Re: Do not compare a peice of garbage (Z06) to this please.!!!

Discussion in '2002 Porsche 911 GT2' started by Ferrari4ever123, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. How ignorant are you to make such a statement. Obviously a Chevy Blazer won't out handle a Porsche 911 Turbo, but a C5 Corvette would certainly out handle an old Porsche 944. You should be more specific when throwing out dumb comments like that!
  2. Nicely Spoken.
  3. The GT2 is in a class of ITS F*CKING OWN, The 911 turbo and the Z06 is a fair comparison but please leave the Gt2 out of it as it will slap both of these cars to hell anyday of the week. And as for technology the Z06 has nothing, less power than a 3.6L straight six you cant help but laugh, even the GT3 has only a few less horses.
    Out of the Turbo and Z06 i think the turbo would win.
    Since some fool will bring up the issue of turbo lag: the reason I commented on the Gt3 is beacuse the turbo is running at low boost and only produces an extra 30 horses. Therfore Im assuming they're running like 1.1 bar or some low ass amount like that There would be little to no lag. I dont really care about Price cos here in Aus they're both really expensive (Youd have to import a Z06 prvately) so I think its a fare comparison.
    And as for your "SuperVette" (LMAO) Have you heard of the Carrera GT? I hear its scaring the crap out of lots of ppl, and if you want a race car have a look at the original 911 GT1. 911 turbo vs Z06 im cool with but plz leave real supercars out of it.
  4. Excuse me, in a recent test by R&T, the Z06 outhandled everything except a 360 Modena. Suck on that.

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