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Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by 426 Hemistage 8, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. hello? does the word reliability meen anything to you??? how reliable do you think the 1,5 BMW Formula1 engine from the 1980's was ?? it lasted one race you retard. Dragsters have 6000 horses, reliable ????
  2. Someone ask why choose a Mercedes engine. And someone said that Mercedes only supplied the engine, and Lotec were responsible for making those horses. Well, if you take ANY other engine in this whole world, and boost it to make 1300 HP, they will blow. But Mercedes engines won't, that's why.

    Mercedes makes crappy gearboxes because they are automatics? That's because Mercedes builts the best automatics in the world. You know why BMW 7 series, and many others use ZF gearboxes? BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE A GOOD ONE. THat's why.
  3. eeewwww merc v12 eeewwww 1334hp

    (shit merc v12 holy shit 1334hp)
  4. What the hell are you on about? The Sirius is meant to be a road car, F1 and dragsters are COMPLETELY race/drag/whatever orientated, there's ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE in comparing the reliability of the engines in these types of cars.
  5. As far as my German goes, from what I've read on the Lotech homepage (it's only in German) it does in fact have a 6speed box..
  6. Oficial stats from Lotec are 0-100km/h 3,8s and (!!!!!!!!!!) 0-200km/h in 7,8s!! Don't know about you but I wouldn't really say that's unacceptable, especially the 0-200 (Enzo 9,5s)
  7. well put.

    Pagani's use Mercedes Engines too

    So did the C1000

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