Re: Do not compare a peice of garbage (Z06) to this please.!!!

Discussion in '2002 Porsche 911 GT2' started by Ferrari4ever123, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. This is from Automobile Magazine's longterm test of their 385-hp Z06.
  2. Keep in mind that the '02 Z06 stops even quicker. 60-0 in only 104 feet!

    The case that the Z06 is a "peice of garbage" is not being upheld very well here.
  3. It can't be upheld here because the ZO6 is not a piece of garbage whether you like it or not.<!-- Signature -->
  4. Z06 rules all and I love the car but it can't be compared to a GT2. The price of the GT2 is a lot higher and the GT2 is hand made while the Z06 isn't. I'm not saying that the Z06 is bad (cuz I love the Car) but I'm just saying that the GT2 is just a bit more of a supercar.<!-- Signature -->
  5. even though the GT2 is better, and more reliable and all that other shit. In REALITY, if i had enough money to buy the GT2, i probably would but with that money you can get the new lingenfelter vette and still have like 20k+ left over. i mean come on, now who wouldn't want one of those(427 vette). you could smoke the hell out of most cars in a straight line and on turns you would be so far ahead already that even if it takes longer, you can make up for it with your acceleration.(something i got from Gran Turismo 3).
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MastrVipr</i>
    <b>even though the GT2 is better, and more reliable and all that other shit. In REALITY, if i had enough money to buy the GT2, i probably would but with that money you can get the new lingenfelter vette and still have like 20k+ left over. i mean come on, now who wouldn't want one of those(427 vette). you could smoke the hell out of most cars in a straight line and on turns you would be so far ahead already that even if it takes longer, you can make up for it with your acceleration.(something i got from Gran Turismo 3). </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Kid this is no place for you to express your feelings on how you learn things from Video Games.<!-- Signature -->
  7. really the porsches are fine peices of work huh in the september 2002 issue of car and driver the porsche 911 turbo viper acr and 2002 zo6 were tested against eachother the porsche lost its abs near the end of the test while the vette is still in perfect condition.the zo6 lost but it was a drag race then it turned into a road course and finally a sprint to 150 and a stop to 0 the corvette matched the porsche untill the end of the road course where it got to 100 2 seconds before the porsche the viper wasn't far behind but the gearing of the zo6 is such that the v8 can't turn it s final 2 gears (5th and 6th) very well that is why it tops out at only about 180-185 and that killed its 100-150 time where the viper and porsche both passed it and the porsche barely out braked it while the viper lost what its extra HP gained it in the brakeingarena i will post the times speeds etc. as i read them from the magazine which i have right here in front of me.
    porsche zo6 viper
    0-60 4.5 4.4 4.4
    0-100 9.9 9.9 10.0
    1/4 mile 12.9@115 mph 12.8@114 mph 12.6@117 mph
    road course 57.7 sec 57.7 sec 58.2
    road course to 100
    total so far 90 sec 88 sec 89.5 sec
    100-150 13.5 12.9 15.8
    150-0 684.3 ft 702.6 ft 775.9

    so as you can see the zo6 was exceeding the porsche up to the speeds not found on a regular race course and the viper obviously was out handled by them both and also out done in brakeing. the porsche was the only one to break but because of the zo6's poor high gears it won and the zo6 actually finished dead last even though it is more than capable of out running the other 2

    now back to the topic the gt2 is above the vette in performance and as to luxury what vette?but it isn't capable of keeping up with the mosler mt900 s which kept up with a 720 hp autothority stage V 996 TT in the super tuner challenge(september 2002 car and driver) so the gt2 is not as good as many think it to be (it is still incredible) but i don't know if even the carrera gt will be able to touch the mosler mt900 photon (believe me it is stock 100% built by mosler except the few parts borrowed from the vette of course.
  8. here's what it comes down to. the GT2 is the fastest current production car in North America. I'd say that title should end this, no more arguing. check the numbers, I'm not making this up.
  9. "No Actually I do idiot. Its a fact German cars are better then American cars in Performance. Go look up specs for you best American cars and the same specs for the best German car. Now your best American car is an opinion I'm asking of you to go look at. Its your favorite. Not everyones in the world."

    First of all, it is never a fact when you are dealing with the word "best" or any form of it, as it always implies opinion, no matter how supported that opinion may be. Its like if I say that the Yankees are better than the Red Sox, no matter how many people may agree with me, its still an opinion.

    Second of all, no one car should be the "be all, end all" of judging what country is better in performance. You claim that German cars are better in performance, but what if I said "no German car can beat the Lingenfelter Corvette in a straight line," then what? See what I'm saying?
  10. Are you saying that a corvette Z06 can outhandle and beat a 911 turbo
    lol, thats the biggest pile of crap I've ever heard!!!!!
  11. thank you for telling every one, i am sick of it
  12. It has happened on 3 prior occasions.

    #1) Automobile Magazine, Long-Term review of the old 385-hp Z06
    #2) C&D, Supertuner Challenge '01
    #3) R&T, Sibling Rivalry article of 1/01 @ Thunderhill Park. Steve Millen was the driver.
  13. Hey flukes happen. It's possibe for a lesser car to win once in a while with a little luck on it's side. The Turbo is a better car, the gt2 is a much better car, and the upcoming carrera gt will be a much much better car. The Corvette offers a lot of "bang for your buck" but if I had the "buck" I would opt for the better car. Porsche.

    Guibo mentioned value judgments when comparing these two cars. I was just wondering what his value judgment is on Ferrari.
    -Costs that went into making the car
    -Tractable Powerband
    -Price of the car
    -Fuel Mileage

    Since the zo6 performs pretty close to the 911 and it costs less, and the same applies to cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini, wouldn't that mean that those cars are even less of a value since they cost so much more?
  14. I agree that campare this car to Z06 is nonsense, It's because the Z06
    is far more better than this one consider the price difference.
    True,GT2 is little bit faster,but you have pay $130'000 more to have one!

    I don't konw how many of you Porsche guys have ever sat in this new GT2,but i do.(at porsche dealer) It is amazing car from outside,but the interior... I don't think it's better than the 911 turbo,may be even worse.
    If you do love Porsche,go for the Turbo,this car is overpriced!

    What's wrong with you guys? whenever someone campare a car to Z06,you always say "dont compare this beautiful car to stupid (ugly,shitty) Z06". But I do think all your American should be deeply proud of the Z06,it's simply the best car under 100 grand,turely impressive.
  15. The GT2 interior and the 911 Turbo interior are nearly identical! AS for the best car being under 100 grand its probably the new SRT10. It's under 100K and it has better figures then the Z06 but truly the Z06 is the best car under 50K.
  16. identical by what? maybe cheaper plastic panel.
    Ok,I should not say Z06 is the best,but at least it's one of the best under $100k, only two cars can match, new viper(but i prefer a coupe) and TVR Tuscan(beautiful made).
  17. The GT2 and the 911 Turbo are both awesome cars and I'm sure they both have excellent interiors. The Z06 is a tight car but the SRT 10 is faster but I wouldn't mind either.
  18. Re:

    If you want to compare the GT2 to a different American car, look up the Saleen SR - also $180,000, and outperforms the GT2 on every level.

    Thank you, Guibo - yes, the Z06 (sorry to beat a dead horse) DOES outhandle the 911 Turbo. The Turbo's faster, although with that extra $65,000 in your pocket, it shouldn't be a problem for long.
  19. CarreraGTRacer:
    On the issue of Ferraris and Lamborghinis, I'd have to say they offer even LESS performance value than Porsches. Less reliability? Less fuel economy? Yes. (Although the GT2's fuel economy is pretty atrocious.) Of the two, I'd say the Murcielago is a huge step forward in performance and driving dynamics, particularly in the face of the tepid revamping of the 550 Maranello into the 575M.
    HOWEVER, to any Tifosi none of this matters. To them, the mid-engine responses of a 360 Modena, the blood-curdling wail of its V8, and that BADGE make it all worth while, and "better" than any Porsche. Had to wait 12 months (or whatever it is) to get one at MSRP? Ha, even better! To which, what can we say really? That's the nature of any discussion that involves trying to find the "better" car.

    BTW, for anyone interested, here's how the Z06 stacked up in the handling department, compared to the 996 Turbo and the 360 Modena. It was pretty close to the Modena, and quite a bit quicker than the Turbo. And not only would the Z06 walk on the Modena on the straights (check out its corner exit and entry speeds), it has proven its pulling power against the Turbo in previous tests (they're fairly evenly matched). Test was done in R&T with CART and ALMS driver Bryan Herta at the wheel.
  20. Thanks for the test results. I know why people like the Modena but I'd rather just take the 996 Turbo. I think its awesome.
  21. The Corvette Z06 is with out a doubt the most kick ass car under $60,000. Nothing else can touch it in its performance for the price. But it is wrong to put it up to the all mighty GT2. The Z06 is a sports car and the GT2 is a supercar. That is a big difference and the two should not be compared.
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  24. I would not be so quick to dismiss the Z06 as not being a worthy competitor. The Porsche 911 Turbo and GT2 are much more refined, but performance is another thing. The Z06 is built for the quarter mile, while the Turbo and GT2 are for the track, but the Z06 is quite good on the track as well and it even beats the turbo the odd time. Remember that a car is only as fast as its last race! Corvettes are also quite reliable, legendary, with over 50 years of racing heritage. Since the first 1953 Corvette rolled off the assembly line in Detroit, over 90% of them are still on the road.

    The base 2005 Corvette should even be more luxurious, quicker, lighter, stiffer, and better handling than the 2004 Z06. The 2006 Z06 is supposedly going to pack somewhere around 500 hp. In 2007, there is talk about a supervette that will only be made made to prove a point. This should worry Porsche fans since we know that GM is capable of building a hell of a race car as we have seen with the C5R.
  25. Looks are subjective, but a lot of people like me like the looks of the Corvette. It's not trashy or crappy, and it appears that you know nothing about reliability, because today's Corvettes are probably the most reliable brand, and it can also be daily driven unlike the cars you just mentioned which are usually left in a garage because their owners are too scared to get the paint scratched. High priced exotics are not meant to be daily drivers and need constant attention, fine tuning, adjustments, and service.In fact, since the first Corvette rolled off the assembly line in 1953, over 90% of them are still on the road today, and driven. Most old exotics are sitting in a museum. It also appears that you know nothing about muscle cars, because muscle cars are from the late '60s era and are only meant to be 1/4 mile raced. The Z06, on the other hand, is a total performance package. If there's one thing that exotics will never have on the classic American classic known as the Corvette is over 50 years of racing and touring heritage. Ferraris and Porsches have many loyal buyers, but they have never made one model and stuck to that one model. The corvette has only gone through subtle changes from year to year with the odd re-design, but it has always been simply the Corvette with different engine and suspension packages.

    Fact is that the even the base Corvette ruins most Porsche 911s except for the turbo, and gt2, and whatever other model they have nowadays.

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