i just address it with absolute sarcasm? hm...<!-- Signature -->
  3. How can u sya this is the stupidest car ever? Do you have some test to see the IQ of a car? You see cars are only as stupid as their drivers. Thats why every car you are in is considered "*cough* Stupidest Car Ever *cough*"
  4. I agree, honda really sucks
  5. then why do you want a picture of a honda on your screen? go to the hyundai forum or something<!-- Signature -->
  6. well they don't really suck...but there's too many out there<!-- Signature -->
  7. not everyone can drive a skyline...<IMG SRC=""> (id kill to, though)<!-- Signature -->
  8. i meant i agree with starquest..

    I LOVE HONDA!!!!!!!!!!
  9. F@CK YA'LL

    "we dont see a light at the end of the tunnel....we see dumbasses in the tunnel"
  10. shut the #$%# up man...go stick ur dick into the cameros exuast pipe<!-- Signature -->
  11. honda's arent stupid,there fun 2 drive,just not fast,like vipers or stangs or a vette.
  12. This from the guy who has the prancing horse for his avatar.

  13. You show me a 2.4 second 0-60 production Camaro, and I'll show you a redneck who's full of shit.

    and speaking of hondas that will beat the Camaro you speak of, how about an NHRA class RWD EG chassis Civic with the 3.2 from the NSX, that pumps out 1000hp, 900lbft torque, runs the 1/4 in mid 7's and 0-100 in 1.8.
  14. dude im f'n tired of you
    you go around makin fun of people for being narrow minded when your narrowminded. you do know what that means right?
    maybe MySkyline likes skylines and mustangs maybe hes not focused on one manufacturer and he can see the good side in all of them.
  15. It is not a stupid car, just stupid people. NO SPEED. NO STYLE. NOT ORIGIONAL. It does get good gas milage, but this is a supercar site, not an economical site, so don't talk about how much you save on gas, becasue driving is fun.
  16. Yes, driving in a sporty car, such as a Civic Type-R, is fun.
  17. Obviously you missed my point.

    There's no problem with him liking Skylines and Mustangs, I like both as well, but that has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    The point was that he was saying that there are too many Hondas out there, meanwhile he obviously likes Mustangs. There are way more Mustangs out there than Hondas, and therefore he was the pot calling the proverbial kettle black.

    Now, for not thinking before you posted......I do know what narrow minded means, and YOU just made a perfect example of the term.
  18. stupidest isn`t even a word....................
    I believe you made the STUPIDEST post on this website.....
    Job well done by the way, you just made a joke out of yourself
  19. Show me that camaro going around corners, stopping, and NOT feeling like a cheap pile of junk, and i'll show you a joker who thinks american cars are real cars (corvette excepted).

    I think you need to wakeup and face reality. The american muscle car glory days are over. Actually, now that i think about it, i suppose they are still here.

    The old american performance car concept - car that goes fast in a straight line and covers its eyes when it sees corners.

    Current american performance car concept - car that goes fast in a straight line and covers its eyes when it sees corners.

    Only difference was that back in the 60s all cars handled poorly and felt cheap, so this was acceptable.

    Face it, cars have advanced. Everywhere in the world cars have become superior in all aspects. Performance, handling, refinement, build quality, braking, style, comfort, fuel economy, and advancement in technology. That is, every country except america.

    What other country in the world could still have something like a Crown Victoria on the new car market?

    I'm not a big time 'ricer fan', but I respect the Japanese automotive efforts, because they do more with less (performance wise) then anyone else in the world, as well as being generally the best built and most reliable cars in the world. When an american car company builds a car that can redline at 9000 rpm and still be reliable, then I will respect them. No one else in the world needs 8 damn litres of capacity to make 300-something killawatts.
  20. I love reading totally biased(seemingly) arguments. they're pointless. and no the car probably isn't totally stupid. i wouldn't know they aren't in the US.
  21. wow you happen to be the biggest jerk in the entire world if youre actually comparing a honda civic to a camaro. i wish you will be crossing the road one day and get hit by a f%^king semi truck you f&*king anal dwelling butt monkey. go f&*k youre sister you camaro rapping redneck.
  22. touché! look at how much a little import four banger can output, AND handling, AND customizing possibilities, AND fuel economy not to mention many other desirable attributes. the V8's got power....but the imports have style. half the fun is doing them up the way you like it, and tuning and upgrading. stop trying to cut down the imports....i know it's fun to take on a challenge but to try and say the civic and the imports suck....hah!
  23. That is one of the most intelligent and coherent statements I've read on and nothing could be farther than the truth. Besides since when was it "cool" to drive wagon? And yes, all these are is a mini-wagon. They're slow and definitely not worth the amount of money stupid teenagers dump into them.
  24. "farther than the truth"???


    Oh, I get it, you're still in first grade, and haven't been taught anything related to North American slang. I'll give you a helping hand, it's: Nothing could be farther FROM the truth.

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