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Discussion in '2000 Ferrari 360 Modena' started by elbato22, Aug 9, 2002.

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    360 is a better car,
    It's lighter,very well balance MR supercar(any road tester will agree),has a engine with good torque and very high rpm.

    It feels much better to drive than the Viper
    ( a lot of torque,good for you <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> ),althrough
    the Viper is a little faster,well it depends
    on track,if there's a lot of challenging corners
    in it,than 360 will beats the viper.For an example
    SuZuka,Japan F1 gp track.

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    Thats true. If its a track with quick corners and a lot of straight aways then the Viper probably would win but if the track has a lot of turns and stuff the 360 Modena is best. On the dragstrip the Viper has the advantage due to more torque.
  3. Americans simply cannot make good cars. Dodge vs. Ferrari??? Ferrari has been building race cars for over 70 years, both on and off the track. The Modena is a Formula 1 inspired car, the Viper is a car inspired by... what? Pickups? the Modena is way more technologically advanced (traction control, F1-transmission, Abs, aerodinamics, etc.) A stock Modena will kill a stock Viper on the racetrack (viper doesn't even have ABS), due to its better handling, higher downforce, high-speed stability, impeccable transmission, etc.. A 3.6 liter killing a 8.0 liter? What a sorry car the Viper is.
  4. Errr...the Viper has had ABS for 2 years now. Read much?

    You're right. The 360 Modena has all of those advantages. In the Sport Auto tests, it even had a better power to weight ratio over the 406 DIN ps Viper. Yet, with all of these advantages, it can only pull out 1 measley second on a 13-mile track? Bravo!

    Let's not forget that the "truck-inspired" Viper (in US trim) beats the "Formula One inspired" 360 by some 3 seconds at Thunderhill Park, which is 3 miles long. And with 450-460 horses, the Viper is barely even breathing.
  5. American power wins again at less than half price!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha
  6. Which one would you take, this or an SL55AMG??
  7. Modena can kick a Viper GTS. But not a Viper GTS-R.

    There's no GT Ferrari able to beat a Viper GTS-R
  8. I'm sorry to say but that price part is true, also put the dodge and Ferrari on the same track for 24 hrs without BRAKE changes and then we'll see how high and mighty the dodge is, let alone 12 hrs. You can blame most of that on the weight of the engine. I'd take the Ferrari for reliability factor
  9. Yes 100% true facts. Go Viper, Ferrari dont have a chance!
  10. Ummm how ignorant are you?? Did you not just see the race track times that were posted?? VIPER KICKS FERRARI
  11. The Ferrari 360 i think the Ferrari would win>
  12. All of you stupid people who are saying that the viper can beat any ferrari are obviously oblivious to the outside world. The Ferrari 575 maranello could kill a gts-r and a stradale 360 modena would eat any viper for dinner. I admit a stock gts-r could take a stock 360 modena but not by much and thats just off the line. the ferrari has way more top end than the viper and would probably win a mile race.

    p.s Ferrari F-50 is the best track car ever made.
  13. Yea Viper are very fast. AMERICAN MUSCLE!!
  14. The viper is not the best car ever made, in fact they didn't have the attention until the lamborghini company made them the engine now that's why they started to climb the board. So the ferrari would probably beat the viper head-on.
  15. a 355 can beat a viper
  16. I agree with speedracer2000. Shouldnt be in the same sentence. There is just no comparison. So what, Dodge made one car that can rival an entry level Ferrari on a couple different tracks. Top speed is the same, acceleration nearly, Ferrari has better cornering. Pointless argument, I pick the Ferrari anyday. A better argument is the 360 against the Ford GT. Again, Ford makes one car to rival Ferrari's entry level model, which is a class benchmark. Naturally they make it a 200mph car so they wont look bad, but I still take the Ferrari. I love my country though dont get me wrong, I just represent and tell it how it is. What would be really cool is if there was some kind of competition where Ford and Ferrari had to make any car they wanted to rule the supercar world, and see who turned out the better car.

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