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  1. Flat-6 x2

    A double flat 6 is it? I have never heard of a flat 12. How many other cars have this engine configuration?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Hi,

    It is a 12cyl boxer engine, with opposed 12 cylinder displacement, or if you like to say so, it's a V12 with a 180° V.

  3. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from imprezawrx14</i>
    <b>A double flat 6 is it? I have never heard of a flat 12. How many other cars have this engine configuration?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Id say so-it seems like the most logical combination.
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  4. This has the best sounding Engine I have ever heard, I've heard a Diablo and Ferrari Daytona, but this was by far the best, anyone else been able to compare it to other cars?
  5. I've heard it rip off the line on my street - funny story, because a guy in a Honda CRX was trying to race him. Hilarious. Too bad Honda's weren't meant to be fast.<!-- Signature -->
  6. You thnk Subaru invented the boxer engine?

    nooooooo way

    look at the Alfa Romeo Alfsud
    or Ferraris

    the ferrari formula 1 cars of the 70's had flat 12's too

    just another thing the japanese have copied
  7. Muahahahahahahahaha,poor Honda got burnt,heh

    note:I have nothing against Honda but,don't race a Ferrari with your CRX people ok thnx.
  8. Hondas are filth.
  9. The Porsche 917 had a flat-12
  10. some other ferrraris had this engine configuration, like the Berlinetta Boxer. Also, some older race cars used this engine config. as well(Porsche 917/917-30).
  11. see the thing is we have a 89 testarossa and i know that this is a 86 model but our 89 has 425 hp and the last owner of our car had it up to 196MPH so im not sure if that is the right hp and top speed and 0-60 time unless they realy changed them in 3 years
  12. When I was in high school, my dad had a 1992 512 TR. The specs were pretty exaggerated on a lot of the early Testarossas, as they wre replacing the most exaggerated vehicle of all time, the 512 BBi! So what Ferrari tells you of its performance capacity especially of that era is not to be taken at face value always. And yes from 86 to 89 there was a change in the displacement of the engine, and consequently a bump in HP.

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