Re: eeewww a Mercedes-Benz V12

Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by 426 Hemistage 8, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. yes of course mercedes builds good engines.
  2. eeewww a Mercedes-Benz V12

    Its nice but why do they have use a naff Mercedes-Benz engine?
  3. eeewww it has 1334 hp, eeewww it looks cool.
    it sucks though because it weighs 2822 pounds and that hinders its performance.<!-- Signature -->
  4. mercedes makes great engines.<!-- Signature -->
  5. dun diss benz man they kick a$$
  6. Mercedes does suck, 1334bhp doesn't though
  7. For all of the people in this very forum who think that Mercedes-Benz engines suck you should be shot in the head repeatedly, not given any medical treatment whatsoever and left to die a horrible, extremely painful death. Even then the world would still be full of village idiots such as yourselves. Being that none of you know anything whatsoever about Mercedes-Benz and you are complete utterless morons who are a pathetic excuse for people that somehow managed to pass high school (god knows how that happened) and qualify as the lowest life forms on this planet. I find it etremely hilarious that any of you waiste of time and space, degenerate, sorry excuse for humans even had the balls do say that Mercedes-Benz suck considering the fact that Mercedes is responsible for making engines like the straight 6, 4, 8, and 12cyl. better then any other car manufacturere could even comrehend. As for BugattiEB110SS sorry to rain on your parade man but you sound like a complete jackass stating that Mercedes-Benz engines suck even though the first Bugattis made used a Mercedes-Benz engine. So for everyone who thinks they can just come on this forum and talk down about a car which they dont know shit about go and actually learn something about that car before you try and mock it for if u dont all you are doing is making a complete ass out of yourself.
  8. this car is so badass. looks nice and performs like a mofo. who cares if its a mercedes. that just adds quality to the car.<!-- Signature -->
  9. Hahahaha a Mercedes-Benz V12

    why do you think Pagani has chosen a Mercedes V12 for the Zonda??? the new S600 will make 500 hp, instead of 400 hp for the next BMW V12... However, you 'd seen the american motors? why does nobody chose a Chevrolet V8 to make production supercars??? the only exeption is the Koenigsegg CC8S xhich use the 4.6 V8, but this engine was developped by the European filial!
    To finish, the 6L V12 is the most reliable of Mercedes engines (more than the 5.8)

    _Bon je sais chez Peugeot ils ont pas de V12 !_
  10. i think you mean:
    eeewww a mercedes-benz 1332 horse powered twin turbo v12
    that can top out 400km/h
  11. yeah, MB makes good engines, but just to let you know, they just supplied the engine. Lotec is responsible for the Twin Turbo and boosting. end result is 1334hp. I bet you can get more power out of a Lexus V8 than this engine (which Wally Larson proved with his 2000+ hp LE-1 GroundFighter). People also derived 1100hp out of 1.3 liter rotary engines and BMW derived around 1400hp out of 1.5 liters.
  12. mb engines are among the best in the world the are reliable, extremely powerful and torqueous so that explains this right choice.
  13. Merc engines are the best in the world. If you don't like the cars for whatever daft reason then fine but if you diss the engines cos of that your gay or thick.
  14. who were ya talking to?
  15. Torqueous, before everything!!!
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  16. R:
    Merc engines are nice, but i wouldn't use them for high-speed tuning. Merc engine are great for luxury cars because of the torque statistics, but merc engines are often too heavy for any acceptable high speed auto. A lot of tuning had to go into this car to get it to go at that speed, and i bet the gears were tuned a lot, which gave unacceptable acceleration performance. This is solely based on my opinion, feel free to prove me wrong.
  17. god what is wrong with you did you get droped in the head?! I will shoot you in the head if i know where you live! NEVER make fun of mercedez!
  18. yaya, good engines...

    but how come the transmission always suck?
    i mean it's ok for a luxury benz sedan to have automatic..but even their sl500 has auto...that's suppose to be a fast sports car...

    and this...i mean wtf? 1334bhp and v12 great!...5 speed?! high ratios but bad veyron has 7-speed, my celica gts has 6-speed stick...

    perhaps they wanna rethink the transmission/engine partners
  19. mercedes engines rule!!!
  20. I always thought Mercedes-Benz had the best motors, they last for a very long time while producing lots of power.
  21. anyone that says a mercades engine is crap, is most definatly sufferning from morons syndrome, and should be kick in the nuts repeatedly til dead! not only do mb make sum of the best engines int eh world, not only are they relairble as hell! not only do they have a ridicuos amount of power, not only are they extremly stable under high speeds, and without mb engines cars in genral would not eb the same as they are today

  22. i dont know bout you but from what i know is Mercedes Benz is a muc better company than Aston Martin
  23. Guys,
    Dont confuse high power with quality. Whatever hp \ torque an engine has ( whether MB or Lexus, or Rotary ), at the end of the day, it must be RELIABLE.
    Streetracers know, among other things, that to finish first, first you have to finish.

    How hard is it to simply wind up boost? Not hard at all. You'll get some great numbers on the dyno, till the engine blows that is.

    Personally, I think MB are a great engineering company. I also think some of you dont understand the concept of reliability.
  24. Mercedes makes great engines you redneck..rather have a chevy 384 or someting?
  25. Benz egine is enough trus me

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