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  1. Ok the vette was created before the mustang, the mustang was never a muscle car until the late sixties when GM and Ford were locked in a muscle car battle. But I know for sure (here in melbourne, australia), you ask just about anyone, what they would like, a mustang or a camaro they say mustang, and no its not because of its image, even die hard Holden (owned by GM)fanatics drool when they see a mustang drive by. Camaros don't have that here.<!-- Signature -->
  2. funny cuz the mustang was never ment to compete with the vette, never was intended to, and the design should show that,

    then gm came out with the camaro to get a ride on the sales that was going to the mustang, the common mans muscle car.

    not everyone could afford a vette, but they could afford a mustang, which gave kneck snapping performance at a low price.

    and all in all vette's/camaro's/firebirds's total sales when adding all three together came out to 325,000 sale units.

    the mustang alone sold 355,000 units, by it self.

    but u go ahead, and why is it such a trend my friend, becuz they like the mustang better than the camaro, they paid less for almost the same performance,

    and well the s351 hard top beat the viper gt-s in the 0-150-0mph ultimate speed test.

    and handed the vette's (manual) ass on a plater to the owner.

    ur just sad that the s351 is one hell of a supercar, that is a force to be reckoned with, oh yea did i mention that it carrys 5 people?

    and personally i love the mustang styling, and i only like the vettes 50's and 60's styling and current day styling 97-now, and the others were but ugly to me, so wat does that prove nothing just like ur statement about looks did.
  3. Ya i meant to say trend car my bad<!-- Signature -->
  4. "bla bla bla Z06 bla dribbble shit" is all i hear from GM people...
    I think jealousy is the issue...otherwise u wouldn't be here bagging a great car<!-- Signature -->
  5. Hmm, not sure that makes a whole lot of sense there. Let me see if I can clear this up. Sooo, because Ford is trying to cram as much power as possible into a small block, that makes one car faster than the other? Hmm, first of all, the chevy 350 is also a small block. Second, the naturally aspirated DOHC SVT Cobra produces 320hp, with the 5.7L SS producing, what, 5 more horses? Looks like they did a good job of cramming. And lets not mention the new S/C Cobra, which, would not be getting outrun by any Super Sport Camaros. You guys can whine and moan about the supercharger like little girls on your first period all you like, but your still going to be behind the guy with the Cobra, and thats all that matters. And why not use the 5.4? Yea guy, Im sure they went, hmm you know what lets not use this motor cause it will still get blown away. Doubtful. Let's analize this. The current Mustang was designed for a 4.6 litre motor. Now remember kindergarten? If we but a 5.4L in the space made for a 4.6L, will it fit? Uhhh...No. No, Im afraid it wont. The conclusion? Maybe they don't like putting motors where they can't fit. It wouldnt look right. Also, lets not go crazy about this cars acceleration eh? This site is awful, and most of these acceleration stats are made up by them. A 500 horsepower Mustang aint going 0-60 in 4.5 if a 320hp Cobra can. Think a little tiny bit next time you little hairy puntang pie.
  6. There's a reason the Camaro is no longer in production, your lack of intelligence is a contributing factor.
  7. i have to agree
  8. first of all ur #$%#ing stupid we r talking about cars that are stock not cars that have had modifications. because if ur going to talk modifacations i have a picture of a 1200HP saleen mustang.
  9. first of all ur #$%#ing stupid we r talking about cars that are stock not cars that have had modifications. because if ur going to talk modifacations i have a picture of a 1200HP saleen mustang.
  10. were talking about stock mustangs not mustangs with modifications. because if ur going to talk modified cars i have a picture of a 1200HP saleen mustang.
  11. stop spamming!
  12. Hey someone said that the "camaro" always won the performance battles. The new svt STANG has 390 HP 12 second quater - and Jim Scoutten from Car and Driver say "whatever your pony car allegiances the mustang wins".

    Therefore the camaro dies.

    Someone got smmmmmmoooookkkkkeeedddddd!

    Think about that for a while..
  13. Stop trash talkin the 0-60 on the saleen 351 .
    For starters the saleen is only wearing 265 tires and no one seems to scoff the 122mph quater.
  14. Dear Supercar

    I'm currently in the argravating steps of purchasing a mclaren off
    a Uk dealership my question.Is this pic possible.
  15. well to be honest i prefer the old stangs but these one kick butts too
  16. What do you think of the GM 454
  17. The Camaro SS time 0-60 is 5.5 so shut up. Why do you think they stoped Camaros? They suck compaired to mustangs... and cause they want to make dramatic re-intrence in 4 years when they come back (shhh)
  18. got something for alter.....I hope you're just bashing mustangs cuz my 2002 Lightning can beat the firebird the maro and it can beat a regular vette. I just though you should know cuz its a 5000+lb pick up!
  19. oh...yeah also..You guys know that Camaro Eliminator thingy....Ford made a mustang to beat the crap out of that. They created a mustang with a 610 cube (10 litre) boss engine. It was in one of the popular car magazines. The mustang did 0-60 in 1.9 seconds...Don't believe me? Look at the concepts section and goto that car.
  20. This statement is totally correct. And for R1cer boy- you can suck a nut u r!cer. Just because u see some 1000 hp tuned jap car doesn't make it the best. JAP CARS SUCK. Get it through the head. u stupid 8 year old. they suck. People need to tune them to get them faster. Thats y its an insult to tune a euro car or an american in such a way as Nitrous. Sucks my balls. and this guys statement owns all of u and there is no comeback cause do the reaserch and find these true.
  21. If some of you Ford haters out their are wondering why we love Ford so much. Its because their cars are so unique, Ill explain. Youve got the Mustang GT which provides runs to 60 in under 6 seconds, then you have the Bullitt which was not much different than the GT but still had good performance and some cool extra features, and then there is the Mach 1 which is the highest model of GT which offers 300+hp and 320+lb/torque and can make runs to 60 in 4.7 second and the 1/4 in 13.19 @106.7mph(5.0 Mustang mag.) and does a good job of bringing back the old 69-73 mach 1. Then there is the Cobra w/390hp and 390 torque and can keep up with the Z06 (both have 1/4s of 12.8), the thing we like or I like about the Mustang is that it is a brick that can pull better or same times as three other American cars that are shaped like arrows. Than theres the SVT focus and Lightning. The Focus may not be the fastest of the compacts but it is considered one of the best handling front drive cars in the world, and the Lightning is a 5000lb truck that can keep up w/ the fastest Camaro the SS it doesnt matter if the Lightning has 60 more hp, it has 1500+lbs more weight! We also like Ford because they have a great racing history, one of the best. I believe theyre involved in every different style of auto racing and have more wins in racing than any other car company in the world. They have so many other cars that arent available to us here in the US like the 400hp Falcons in Australia, all the Cosworths in Europe(I want a Cosworth Escort) etc. I know for a fact that GM is not a favorite in Europe but Ford is. Chevys cars are so boring, theyre all about engines which is good but its like they forgot about the styling, its so boring and plain, actually most of GMs cars are like that. I know lots of you are gonna disagree but thats why I like Ford over GM(I do like Cadillac though, I have an Escalade, its nice and faster than my SVT focus).
  22. Thats the best post I've yet seen in this thread
  23. shut up ass hole
  24. There is one problem they don't make the secretary car you know the
    camaro ss.They stopped making it because they knew what American
    muscle was it is A true muscle car that will never go away so be
    proud to be an American and drive a mustang.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  25. ok, the Z06 aint a muscle car. No corvette ever was. Muscle cars have to be a. Affordable (which no corvette ever was), b. have a metal body (which no corvette ever has had that i know of), and c. has to be a moderately sized car, not something as small as a vette. Think about that.

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