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Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Concept' started by bigvic, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Hehehe...Why don't you do research before you call out BullShit?

    Of course if it runs 5's it won't be considered street legal after that.
  2. Hehehe...Why don't you do research before you call out BullShit?

    Of course if it runs 5's it won't be considered street legal after that.
  3. You americans sucks ass. THe only thing you can make is a V-8 wiht a displacement of 5+L and with a compression ratio lower than mi fart. and a redline of 5000 rpms. Any SKyline or Supra would kill this on the track,street and quarter mile. So why don't you shut up and suck on a corn on a cob. FUCKIN' HICKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. uhuh i agree
  5. Thank you!!<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  6. Pretty sweet Skyline, but I wonder what would happen if you turbocharge this car?
  7. Every nation accidently kills its own kind in a war. It's war dammit. Of course there's gonna be mistakes.
  8. Actually, this car does 66.1 MPH in the slalom. Go look it up in
  9. It's just this simple camaro is a true legend, I mean a real definition about a MUSCLE car this 2000 camaro ZL1 can basically smoke the shit out of any japanese crap!!

    long live american muscle!!!!!!
  10. you guys are dumb, any one can make HP out of increased displacement, but imagine how much the front would raise since of the rouqe and the size on teh engine. id say that this is one big waste of engien. they should donate it to the tractor companies as a gift of their failure of un technological accomplishment,.
  11. I wouldn't bother with him bro...he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about...Next thing he'll say is that HP/Liter actually matters <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> LOL
  12. *bump*

    Bringing the topic back for "Uncle McGee" I don't think the link works anymore from the first page.
  13. Why didn't anyone inform me this car existed!? Skyline? If you wanted to match the ZL-1 with any Skyline, match it with the Blitz Skyline, or something like that. But anyhoo, this car rules and I'd sell my soul times that of Avagadro's number to own this car.
  14. Who the hell gives a flying-#$%# about gas milage
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    take into consiteration, a civic with a turbo would cost around $7000 if you find, and do it right. money is the biggest factor, piriod.

    -thats in canadian dollers, in american it would be 5,330.49 US dollars as of noon today,[october 17, 2003]--
  16. you just all a bunch of HATTERS!!!! because this car smoke the living shit out of most sorry jap cars!! and dame it's street legal!!!!

    Long live Camaros!!!

    And yeah the #1 classic is- 1969 Camaro SS/Yenko!!!!! that's ur dady!!
  17. Im affraid im with the Japs on this 1,i think they could produce a quicker car on 0-60 than the Yanks (soz if ne1 is offended). I mean take the Veilside Supra, that had 1200bhp,not sayin its fast just impressed. Plus u can get 1000+bhp Skylines and thats with 4wd so they can get shit-loads of traction off the line. a RWD with that much must spin a bit.
    Also someone earlier in the posts said something about Jap cars being unreliable, r u mad??!!?? There about the most reliable cars going.
    Anyway, ive had my say. Enjoy!
  18. 1200 horsepower supras and 1000+ skylines are obviously not street legal, and this one is(ZL1), i can make an american muscle car over 1500+ horses easily and If I wanna go to the extreme get a top fuel over 8000 horses, but lets say that is out of the question There is a guy I know that owns a 9 second car(street legal) about 950+ horses just for your info, no japanese car in america will touch that, and certainly not the lingenfelter corvette, But the thing is with American cars you can always tune to higher horsepower, so thats why v8 is the best engine and Amererican cars have the best v8s there for American cars have the best capacity for being the fastest and strongest cars....

    SO basically American cars will always be the muscle champs and the fastest street legal cars are American, i mean for crying outloud the weakest skyline wont even pass smog here, thats dumb cars twice or 3 times as fast(American Muscle) are street legal here

  19. a skyline will never touch this brute camaro. a zl1 big block is better built than a skyline 4 banger who drinks more nos rather than it has real power.please stop comparing a skyline to a brutal muscle car it is a nonsense.


  20. F*ck that
    why shouldn't it be fair just because they get their power in different ways
    isn't that the point of competition
    to see which power making method is best in different categories?
  21. i have to agree with you on this one.Personnally i prefer an aluminium big block engine with a 1050cfm carb rather than a small displacement engine with too many electronics that only developps real hp by using nos.


  22. You cant even compare the skyline to camaro You Idiot....

    Camaro ZL1 is using a Big Block and Skyline is using a puny engine, with turbos, Plus it is way lighter..

    So If you are comparing cars with engine strength and saying skyline is quick because its a smaller black and as fast.. it is because you have 2 huge turbos , its 4wd and lighter... So Obviously its gonna be almost as fast... If they made the camaro Lighter and 4wd it would kill any car.... So that defeats the purpose of competition, if they make all the cars the same.

    So Yes The Rwd Big block rules over a twin turbo 4wd inline sucks
  23. i beg you pardon who did you call idiot please? i haven't been rude afaik so please don't use rude language with me or with other people. You can say a disagreement politely instead of getting angry as you did.

    a4wd and 2rwd aren't the same thing but in topspeed as well as in 1/4th mile drag racing it is proven that the camaro would win.


  24. Im kind of confused.. I really dont remember who I called Idiot but I dont thhink It was meant for you 426 hemi, so sorry about that

    Car 0-60 0-100 1/4 mile
    Buick GNX 4.7/4.8 11.7 13.7 107
    Subaru Impreza STi 4.9 13.5 13.7 101
    Nissan Skyline R33 GTR 5.0 13.0 13.7 102


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