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  1. Wrong. Ever heard of the Lancer Evolution 7, Skyline R34 or the Impreza WRX Sti? C'mon, I'm sure you have. You see, those 3 Japanese cars possess AWD and were built to take on curvy roads with slippery conditions. If you can give me the name of an American car (other then the Ford Focus Rally car) that can even come close to a Lancer Evo 7 or a Impreza WRX Sti on a rally course or even a curvy wet track, let me know.
  2. yes i have heard bout them but i doesn't mean that they are better than german or american cars. the best handling prestige sedans are the caddy seville sts and the audi quattro a8 w12 not the lexus 300, so anything else to say?
  3. Woah woah woah, who brought an IS300 into this? I remember specifically saying a Lancer Evo VII or Impreza WRX Sti, not an IS300. Lancer Evos and Impreza WRX Stis ARE Sedans. Besides, when did you bring prestige into this? What is your point again? In your first post, you said Japanese cars cannot handle for crap and I corrected you. Way to change the subject over there. Well, since you brought the IS300 into this and compared it with a Seville, let's take a look at the slalom MPH of both cars:

    (Slalom Stats from Motortrend)
    2001 Cadillac Seville STS
    Slalom MPH= 61.9 mph

    2001 Lexus IS300
    Slalom MPH= 67.6 mph

    Ouch, the Seville gets whipped and believe me, I'm definitely not an IS300 fan (I dislike the car very much). Remember, there's a big difference between fact and opinion. By the way, please don't take this as an offense.
  4. your stats are wrong i am sure motortrend lied about the stats.
  5. Nicely stated, Ali.
  6. Read it yourself, man. I'm sorry, the truth hurts, I know. I can't believe that you're going to the extent of calling MotorTrend, a highly respected car magazine, liars. Well, if you wanna put it that way, why don't you give ME proof that the Seville handles better than the IS300?
  7. ya should check car and driver from last year i don't remember which month it was exactly but the caddy was tested against the lexus ls 400. i was speaking to ya about the lexus ls 400 not bout the is 300.
  8. The LS400 no longer exists. It's now the LS430. Next time specify what car you're talking about because the IS300 DOES outhandle the Caddy by a huge margin. Anyway, you're right. The Seville does slightly outhandle the LS430.
  9. i was talking about the old ls 400 which now is ls430
  10. It seems to me that by Ali starting this thread as a sort of "non-racist" thread, that he had some very racist comments in there also. I was born in America, and look at my username. I mean, it's not that I like the Skyline because it was made in Japan, I like it because it is a great car. I love muscle cars, too. I just don't understand what makes people think that because the WRX outhandles a Mustang, that automatically makes it a better car. I just wish a thread could be started and not somehow turn into a racist or discriminating discussion.
  11. let me tell ya some words skyline dude, first people criticize american cars for some dumb and stupid reasons, second people who criticize neva give proofs that is #$%#in' enragin' sayin' that a car is faster than another one without proofs is #$%#in stupid na third people here are not racist the fact is that people don't like to be insulted by other people and that is normal that people defend what they like. It is easy to criticize and to diss a car that ya hate. if people is not happy here they can go in another forum.i think that is enough clear.
  12. You know, something about this post seems just a little bit hypocritical to me, I'm not sure about anyone else so correct me if I am wrong. Earlier in this thread you were arguing with Stuttgart about the Seville and a Lexus. I'm not sure which Lexus model it was that you were arguing about and aparently neither were you becuase your story changed a couple of times. Anyway, what I am getting at is that you didn't really bring any sort of "proofs" into that argument to back yourself up. Now I don't want to go calling anyone names or anything such as "stupid" but it looks like you have already done that to yourself here:
    "sayin' that a car is faster than another one without proofs is #$%#in stupid"
    Actually everything you said in this post completly contradicts almost every other post of yours that I have read.
  13. first dude you don't know me very well. I am diplomat sometimes i didn't give proofs i recognize that but now i do as often as i can. I am not an hypocrite and i don't authorize ya to insult me in this way cuz i am frank at 100%. when i hate somethin i hate it but when i like somethin i like it.Am i enough clear?
  14. Well, after that reply I have a little more respect for you, I was expecting something much worse. However, I don't think it matters how well I know you. I am going by what I have read in these forums posted by you. You must admit that you did contradict yourself a little in your second last post. Anyway, no hard feelings alright?
  15. no hard feelings don't worry. but bare in mind that i don't like when people get on my nerves if it is the case i can become very violent and very furious. don't forget that.
  16. Okay, first of all, why do you hate American cars? I like all kinds of cars. What is it about American cars you hate? You said that all American cars suck, but they don't. Some of them do. You see, you can't just bust up in here saying American cars suck. You're not ignorant, but that statement you made about hating American cars was ignorant. You know, I'm not like those #$%#ing idiots who always say J*p is crap, because I love imports. I love all kinds of cars. Japanese, Italian, British, German, American, etc. It's just that you should stop dissing American cars, because America makes good cars. Some of them do suck, but that doesn't mean America is gay in the car industry. In fact, we make very good sports cars. So next time you say that American cars suck, realize what you just said and think about how ignorant it is.
  17. all this over another modified Viper...I would take a Ferrari over this Viper anyday
  18. Ok, here goes nothing, yes, we americans are stubborn when i t comes to our cars, but its because we absolutely love em, and respect them for their high value content, performance, etc. Not to say the european or japanese cars are bad. We just dont like hearing people coming to us and saying their cars are better, would you?

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