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  1. My god this thread got out of line. The reason I posted this was because I'm getting so damn sick of everyone pointing out "Veilside Supras" and shit. That car has over 1000hp. This car is over 700hp so yeah I hope the vielside could beat this car. But you know what, this car is more realistic and more affordable to get to this kind of status. And by the way, people the 99' ZL-1 went 10's this bad boy busts out 9.55's! All naturally aspirated.
    The Quad turbo'd camaro I gave as a link pumps out over 2,000 hp. I still haven't found out how it did, but you're all missing the point. You got the cash, you can make anycar fast as shit! Now someone try to tell me I'm wrong there!
  2. i couldn't agre more. jap cars sux, american cars rule. end of discussion
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    Who really cares if the engine is a turbo charged 6 banger, a N/A V8, or a V12 with rocket propellant? It's very irritating how import fans whine so much about Domestic cars using large displacement.

    If your (supposed) high tech 4 or 6 banger is creating less power and costing more money, then how do you define it as superior technology? Anytime a Japanese company farts, import fans think it's a "high tech" fart.

    The saying "no replacement for displacement" is not saying that larger engines are always more powerful. It's saying that you can accomlish more for less with a larger engine. This is why such cars as the Viper, Corvette and Cobra can offer so much performance at such a reasonable price.

    Take a look at this link, and compare large displacement cars to the others. Then consider the end result and cost of the vehicles
  4. That's what I call knowledge
  5. Thanks! You might want to change the "F" word on your signature. I personally don't care, but sooner or later someone will complain.
  6. Problem solved!
  7. you guys need to understand something about going fast.
    There are so many variables that just horsepower or gear ratios
    is not the way to make a car fast.
    You import guys think that anybody running a big v8 with low hp/ltr
    numbers is weak but the reality is that if you dump 1000hp through a small steel block it isnt gonna last long if you drive it much. Vise versa, my truck is an 83 Chev that has a body kit, i lowered it (spindle and rear flip kit- not chopped springs like you import guys)
    and i am running a Chevy OHV small block with 426ci, and making a dyno-proven 739hp naturally aspirated. With street legal slicks i run a 6.45 1/8 and an 11.16 1/4.
  8. WHAT?

    IN THE NAME OF GOD! Wa-da-fu are you talking about??!! Do you think that we will believe all those bullshit??!!, You may post better things, specially when you are making the first one.
  9. how do u know it can run a 6 seconds on street tire have u tryed it?
    do u own this car ? i didn't think so. so what do u know. thats what i thought nothing!
  10. Hey to all you F-body enthusiasts, I want to know what u think is better this camaro or TVR speed 12, go read the messages, and then take a poll.
  11. pleasure to find ya again. long live to ya i hate rustangs resurrected!
  12. Yo yo my honda yo will kick yo SS's ass yo! j/k <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> I'd have to pick the TVR for a daily driver.
  13. you also can get more pussy with a yenko camaro! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  14. A Hemi 'Cuda would help a bit, too.
  15. ill jsut say that would eb a race to see
  16. this engine makes 2000+ horsepower i have the magazine it was in at home. that is at 25 psi and they run it up to the 40s
  17. I doubt if it could reach the 5's, because those are the same times that a NHRA top fuel funny car reaches approx.
  18. Wowowowo! Hey man, wait, I want to do it politely, relax!
    Iive cliked your link, and that thing is a monster, I could not even think about what could it probably do. . .

    I said that i doubt that it could reach those times, because the Pro fuel dragsters and funnys, reach like 6500 h/p, making like 4.8 on the 1/4. That'swhy I think that, not because I trash the Insane f-body monster you linked above.

    By the way, good luck Rustang, I hope you can revive those moments that IhateRustangs used to give us.
  19. there is no reason for us to be arguing over these different cars because most of us dont own them and at any given redlight you can get your ass handed to you
  20. I looked at that link about the acceleration that that vette guy put up. It was interesting...but figure it this way...that viper as tested was like 72000...the 3000gt was like 45000 so thas a difference of 27000 dollars. So if u took that extra 27000 dollars that u saved buying the 3000gt and then put that into that 3000gt for performance parts...u would destroy the viper. Now I love vipers as much as everyone else don't get me wrong...i still get weak in the knees when i see one...haha...but at the same time if u then put maybe 10000 or less into the viper it should then be able to beat the 3000gt once again. With money anything is possible...i saw a neon totally destroy a viper in the 1320 at a local drag show...and then i saw a dodge dynasty wit 35 yes 35 psi of boost that killed a supra tt.
  21. I can't believe you made such a retared claim. the 15 psi you're talking about that every engine sucks into the combustion chamber is called the AMBIENT pressure. Its technically 14.7psi, or 101kPa. Either way you're talking out of your ass. Since everything around you is subject to that pressure it means nothing as far as comparing pressure in an engine.
  22. this car has a lot of potential and more killing power than any turbocharged jap crap so stop being stupid. Have ya seen the times and the speed of this car? if no analyse them twice before talking crap
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  24. I think even the Blitz Skyline would murder this
  25. all americanz are good for is spying on other countries...causing hatred between nations...sparking wars...having sex wid animalz..changing the bible 10 times over..having the highest rate of gays and adultry...anyway what was i going to say?

    this car was like a one off that made chevorlet dry their bowls just to produce. i mean they gave it everything they got.

    th blitz skyline can be produced anytime...its just a modification of a roadgoing car. but on the track it would stil destroy the camaro and im sure practically everywher else around a round the wet...etc.

    secondly im sure if nissan were to produce a a car (which they can do no problem) pumping out stock


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