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  2. I think that the diablo is a better car and it can beat the ferrari's ass and it looks better then the ferrari. but that is my opion about the two cars. I think that the diablo is a better car and a faster car.<!-- Signature -->
  3. I think, personally, that if you compare anything with the Diablo, there's absolutely no contest. Sure the Ferraris are very good cars, they look awesome, and Ferrari certainly dominate in Formula 1, but the Diablo is quite simply the ultimate of all supercars, and the VT 6.0 is the ultimate of the Diablos.<!-- Signature -->
  4. the diablo is the best lamborghini, no questions asked. But in terms of an ultimate pimp car, look no further than the ferrari F50
  5. well looks are are personal opinion but the facts show that the diablo is faster<!-- Signature -->
  6. Lamborghini wins
  7. Lambo is Faster!
  8. The lambo would be able to get a tune up by the time the farrari arrived.
  9. lambo, i just plain and simple, love it! i mean look at its stats! does anyone kno the 0-100 mph time?<!-- Signature -->
  10. 0-100 mph:

    Diablo 6.0:
    long gear ratio: 8.8s
    medium gear ratio: 8.4s
    short gear ratio: na (approx 8.0s)
  11. im more of a lambo guy anyway and in my opinion this is the best lambo ever but ferraris are still pimp as #$%#
  12. What kind of question is this? Of course it is Porsche!OPS! Wrong Forum!
  13. loser<!-- Signature -->
  14. Ferrari wins for sure.

    Need a proof :
    F40 wins vs Countach
    F50 wins vs Diablo
    F60 wins vs Murcielago

  15. fastcars4life is right the F40 , F50 and the Enzo can beat any Lamborhini. Why take a Lamborghini went there is a Ferrari.
  16. Enzo beats this, but lambos are awesome. I'm a Ferrari fan myself as my name explains.
  17. I love Lamborghini and I love Ferrari. But I have to say that while Diablos will beat most Ferraris in accelleration and top speed (not on the track) there are 3 Ferraris that will rule all Diablos: f40, f50, and the new amazing Enzo. Tuned Diablos don't count.
  18. No question for this question...??? ferrari is the winner.
  19. you have to be more specific...Lambo vs which ferrari?? I think the F50 GT is better
  20. Be Real People! It all varies! Each car has its pros and cons! Which Lamborghini and wich Ferrari? In my opinion Lamborghinis and Ferraris are even. They both are made to be the TOP in their class and honestly they both cross each other. Look at the stats, its all closely related. Now, if Lamborghini and Ferrari merged into one company than there would be hella cars on the road. We are talking pure power road eating machines!

    Take Care!
  21. They'd take Diablo because it has actual INTERIOR, instead of plastic window openers. and they'd take the lamborghini because it's cheaper.
  22. depends on which ferrari u wanna go against

    ya it'll beat out most ferrari's, except the f50 and enzo
    those are true racing cars

    but lambo vt 6.0 se is very appealing to people just so you can say "I own a lamborghini" but i guess "I own a ferrari" isn't bad either...really depends on the buyer and his/her brand loyalty

    performance i think
  23. I'm sure that most lambos and murcielagos could beat any Ferrari witht he exception of the Enzo and MAYBE the F50 (I don't remember all the stats on it, etc.). But both of those ferraris were meant to be extreme racers that cost a shitload. I'm positive that if Lamborghini decided to make an extreme racing road car, it could school the ferraris. I mean, it doesn't even take that much to get a diablo to get it's 0-60 down to 3.2; maybe only eight hundred and something hp, and if they didn't wanna' raise the hp they could reduce the curbweight. I don't like ferraris, they're all show and no go. Sorry, I have to go wit' lambos on this one.
  24. Lambo Diablo vs Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version
  25. ....lambo will always be better than ferari

    lambo makes nice cars like diablo GTR
    Ferarri makes UGLY cars like enzo


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