Re: Ferrari 360?.....

Discussion in '2002 Hispano-Suiza HS21-GTS Prototype' started by Bruce McLaren, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ferrari 360?.....

    This car looks like a 360. They frign' ripped off Ferrari. And a mid engine V-8....
  2. what a disgrace.<!-- Signature -->
  3. that's EXACTLY what i thought...i saw some GT race the other day on the speed channel, and one of the leaders was the ferrari 360 modena GT car, and i saw this and thought...isn't that the modena??? *sneeze-like* RIPOFF! *bless me!*<!-- Signature -->
  4. I dont know what car you guys are looking at because this(Hispano-blah-blah-blah) looks nothing like a modena. The headlights look like their from a Saleen S7 but everything else looks like its own form.<!-- Signature -->
  5. It, to me, has the bod y shape and doors of a McLearen, the lights of a Saleen, and it did remind me of a 360 Modena a bit
  6. What and insult.
    They laughin at Ferrari and Mclaren?
    looks ugly and the engine doesnt sound to good either.
    600hp is a waste for 7000cc
  7. Can I have a hit from that bong?

    I want to make the concept race car look like a 360 modena..'cos it sure as hell doesn't at the moment..

    It looks to me like a ...... Hispano Suiza HS21-GTS.... also looks to me like it was designed for high speed travel... hmmm, maybe that's why it's low to the ground and has the swept design trend which other high speed cars seem to possess!<!-- Signature -->
  8. Actually I think this looks just like the Tommy Kiara ZZII or a McLaren.<!-- Signature -->
  9. reminds me of the saleen s7 cuz of the rear and the rest of the car also like some of the gills it has, the saleen also sticks out like that at the rear and the engine is a 7L v8 just like the saleen.
    hey vicious after yur done with the bong let me take a hit cuz this thing looks nothing like a 360.<!-- Signature -->
  10. what the hell is wrong with u people it looks like a mclaren in the front by the wheelbase and front bumper, the lights look like a freakin mitsubishi eclipse, the side looks like a 355 ferarri, and uh... where the hell do u idiots get 360 modena out of this thing

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