Re: Don't u think American + Korean cars are trash ?

Discussion in '2002 Cadillac Cien Concept' started by SRB The Punisher, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Korean cars are turds, but watch what you be sayin' 'bout the American cars, foo!

    (man, what the hell was that?)<!-- Signature -->
  2. Car companies are in it for the money.
    Car companies are multi-national.
    The home country of a car does not determine its build quality.
    The quality of a car is determined by an infinite number of variables
    The company (NOT the country) controls most of the variables.
    People buy cars that appeal to them.
    This appeal can be anything from style to performance to price.
    Almost any company could somehow make high quality cars (at a price)
    Before making a car, the company has to decide what group of people will buy the car.

    Therefore, If a car company decides to manufacture a vehicle that is composed entirely of poop than that must mean that there are equally poopy people willing to buy the vehicle.

    PS (a large percentage of said poopy people live in the hills of Kentucky)
  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from LamboBoy</i>
    <b>You Americans are always cocky....</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    >>>Non-Cocky American

    >>>Not just any Non-Cocky American, but a non-cocky 16-year-old american

    >>>Not just any non-cocky 16-year-old American, but a Non-cocky 16-year-old american that owns a BMW

    (After all that self-praise I think i just became a cocky american.)
  4. The 2002 Caddilac Cien is the single reason i am still living.<!-- Signature -->
  5. BMW 325 has good points there and I agree.
    I personally hate Hondas cept for a few of their products.
    But I still love Subaru, Mazda..etc.

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  6. damn man u're 16 and driving a bmw? wish i lived over there so i could afford something like that...and i've been in and seen a couple of korean cars (like kia) every day, with really insane drivers (you should see the ones in this country) and the cars still hold up pretty well...
  7. Kia's are tougher than you think!!
    they came in #1 in Dakar Rally with a modified Sportage =P

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  8. What are you an idiot bonkersnavy? Your not making much sense. A lambo has about the same hp and torque as what? And what do you mean the Cien has none? Its got 750hp, and a 450footpounds of torque. It does 0-60 in 3.7seconds and can probably do better than that.

    Most American cars are very reliable. Fords are one of the best companies in crash tests.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Hehehe..
    I think this car will rock?

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
  10. The korean cars are aimed for the people that don't have much money. What kind of super cars do you expect for just $20000 CN? A Ferrari? Cheap cars use cheap materials, that's normal.<!-- Signature -->
  11. United States cars are great and last a long time, My dad has a 92' caddy and the only sevice weve evr done to it was th Air conditioning becuase the dealer broke it and we also had the breaks done, thats preety musch it, it almost 10 years old and runs like new. I love the sound of the deep 300h Northstar V8, oh yea. Certain american car companies do suck though, I'll stick with Chevy and Corvette, and caddy has a new car for 36,000, and if u take some of th fixens off u can get it lower. Thats all. Anyone agree that Americnb cars are gret in the snow?<!-- Signature -->
  12. LOL..yep.
    and with the new CTS....Caddy is gonna be an asskicker!! =)
    The thing is like BMW performance but cheaper =)
    Not to mention more fuel efficient.

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  13. US cars are great, vettes and vipers (although they still lack in handling) and korean cars, i have nothing agaisnt those, give them sum time.. take a look at this hyundai.
  14. damn sorry, site cant upload the pic =P
  15. Yeah..the new Tiburon is nice =)
    180hp =)

    Vettes dun handle bad man!! Vette is probs best handling US sports car!!
    And notice that you get near Supercar performance for a lot less =P

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  16. No one Disrespect Hyundai! The XG300 is the best bang for your buck luxury car. Ill take it over anything in its class.

    Check this Hyundai out. I dare you to tell me it sucks.<!-- Signature -->
  17. XG300 is quite nice.
    A little underpowered, but still very nice =)

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
  18. I believe it was motortrend magazine that rated the XG300 better that the new Dodge Stratus and Honda Accord. It actually schooled both of those cars.<!-- Signature -->
  19. In performance, luxury or value man!!?

    I heard the new Stratus kicks the shit outta the Accord in HP and Handling. Accord needs refinement.

    But I know the XG300 is very Luxo =) Looks quite European...if it wasn't that big, I would have thought someone like Opel, or Vauxhall..or Renault designed and built it =P

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  20. American cars are very reliable in my perspective and people who make fun of them are complete dumbasses like fat tony
  21. Me likes American Cars.
    My mom has a 1980 Oldsmobile Broughham Cutlass Supreme.
    Still running on near original parts cept air filter, drive belt, tires and brakes =P

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  22. American cars make more Hp at lower RPMs, so you don't have to trash your engine to get decent power. Nuff said<!-- Signature -->
  23. I belive in Value and luxury and appeal the XG out classed the Accord and Stratus. In performance it was a very very close third (only a few horses less than the Accord. But the new 3.5 litre should do better. 3.5 litres, Thats a big Engine!)<!-- Signature -->
  24. I think it heard it best from my uncle when it comes to cars and speed and what ever else you want to put on them.
    "How fast can you afford to go?"
    this is so true, with enough money you can go as fast as you want or take a corner quicke than anyone else. In the end it comes down to the dollar bill.

    As for someone that said American are cocky, well damn right we are. I believe that it is us who seem to have to biggest puch when it comes to throwing our weight around. What would happen to the global economy if America stopped trading? I think we saw what would happen on Oct. 11, and what I saw was an almost complete freese of global trading. Japan closed its markets becuase they couldn't produce enough trade without the American market going. The hearts of the main proponents of the Euro skipped a beat because America has had a large part in supporting the institution of the Euro. America is the only country to never have had its continetal shores invaded and we have made the deciding moves in both world wars. And last but not least why is it that everyone else seems to learn American and we don't learn their's. You could say that it is becuase we are lasy but that is not it, it is because we don't need to. If Russia or Germany was in charge then we would be learing that language. I think I am going to drop off now being asthis is not really the place for social and political discusion.

    Buko out
  25. We've been invaded and I don't mean sept. 11th... The war of 1812 I believe the white house was burnt down... Also in world war 2 german officers were wondering around new york (while their subs were parked in the harbor) and japanese rockets were landing in northern california...

    This has gone way off track...<!-- Signature -->

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