Re: Ferrari 360 Modena vs Porsche 911 Turbo (2000)

Discussion in '2000 Ferrari 360 Modena' started by qianlili, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ferrari 360 Modena vs Porsche 911 Turbo (2000)

    Can Modena beats turbo???

    I was extremely confused on Autocar verdict. I could not believe what i was reading!!!

    The article was like this:

    " i couldn't belive how much faster the 911 was than the Ferrari the first time we lined them up side by side and floored their throttles... the porsche just drove away from the 360 and continued to stretch the gap well into 3 figures."

    But the factfile of the article (same page) for both cars were:

    0-100mph (360 8.8 sec) (Turbo 9.4 sec)
    0-150mph (360 20.1 sec) (Turbo 22.1 sec)

    I really don't understand what the Autocar talking about!! From the figures, Modena is a lot of faster than 911 Turbo??? right??? But Autocar said the Turbo just drove away from the Modena..!!!

  2. Maybe they just mixed the numbers, but I do believe that the 911 turbo is pretty faster than the 360.

    But both of them sure are excellent rides and can give me all the fun and excitmente I need.
  3. 0-100mph (360 8.8 sec) (Turbo 9.4 sec)
    0-150mph (360 20.1 sec) (Turbo 22.1 sec)
    These times are way off.....

    the 996tt is faster, but the ferrari has paddle shift and louder'de have more fun in the ferrari !!!

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  4. the porsche is a little faster but id take the ferrari any day
  6. With out a dought the ferrari is not sure about the prices. If you didnt have alot of money to spend go with the 911 but otherwise take the ferrari. Ferrari has a good design and the classic engeneering. Porsche has updated every thing. Most porsches are machine made, however Ferrari's are ALWAYS hand made. You have to own at least 2 or more Ferrari's to own an F50. That shows that Ferrari doesnt just sell the car they want to be assured that you wont just buy the car and sell it for a better price. You Cant buy an F50 you have to lease it. <!-- Signature -->
  7. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Xtreme2002</i>
    <b>U BOYS SHOULDNT EVEN COMPARE THE PORSCHE 2 THE FERRARI, HAHA THE FERRARI WOULD SMASH THE PORSCHE ROUND THE TRACK, MUCH BETTER HANDLING. PORSCHE TURBO JUS A LITTLE QUIKER BUT SPEED AINT EVERYTHIN, THE FERRARI HAS MUCH BETTER LOOKS N BETTER QUALITY AND HANDLING</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Well not quite true. The Porsche gets a lap time of 7.56 min around the N-ring Nordschleife, the Ferrari gets 8.09 min. The Turbo beats the Modena also on the Hockenheim short course where the Porsche gets a time of 1.14,6 min, the Ferrari 1.15,1 min. So the 911 Turbo beats the Modena around a track.

    I've also seen some drag race videos where the Turbo takes on the Modena. The Turbo just blasts away from the Modena and it sure is faster.

    Here are the track times again:<!-- Signature -->
  8. These cars are very close performance-wise. I have seen 360s beat Turbos and Turbos beat 360s. The Porsche is probably a tiny bit quicker. However, everyone whom I have talked to who has driven both cars says that the Modena is a better, more fun car to drive. I would go with the Modena based on the fact that it is nearly as fast as the Porsche while looking better, sounding better, being more fun, etc....hey, its a Ferrari! Of course it is going to be more fun!<!-- Signature -->

  9. maybe the 911 is a litttttttle bit faster than the 360 but the 360 is just more fun to drive besides the Gt3 and the GT2 are both way cooler than the turbo
  10. y does every1 care about prices,
    if i see a tight car id buy it no matter how much it costs.
  11. the porche is faster and i believe it handles better but the ferrari is the better choice becasue of the look and because is is such a rare car
  12. Porsche 996 Turbo... turbine-assisted, water-cooled Germany steel... fast, sure, but where is the Passion?
  13. The reason the 360 Modena had better acceleration numbers was because they used the F1 transmission. The F1 transmission has much faster gear changing, and so it allows you to do 0-100 mph in 8.8 seconds. But the force of acceleration for the F1 transmission Ferrari 360 is no greater than the regular manual version. 0-100 mph for the regular manual version is 9.8 seconds. As hard as it is to believe, the F1 transmission despite having much better acceleration numbers, is not ahead of the manual version DISTANCE wise. They are the same. It is possible. This is explained in my forum called:

    "Real performance of 360 Modena"

    Read it!
  14. you guys are so wrong. the figure for the 0-60 time f the 360 quoted in this website is a conservative figure, it was realy tested (forgot by which magazine) and found out to be 3.92 seconds. it's therefore fatser than the prosches 4.1 secs. there are plenty of tests where the 360 M has beaten a 911 turbo, and the only reason it isn't as fast over the Nurbring and Hokenhiem is because of the lack of traction it has over the porsches 4 wheel drive. it also looks alot better. nuff said. <!-- Signature -->
  15. Further to Autocar's verdict, Porsche win not by straight performance, but by the refinement, extra accessibility. i.e. easy to drive.
    I think it is OK for a road car but IMO in the track, Ferrari will screw the Porsche.
    I don't believe the slow track time of 360M. May be the driver received a renumeration from Porsche.
  16. 0-150 mph time is logical,
    the first four gears of the turbo is shorter than the modena,
    996 tt 's 4 th gear end up at around 190kph, but modena 's
    4th gear end up at around 220kph,so the accerleration time is faster from 0-200 kph for 996tt.But 996 empty weight is 250 kg heavier than
    the 360 modena,1540 kg vs 1290kg and 420 bhp vs 400 bhp.At speed above 200 kph,the turbo may have weaker acceleration due to the 250+kg
    over the modena.

    For nurburgring thing, modena do 8:03,maranello 550 is faster than modena in nurburgring. But modena is 3 s a lap faster than 550 in fiarano. Remember nurburgring is a test track for porsche,all porsche
    cars have to be tested in nurburgring for few hundreds lap, so Porsche cars are faster around nurburgring.

  17. Porsche is a tiny bit faster, but Ferrari has BETTER HANDLING, i'm positive. I'd take the Modena over the 911 Turbo, although both cars are great.

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