Re: Could it beat the 2003 cobra?

Discussion in '2003 Chevrolet Corvette 50th Anniversary' started by eddie cortes, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Could it beat the 2003 cobra?

    could this vette beat the 2003 stang?
  2. Nah, I think the Cobra will be faster, with 390 hp, it is more on the same level as a ZO6 than a base C5,even if it does have the extra weight of backseats.The top speed is limited at 155mph,becuase of safety precautions,so the C5 has a higher top speed (165).
  3. It would be a good match. In the end I think the corvette will win despite what the mustang guys think. Their extra hp is useless because it is speed limited. The '03 mustang has 15 extra torque, but weighs 400 pounds more so the vette will have the advantage there.
  4. also, if you add a turn or two in it, than the mustang would fall behind, even if its extra power kept it in the race. I do however thik that this would be agood race due to that extra power, mustang finally did something right (it is really hard for me to say that)
  5. I also think is a good matchup. I think it would be close, but I would pick the Vette. It is built better (Come on lets face it, Ford Sucks.), The Car looks nicer IMO. And think it is just allaround better.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Tuscani, the C5's top speed is 171 for the base, and 175 for the Z06.

    And I believe the safety precaution you're talking about is the nicely designed and fitted spoiler from the Cobra R. The spoiler is the best part of the car, it makes it look so much better.

    What makes anybody think the Cobra can be a match for the Corvette? The '03 Cobra has 5hp more than the Cobra R, but weighs at least 75lbs more(75lbs according to the weights on this site, but it's probably more because the '03 Cobra has an iron block, which is at least an extra 200lbs). Wouldn't that make the 0-60 time slower than the Cobra R's 4.5 seconds?<!-- Signature -->
  7. This. It has superior handling. The extra power will not be enough to counter the 400 lb weight advantage of the Vette, nor the fact that with the LS1 right over the front axle, the weight distrabution on this is likely much better than the dist on the '03. Aerodynamics are on the Vettes side too. I will also wager that this puts the power too the grand more effectivly than the '03, not just because of the dist, but because the '03 has a new drivetrain, which is not going to be as tried and true as this. I think the '03 has the same ol' clutch as the '02 Cobra as well. SVT says it will handle the abuse, but I am skeptical.<!-- Signature -->
  8. yeah thanx for the info,and your absolutely right ,the 03' Cobra which isn't fitted with the same type of spoilers is said to be "uncontrollable" at any higher speed than 155mph,and it is rumored to have more than 390hp,due to the hp debacle with the'99 Cobra,they want to keep the hp numbers attainable so there will be no dissapointed customers.But I still think they '03 will give the Vette a run for its money,or maybe not.I don't know were you get your #'s from,but Car and Driver clocked the Vette at 166mph.Yeah,I know there are alot of variables to consider when getting top speed ,just thought ya'll might wanna know.
  9. The times I got are not from GM, but from a 2 way average I saw or read somewhere. They do 2 way averages to take into account headwinds and tailwinds. If it went 173mph one way, and 169mph the other, the top speed would be 171mph. Also, 2 way averages usually have to be within an hour of each other to count.<!-- Signature -->
  10. Just thought I'd add that Chevrolet's average top speed on the Vette is 172. This is after years of testing this model several times a week. I think I'll trust this number the most. Have a nice day.

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