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  1. Ferrari 348TB vs Carrera 2002

    I have beaten a 2002 carrera by my 1990 Ferrari 348TB. ( SHAME ON U CARRERA )
  2. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from F333SP</i>
    <b>I have beaten a 2002 carrera by my 1990 Ferrari 348TB. ( SHAME ON U CARRERA )</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->I like to see some proof. <IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
  3. My grandmother told me someone in a Ferrari kept messing with her when she was out for a drive in her new Porsche.
  4. Don't laugh,if that Carrera is a tiptronic than It will Lost
    to the 348tb.Tiptronic transmission is less responsive when
    downshifing,there's way less engine braking than the Ferrari
    gated shift.

    My dad have both cars,the 348tb is faster in the first
    two gears and the fifth gear,and it has way more
    stability than the carrera above 200kph,all because
    of the lower ride hide and the much stiffer suspension.
    (the Carrera feels a bit floaty when it's above 210kph,
    but in the 348tb,I feel nothing,very stable,it's like driving
    at 150kph in the porsche)

    You guys don't look down on the 348tb,in Hong Kong,
    it can overtake almost any cars in 4th gear
    at around 140-160kph in the highway.And trust me if you pull both cars in winding road the 348tb will beat the Carrera,it's very agile and very well balanced mid-engine super machine.It
    sound nuch better and well,it's a great head turing thing.

    Carrera is a great sports car too,much easier to live with
    the interior is much better,steering, brakes are much lighter.
    (even the doors are lighter,if you're a woman,it's hard for you to open the doors in the 348 from the inside,it's a kind of a handle thet you have to lift it up to open the door,which is pretty stiff)The Carrera has a lot of grip in the first
    4 gears.The tiptronic system is very clever.This car is very quiet,not til you rev it above 3500rpm.

    348 tb is purely a sports car,very stiff without much creature
    comfort.The carrera is a performance+comfort sports car.

    You guys don't make comments on cars after reading the mere
    perfomance figures,you have to consider the real world peformance as well.And that there's no difference between
    the 348tb and the carrera 2002 in real world performance
    at all.The 911 Carrera has its weakness in compare with a v8 ferrari.(rear weight bias,suspension not stiff enough,less high speed stability).

    So don't be surprise if a 348 tb beats the Carrera 2002!
  5. The Ferrari 348TB is a really awesome car. I'd take one over a Carrera anyday. But just so you should know, a manual Carrera and a tiprtonic Carrera would both waste a 348TB easily. The Porsche Tiptronic transmissions do not slow down your speed too much. It's mainly how well you know how to drive your car.<!-- Signature -->
  6. I 've been in both cars for so many times,do you think I am
    bull-shiting or something.Have you been in a tiptronic Prosche?The tiptronic Carrera's first two gear is longer
    so as to make the Carrera easier to drive,It does
    effect accerlaration time.

    Please clarify what do you mean by waste away,where?
    IN the straight,corners.There's no way that the Carrera
    can beat the 348tb for mid corner and high speed stability.
    Please Face it,the rear engine Carrera is not as well balance as a mid engine ferrari which has a lower and stiffer suspension.that's why it's faster in the winding road

    Are you saying the tip Carrera can waste away the 348tb easily?
    acc time for tip carrera 5.5s 0-100kph
    348tb 5.6s 0-100kph
    0-400m tip carrera 13.0s
    348tb 13.6s

    remember one thing,you seldom go above 130kph if you are in winding road,so is there a big difference?

    now ,on the highway,I admit that the tip carrera will be a bit
    faster ,but if there's a lot of car ahead,and both cars need to overtake them,it's another story.The ferrari will eat the porsche if both cars are travelling above the speed of 160kph.
    Believe me,my dad had try them both and I was watching and feeling.Do you know what feeling means?Feeling inspire confidence!The 348tb inspire much more driving confidence than
    the rear engine carrera due to the more balance chassis and the stiffer suspension.The 348tb feel stiffer and more
    stable the carrera.

    Race between two car on the street is not only about the mere
    accerleration thing.Please be more mature.

    Let's face it,The tip 2002 Carrera is not as fast as you might think in compare to a Ferrari,348tb has all the juice to complete with the tip 2002 Carrera.

  7. How am I immature? Why, did I slander your precious 348? Like I said, it matters how well you know how to drive your car. A car's power is only half of what matters in a race. The driver is the other half.<!-- Signature -->
    well I perfectly agree with you on the driver thing
    I am only saying that the 348 is more cofidance inspiring
    than the carrera and it as fast as a Carrera,
    I am sorry for saying that you are not mature.

    NO hard feeling,okay <IMG SRC="">
  9. I'd take the Carrera.<!-- Signature -->
  10. No hard feelings at all. I love the 348 a lot. My dad was about to get one, but he chose a Carrera 4S instead. <!-- Signature -->
  11. A 348TB would only beat a 320Hp 996 if the Porsche was a tip model with a crappy driver. The new F360 is Ferrari's best competition to the 996 and they are about on par with each other in performance.
  12. 996 turbo,not 996
  13. have a ride on a 348 before you make any smartass comment,ok

  14. And what if the 911 was a cabrio with tiptronic?.
    Then the 348 will beat him, with a good driver of course <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    A 911cabrio with tiptronic goes 0-60 in 6,0 sec says my offical 911 book, because of the weight.
  15. Both are goods but in the end it comes down to the better driver.
  16. whats with you and the rear engine, you keep dissing it, I was watching some car racing the other day, Porsche Supercup 2002 model 370hp and its RWD and it was racing against a MID engine Ferrari with 420hp, why did the Porsche win? must have been because of the driver, and dont tell me the Porsche is floaty above 210kph
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    it's floaty above 210,by ferrari standard.With a more benign suspension ,911 carrera is not as stable as any modern v8 ferreri(not only 348,355 and 360 too) in high speed.
    If you compare the carrera to any cars of its range like Mercedes AMG SLk or Audi rs4,bmw m3,it'smuch better in terms of stablilty overall.
    It's just not as good as a V8 Ferrari.You have to be in a 348 355 or 360 to feel the difference.
    Btw,i like the 996 Carrera very much,and I rate it as the best sports car of all time.

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