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  1. Judging by the looks of things I belive that the coment about being a piece of piss was just someone venting their frustration, secondly I'm sure that give the right tuning this car could hit in the high 500HP, I've see a 692HP tibron I'm not sure what the list of mods were although the just of it was HKS, Stillen, and Some Japanese company that I have never heard of before I looked at this car I did some research on that company and found that they do some good work now if only I could remember that companies name god damn this poor memory of mine<!-- Signature -->
  2. Nooooooo thanks.
  3. Damn I understand If some of you here don't agree with the styling but try to speak for yourself only, meaning say "I don't like the styling" or "I think its ugly in my opinion" don't say "It is the worst car" Or "hyundai's eat crap", You know why Cuz the execs in korea can care less what you think, they can drop hyundai Motors and still retain 95% of their buissness, hyundai motors happens to be the smallest division of the comapany. Did you know Hyundai co. is larger than Ford and all its divisions? Hyundai started making cars not that long ago they are learning how to make good cars that people will buy, and learning it really fast. I have a love for all cars, I may not like one but I'll give it respect. Hyundais are the best bang for the buck, most people think they are unreliable because of their shaky start, but this is not true. So hyundai doesn't sell as many elantras as honda sells their accords, well Hyundai sells twice as many 4 billion dollar ships than the 2nd closest ship building company Mitsubishi. Hyundai motors also sells more cars than any other japanese car company other than the big 3 japanese car company Nissan, Honda, and Toyota, and guess what they catching up fast.

    Now I am korean, so you may think that I am some nationalistic biased bastard, but before you go on flaming I'll tell you I don't own any krn cars or Imports for that matter, My favorite happens to be an american car, I look beyond the nametag or the name of the car, If the car looks good and has good qualities then its good to me. You people are the ones that have to stop being biased and sterotypical. So what if it looks similar to the prowler, it has it's distinct shape, if you want to go that way then I could say that the new accord's rear end looks like a mercedes, or that a chrysler Sebring has a similar front end to that of a camaro, but thats what happens.

    I tried to convey my point, I'm not taking any1's side but stating facts. If you flame me or say some noobish thing then I'll tell you in advanced that you Are a Pathetic Human being who needs to really get a life and try to think outside of your little box.(
  4. inline 4s with turbos r really cool like the 200sx, celica gt-four, lancer evo 6,7,8 and the wrx(though that ain't inline).

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