Re: does any one like this car?

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari 456M GT Scaglietti' started by jaguarkid02, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Yes Yes Yes the GT40 will beat the 456. But the 456 is not built with the intent to eat supercars on the track. The 456 is a grand tourer that upholds grand touring sport style and Ferraris cocky elegance. All this with a legendary snarling V12 beneith. If Ford vs Ferrari is what you like, lets see GT40 vs ENZO.
  2. This car is just like a jaguar xk8
    Only it's a $ 250k Xk8
  3. I love it. This is wonderfully reserved, and at the same time, it can rip rubber like you've never seen!
  4. Well now you have. The 456 is a 4-seater.......and so is the Mondial AND the Dino 308GT/4. And no matter what any of you OTHER guys say, THE 456 WAS DESIGNED AS A FAMILY CAR! The damn brochures had a picture of little kids in the back seats with a mom + dad up front!
  5. i love this car
  6. jaguar sux except the xj 220
  7. I like this car. As modern Ferraris go, it's my favorite, and the only one besides the 575M and 612 Scag I like.
  8. GT40's suck? Right...........people like you shouldn't be able to breed. This is a nice looking car. I like this car, along with tons of other people. Of course a GT 40 could beat this, but who cares.

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