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  1. Sorry but Lamborghini are not close. Ferrari F60 will be better than this car and close to the McLaren F1. Went Lamborghini had the Countach the Ferrari was faster with the F40 and went the Diablo was there the F50 was faster. Now the F60 will be faster than the Murcielago. No chance
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Lido Iacocca</i>
    <b>Ok, Jackamo, I think you're right.

    Maybe the special editon F40 is the ONLY Ferrari faster.

    But you're allways using special edition Ferraris.

    All other 101 Ferraris NO limited editions made till today are slower than Lambos.

    But I'll say what I think about it.

    F40 is just a nobody-have marketing purpose Ferrari like the Mustang Boss.

    They're cars made for marketing purposes that you'll never get due to the LOWER, very LOWER production.

    On stock, Ferrari is losing frequently to Lambos (Ok, I'm not saying allways)

    But go on ! How can you explain F355, F360, F550 times ? Allways losing to Lambos...

    The RECORD in 1 hour, 24 hours is with Murcielago. I think you know.

    And IT'S NOT a special edition car.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Ferrari 355 an 360 are not in the same class as Diablo! Why compare these?

    550 Maranello is not as fast as the Diablo either, but is not trying to be. Is approx the same fast as 492 hp 1990 Diablo 2WD. Diablo 2WD is a little faster at high speeds, but Maranello has a better start.

    1/4 mile:
    Maranello: 12.5s
    '90 Diablo: 12.7s

    1 km standing:
    Maranello: 22.4s @153 mph
    '90 Diablo: 22.4s @154 mph

    Is not as fast as newer Diablos but, it is not suposed to be.

    Why not special edition cars? What about SE30 and SE30 Jota? Diablo GT is the replacement for the SV and is not exactly a special edition car, but only made 80 models! Much less than F40 and F50! The fastest Diablo that is regular production Diablo would be the 530 hp version VT and SV (short ratio); How do they compare to Ferraris? They are much faster than 550 Maranello, but the Maranello is not supposed to be faster than the Diablo.

    Diablo is not a special edition car, but is competing with both Ferrari's regular cars and their special edition cars. Diablo is in between, you have to compare it to both.

    So the '99 Model VT and SV (short ratio) are not as fast as F50 closed top but are a little faster than F50 open top beyond 100 kmh (F50 open top has worse aerodynamics). But on a track, F50 wins.
  3. No it isnt, there are many other cars that go faster then it, like the Pagani Zonda C12 S, it tops out at 339 kph/210mph.<!-- Signature -->
  4. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Jackamo</i>
    <b>Ferrari NEVER made a car faster than Lamborghini...

    Keep dreaming... Enzo Ferrari was dreaming for that during all his life...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    <b>WRONG!!!</b> The new Ferrari FX Concept <b>IS</b> faster than the Lamborghini Murcielago. So don't keep dreamin' boys, cuz the Ferrari IS faster. Want numbers? Ferrari FX Concept: 214 mph, Lamborghini Murcielago 205 mph. So it is NOT FASTER than the Ferrari, Jackamo. And it's gonna keep being that way. Why do you think our engines are in the F1 Grand Prix? And why do you think we place just about 1 and 2 every race - cuz we got the engine power. Nuff said. As I say...<!-- Signature -->
  5. Eh, read my post; I do not say anything about Murcielago or F60.
  6. You have to be the one of the stupidest people alive. This is not the fastest street legal car. Not even close. It’s not even the fastest production car. Also doesn't even come close. Don't get me wrong. I would take the Murcielago over almost any other car on the planet. The only cars I would take over this one are the McLaren F1, Saleen S7, and the Koenigsegg CC. So I love this car. But it’s not remotely the fastest street legal car. The records are: 100km @ 198.859mph, 100 miles @ 199.002mph, and 1 hour @ 189.548mph. You might be surprised to know what production cars hold the various endurance titles. A 550 Maranello holds the record for 1000km, and guess what car held the 1 hour record before the Murcielago beat it? A 2.0L turbocharged Saab at around 140mph.

    And to all you people who have turned this topic into a Murcielago vs Ferrari/Porsche/McLaren/Callaway/whatever thread, let me say this: Lamborghini's were never designed to beat other supercars around a track. Lamborghini's were designed to look, if not good, then at least unique, and go fast in a straight line. It excels at both. Haven't you noticed that Lamborghini doesn't take part in auto racing? And by the way, that bit about a Lamborghini beating a F40 or F50 or the new F60 around a track; that was a good one. I had a good laugh at that one. Those Ferrari's are DESIGNED for the track, with road use being an afterthought. If you want more about what Lamborghini's were designed for, go my post in the thread in the Murcielago forum entitled "Re: Better than the Carrera GT".
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  7. eh, Diablo is not good for the track? Diablo GT, F40 and F50 are equal on short tracks. F40 is fastest, F50 has the best handeling, Diablo GT is equilibrium (has better handeling than F40, faster than F50). And remember that Diablo GT is not much different from other Diablos.

    On long tracks, where you reach speeds above 120 kmh more often, is where F50 has the biggest advantage, because it has more downforce. For Diablos to have better time on long tracks, they need more downforce, but so does F40. That is why Diablos and F40 are best on short tracks.
  8. Ferrari never reached speeds higher than Lambos.

    Diablos reachs 210 and Murcielago 205.

    F40 reachs 202 and F50 201.

    (check Classic & Sports Car, April 2002)

    It's stupid to talk about the F60 since it doesn't exist and you don't know what lambo is planning for '04. It's too far.

    And don't you forget the VW W12 and the Veyron. Their technoilogies can be used in Lambos since they're under the same company.

    Ferrari is trying to build a faster (over 202 mph) since 1987. And they never made that.

    Now they're just copying the AWD from Lambos to try it again.

    If Ferrari is better why are they copying Lambo AWD ?

    Get real ferrari is losing to lambos as usual.<!-- Signature -->
  9. it didn't beat the Mclaren on top speed, no street legal ever has, but it did beat it on the 1 mile thingy and the other stuff, and to let you know that the Pagani Zonda C12 S goes 339 kph/210mph, so it beats the Murcielago on top speed.<!-- Signature -->

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