Re: Ferrari 333 SP vs. Cadillac LMP

Discussion in '1993 Ferrari F333 SP' started by vansbmx90, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ferrari 333 SP vs. Cadillac LMP

    Ehich is your pick for as the better car, both in performance, looks, and opinion?
  2. I love the 333SP with a passion. It is one of my all-time favorites but the Cadillac would probably win against it today. The Ferrari looks better but it's a 1993 design put up against a much-improved Cadillac design for 2002. The Ferrari sounds way better and is much more reliable than the Caddie but the LMP would be faster. The 333SP V12 needs to be upgraded to be competitive against todays racing machines. Still love 'em both though. GO FERRARI !!!!!

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  3. Obviously, anyone with taste prefers the look of the Ferrari. Unfortunately, it was first produced in 1993, and despite modernizations, the Cadillac LMP-02 is brand new, and much more up-to-date.

    It's sad to say, but the Caddy would smoke this Ferrari.
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  4. i think that though the 333sp is old compared to the caddy, its still pretty much competitive till todays standards... its a nice ferrari
  5. Yes it is. I'd rather have a nice used 333SP over a new Cadillac LMP and day. Actually, you can get them for about the same price. Only $600,000! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. u sure thats street legal coz if it is im robbing a bank and staring in fast and the furious 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ferrari 333 SP kicks ass.
  8. Well duh there not street legal, and thats not the kind of car that'll be in that show, get real, what do you excpect them to put in it? a lambo?
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  13. If memory serves the 333SP was still kicking ass and taking names in FIA until 2000.
    lol the best were the MOMO's and Reisi. OH and I suppose JB Giesse didn't do too bad with them.
  14. the lmp goes 201 and the ferrari goes 194 maybe i would go for the lmp
  15. Check the lap times- the LMP wasn't all that much quicker. Also, the LMP tended to eat its gearbox for lunch. The Ferrari, on the other hand, had the semi-automatic gearbox descended from the F189. It'd be an interesting match race.

    Also, gotta love the Doran Lista team.

    Who are your favorite 333SP drivers? Max Papis at Daytona was truly inspired.
  16. Top speed doesn't matter all that much when these cars race, especially when they're so close. I truely think it'd come down to the driver's skill, and the fact that the Caddy would probably blowup in a long race. I would go with a close race, but Ferrari taking a victory. I say this because Ferraris oftentimes have the top drivers inside. Put Schumy in a 333 and sorry, Caddy will detonate while trying to keep up. RIP Cadillac.
  17. definitly, just cause between a Ferrari and a Cadillac, the Ferrari is better.
  18. ok....I had no idea what I just said. ignore the above comment
  19. This is not a fair comparison in terms of performance, because the LMP is 9 years newer and has access to more recent and efficient technology, enabling it to out-perform the 333. However, I'd rather have the 333 for the history, the looks, and the engine note!

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