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Discussion in '1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT' started by Christianmc, Aug 10, 2002.

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    This goes out to everone who LOVES MCLAREN F1. I just wanted to prove that the mclaren f1 has incredible handling if not the best, it has good handling and great breaking for its power.How else can it win the lemans so many times in a row and beat the porsche gt1's which have really good handling.I don't think a any production car can beat it in a race or oval track.And its design gives it amazing stability at high speeds. Its the first car with the inovative design of the centered mass technique (not real name), meaning all main masses in the center of the car to improve handling and center of gravity.ITS STYLING BY PETER STEVENS AN DESIGN BY GORDON MURRY GIVE IT SPECTACULAR SPEED,ACELLERATION AND HANDLING.NOW DONT GET ME WRONG THE F50, JAG XJ220, ALL DIABLOS AND THE FORD GT90(ford only in styling) ARE MY FAVORITE CARS AFTER F1, THEY ARE AMAZING, but there is a fine line between, better and BEST. And for the guy who that the corvette was all that that car was souped up, IMAGINE WHAT A F1 CAN DO IF IT WAS SOUPED UP, THAT VETTE CAN'T EVEN LICK THE F1 TREAD MARKS.

    TOP THAT !!!!!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    ok red
    take the low price of a z06
    subtract it from the cost a f1
    and then put the left over cash to modify the vette
    then you will see the f1 get destroyed by a vette

    its common thing that the f1 may have the fastest toop speed but it also has the top price
  2. i forget something
    i always was under the impression that f1's are pretty much souped up to the max anyways
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    <b>Um, "stock" cars ARE raced in several series around the world. And until such time a car proves itself against its contemporaries, it cannot be called the greatest nor can it be said that it can "destroy the competition." Its an old saying but a true one - "Either put up or shut up."</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    The Muira Jota engine was a spectacular engine for that time. If you still disagree with that statement then it is not worth continuing to talk to you.

    No one said the Diablo GT is the greatest car in the world, and no one said the stock Diablo GT would destroy a stock Mclaren F1. But it is a fair comparison. The DIablo GT has better handeling and brakes; speed isn't the only thing (for which the Diablo has plenty).
  4. Ehi Cris,
    what do you say? GT Vs F1? The weight of GT, with fuel and driver, is 1720kg, F1 app. 1300 kg!!
    0-100 mph: GT 8.0s (with short gearbox...), F1 6.3S!!
    0-1000m: GT 21.1s, F1 19.6s (286kmh)!!
    0-200mph: GT ?, F1.... 28S!!!!!!!!!!
    Lamborghini is a very very very good car, but is too fat!!
    look at Murcielago's forum: 1840kg with fuel!!!

  5. Yeah, I know the Mclaren is super fast. It is faster in the strait line than the Diablo. But the Mclaren only has 0.86 g, and stops from 60 mph in 126 ft. The Diablo beats it easily there.
  6. I don't think...
    McLaren's handling is the best, after the F50, of course. GT is too fat, Kg are everywhere, in straight, turning, when you stopping!!
  7. Looh at this Chris: GT Vs Maranello (quattroruote, Italy): Maranello have an excellent stability, better than GT. GT is a very very very good and wonderful car (I have seen it, Bologna Motor show 2000, Italy), but is an old project. GT is good, but not perfect.

  8. Oh yes I know the Ferrari 550 Marenello is a VERY stable car, even at high speeds. But the Marenello is not the Mclaren. I don't want to get into a big debate about this. But, like it says in Quatroroute, the Diablo has 1,10 g. The Mclaren has only 0,86 g. I have read that the Mclaren F1 does not handel as well as cars like the Bugatti EB110 and the Jaguar XJ220, and the Diablo GT has more g than all of them. Look at the comparison of the Mclaren F1 with the Diablo 6.0 in Road and Track:

    Mclaren F1: 60-0 mph in 126 ft. and 0.86 g

    Diablo 6.0: 60-0 mph in 120 ft. and 0.99 g.

    I know the Diablo 6.0 can not beat the Mclaren F1. But the Diablo GT must have even better braking and handeling than the Diablo 6.0, because it is lighter and is RWD. Then maybe the Diablo GT can be compared with cars like the Mclaren F1. The F1 is light, but steering and braking for it is for some reason not very good.

    Oh, and I think the Porsche GT3 has the best handeling of any car. It lapped the nurbrurgring in 7,55 min!

  9. The best, for me, are F50, Modena, GT3, GT2, F1 and Exige. But GT is so impressive, pure and strong: OH MY GOD!!!!!

  10. oops, forgot something:
    also remember that the McLaren design started in 1989! that's two years b4 the original diablo came out

    funkadelicpyro, the design work on the mclaren started in 1989 but the car wasn't completed until 1993. The diablo came out in 1991. this means that work on the diablo started around 1987. That make the diablo older.
  11. F1 tested by C&D
    222-0kmh 189.7m 1.025g
    113-0kmh 49.5m 1.01g

    GT tested by Quattroruote
    200kmh-0 1.1g
  12. First the Gt is a stripped out diablo with a race suspension, very similar to another stripped out super car with a race suspension, the F1 LM. Both are similar to the race cars they emulate. But the F1 LM would beat the GT on a track. God the GT wieghs 3219 lbs, that is more than 800 lbs heavier than a LM. The whole handling of a car is based on wieght, from rotational inertia to braking. In a straight line, the diablo beats the LM because the LM does not have power brakes. But, if you brake while you turn (like while racing) the feel of the brakes is more important, and non-power brakes have tons more feel than any servo brakes. Secondly the LM ( and stock F1)does not have power steering, this gives way more feel than any power steering system. In the LM or any F1 you have a feel of what the car and tires are doing allowing you to keep it on the limit. The new lambo the murc dropped a minute off the 6.0 diablo's time (in EVO) witch was 9:10. The F1 and F50 do not have official 'ring lap times, done with experienced drivers. Just remember people that skidpad results are not equal to handling on a track, tracks are not just one big constant radius circle after another. Ohh yea who ever said that a modified vette would kill a F1 was right but it would kill a diablo GT also. The Lingenfelter twin turbo 650 0-60 was around 3.3 and top speed was 225mph. Cost 200,000. The F1 ground plane suspension (which is patented by McLaren) is used on the normal F1 and is the reason for the low skid pad numbers. The suspension was designed for the road and not the track. It gives excellent feedback but is not rough at all. Now the LM replaces the rubber mounts of the F1 with aluminum mounts and then suddenly the suspension turns into a stiff and full of feedback suspesnion.
  13. Ohh yea I remeber a $8,000 dollar car built by college students spanking a 6.0 diablo around a track on a couple of occasions. Now why do I remeber this, ohh yea I was in the car. God nothing beats that feeling of spankin a $225,000 car with only 85hp (no not 850hp) behind you. That little car pulls around 1.5gs, but could be tuned for more, but when you do it ruins the handling on the track.
  14. EliseS2, the Diablo GT is not a race going homoglotian special, that is the GTR, and the GT is the replacement for the SV, and i will admit that the GTR would get beaten by the LM, but not by much, and that is pushing it, but anyway, i just wanted to correct u on that, and if u want to talk about top speed then just look at the Coatl, with the extra long 6th gear ratio, 245.3mph, it is the only car faster than the f1 that was in production, and the car is made only for the south american market so no real test has been done on it, and it is supposedly unreal!!! peace<!-- Signature -->
  15. I did not say it was a homoglation special, i said it was stripped out interior and had a extremely sporty suspension.
  16. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EliseS2</i>
    <b>Ohh yea I remeber a $8,000 dollar car built by college students spanking a 6.0 diablo around a track on a couple of occasions. Now why do I remeber this, ohh yea I was in the car. God nothing beats that feeling of spankin a $225,000 car with only 85hp (no not 850hp) behind you. That little car pulls around 1.5gs, but could be tuned for more, but when you do it ruins the handling on the track. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Maybe your Toyota or Honda is small enough to fit through a mouse-hole, and maybe the Diablo isn't. But if 'Mouse-holes' are your idea of real tracks, then maybe you need to get your head out of the sand.

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