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  1. Best quote ive EVER seen. Props man, thats an awesome, well stated, and incredibly true quote.
  2. I read this earlier about how Chevy fans always use the ZO6 or corvette to compare with Ford. Well the Ford GT wins over the ZO6 so suck it. And if one of u chevy fans say how the Lingenfelder (or however u spell it) Corvette will win over the GT, thats like comparing a Nascar to a taurus.... Because its tuned like hell.
  3. yup....damn how long did it take u to write that thing...thats the longest post iive evr seen
  4. hahaha i read in MM&FF, GM "borrowed" the 05' Mustang. Then secutrity had to tell them to hand back the mustang. Then it said "...It's ok if some of Fords competitors dream..." ahahah
  5. Theres no way in hell a Camaro would "smoke" this. MAYBE barely beat it with some rather heavy mods, but burn...NEVER!
  6. true, and a modded Mustang can beat your Camaro. If you put alot of money into a car to beat another car, of coarse it will win.
  7. Oh yeah, did you know that Ford designed the small block 350 for cheverolet in the 1960's?? Ford was running the 427 and NO MANUFACTURER could compete (like the camaros and firebirds that were put out of production)...Chevy went to Lee Iacoca, the president of Ford begging for an engine design so they could at least stay competitive with chrystler. I dont know any times were Ford went to Chevy, or Chevy designed a engine for you.
  8. Yup...Also, The people that started the Chevy Company actually used to work for Ford.
  9. i didn't know that. can you give me a waluable source where i can read all this info.

    thnx in advance


  10. They probably get fired by Ford.
  11. You know, I ahve seen some STREET LEGAL mustangs that could wipe the floor with the camaro, and they ahve more then 650-670 hp so shut up.
  12. which stangs are these please?
  13. Bravo Bravo. So true. Brilliant. id give you karma if i could. Thumbs up. :D
  14. Just some modded ones like chevys lingefelters. I dunno the name...street cars made for the track adn strip...ill tell u if i remamberm, Only like 30 were produced. 10 were sent to the sultan of brunei. They were kept in total secret unitl a show. I saw 1 in a show in malaysia. (kinda messed up loctaion)
  15. They were some Saleens that were modified a little further.
  16. well you gotta look at this well saleen have to pass emissions and laws so of course you custom camero can smoke this but buying a saleen is a statment that you love saleen I know there are a lot fast cars but look at the style of it

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