Re: Even if it they did make it willnot have 400 bhp

Discussion in '2002 Acura DN-X Concept' started by deuginthesky, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Acura = Honda.

    They'll call the car a Honda , and sell it if they want.
  2. the limit doesnt really apply anyway, and its not a limit per se, its an agreement - kinda like the germans' 155 mph electronic limit...
    the 276 bhp thing is just a claim, a british tv show put a skyline on a dyno (stock) and it put out like 320 or they could say it had 276 and sell it anyway!
  3. Yer well Japans limit, doesn't apply in America, and if theyy were to try to sell this in Japan they'd laugh, cause we all know the Japs like thier own WAY FASTER cars neway!!>>>
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  4. that limit is being done away with in the next year or so.<!-- Signature -->
  5. yeh i would have to say that is is an "american" car haha. and yeh if it is in japan its will SaY 276hp but it wont be<!-- Signature -->
  6. True, but I see that limit being eroded a lot. In Japan, they can send their cars to a free port, have them shipped back, and then the limit does not apply and it is legal to mod them. So I think that the 276 hp limit is going to get dropped soon, seeing as how they have invented so many ways around it. Plus, many cars like the Supra, VR-4, NSX, 300ZX are already above the limit. Not that this will ever see the street though. The tech will<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  7. Since they slapped the Acura name on it that would mean this is the American, in America it's quite possible it will have 400hp; where as in Japan they will most likely release a version that is in some way limited to a lower hp. That is if they put it into production.

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