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  1. Did you know these fly?

    I've got video on my computer of this going over a bump and literally taking off and flying into the trees lining the track. It's the craziest thing I've seen in motorsports. (Many times better than superbikes ejecting their riders!) Contact me if you want me to sent the video.
  2. I've got that video also. I suppose any car would do that if there were the right conditions of air turbulence or other such related factors. And i don't think the one in the video was a CLK-GTR. I think, judging by the other cars, and by the "speed holes" (air intakes) by the corners of the windsheild, it was a CLK-LM.<!-- Signature -->
  3. i actually saw that live on Tv.... it was insane.... 2-1/2 flips with a twist
  4. It was the CLR....look at Mercedes Forum about 2 cars below this one....<!-- Signature -->
  5. Sorry guys, I thought it was a race version of the GTR.
  6. I'm not suprised, it's very aerodynamic. Even with the spoiler.<!-- Signature -->
  7. thats just because hitting 190 on a straight a way then getting in the wrong slip stream can really throw you around with out the aerodynamics being perfect.

    my road runner though has no clue about aerodynamics. its uses the barn door theory combined with a 383.....
  8. Send me the video... you can either post a link here or e-mail me at, anyways... If it was the CLK-LM that is in that video... it definitely is just a test mule, coz the CLK-LM never lost a race... dominated the FIA-GT back in 1998 10 races out of 10... and out of that 10 races, got a 1-2 place 7 times... anyways the CLK-GTR wasn't that successful in that series, but hey that's where the CLK-LM was based. Too bad the CLR became a disappointment, but hey Mercedes-Benz is now regaining it's face back in motorsports with it's CLK-DTM 2000 <!-- Signature -->
  9. No i did not b/c the one that flies is the CLR.
  10. It was the CLR, and what happened was that coming over the rise, air would build up just under the nose of the car, which is what sent it flying. I seem to remember Porsche losing a car in this way as well, didn't they?
  11. the CLR caught the slipstream of the GT-ONE. theres a flaw in the CLRs design which allows the build up of air.
    yeah, Porsche lost a car that way too, during the American Le Mans Series. Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta to be exact. Yannick Dalmas was the driver. i have a clip of it.
  12. It was at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1999 I believe. It actually happened to two different cars. This problem with the car led to Mercedes withdrwing it's two other cars from the race for saftey reasons.

    What does it mater if it was the GTR? While I am not that familiar with all the name plating for Mercedes, I do know that the car they raced at Le Mans is the same one that was latter modified to race in GT championships. I also know that in order to make the car race legal they had to make a production version of the car, and I believe that would be the CLK-GTR. If not I guess Mercedes was able to race in the GT1, a production based class, with a car that was not producton based.
  13. Mercedes only withdrew the number #6 car. the number #5 car crashed out 5 hours into the race and the number #4 car driven by Mark Webber crashed on the morning of the big race.
    the race version of the CLK GTR, the CLK LM raced in 1998 in the GT1 class. however, the CLR, raced in the LMGTP which happened to replace the GT1 in '99 and onwards.
  14. when is this years lemans?
  15. lol..i dont really think that this car would fly because the only way it flies is if its goin about 150 and it hits a ramp because somebody also said that it was 2 1/2 flips and it wouldnt be this car because it is 2 long. i made it fly in need for speed:hot pursuit though.. i hit 208mph i love this car its the best and i think they should make this for the street and make it go slower because everyone would want this car but they cant have it because its too much and too much to handle.
  16. 14-15 of June
  17. no, it was the CLR that flipped and the CLR was 4893mm long, now thats close to 5 metres.
  18. CLR,CLR,CLR! How many times would I have to repeat myself?
  19. no matter how many times u repeat urself there will always be ppl who reckoned the CLK flipped.
  20. you did not see this car "take off". #1, that is mpossible and #2- there is a thing called computers nowadays. they can do great special effects.
  21. I heard there was a British newspaper that made a big thing out of the CLR accidents. The braindead journalist wondered, in print, if the Mercedes Benz on your driveway could have a similar accident.

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