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  1. The Skyline R34 GTR weighs nearly 3700lbs, heavier than the Camaro. And who cares if the engine and drivetrain aren't the same? Saying you can only compare cars if they have the same type of engine and use the same wheels to drive is stupid.
  2. "a skyline will never touch this brute camaro. a zl1 big block is better built than a skyline 4 banger who drinks more nos rather than it has real power.please stop comparing a skyline to a brutal muscle car it is a nonsense."

    skyline isn't a 4 cylinder engine. it's i-6 iron block. supra and skyline both have one of the most powerful, reliable, and tuneable blocks ever made. and, they do have brutal power.
  3. Exactly skyline will never touch this......I admit skyline has a strong engine, but i still dont like it and This acamro rules.

    and yes the 572 ci big block Is Raw Power, what American muscle cars are about!
  4. I still dont get it as to why all you americans always just want to go fast in the straight line? A true test of skill is to actually go into the track and actually TURN THE STEERING WHEEL. And you also are taklking as if this camaro was actually sold to the public, not just some one and only prototype that any car company can pull out of their ass. It's true skill to see a car that actually is built in large quantities. Muslecars are just cars with no real development. It is simply a quest to cram the biggest V8 they can fit in the car, with true sporty aspects as an afterthought, if it is even thought of. Just look at your "american pride" musclecars. They have the biggest engine, but they are stuck with drum brakes, use pushrods(which is cave man technology, only american cars are still using them) have a relatively low redline which doesnt let you get the full potential of the engine. The supsension and steeringis pathetic on the musclecars, and the so called high tech Hemi engine is simply a semicircle design, but every other car maker has gone beyond hemis to pentroofs. And i hate that crap about hp sells cars, but torque wins races. That kind of narrow minded shit is stupid. Any real race car just needs hp, but hp is what moves the car. the reason why u muslcecars fanatics praise torque is because detroit muscle is #$%#ng you guys over(u guys pretty much are already brainwashed)and is unwilling to lose some of their profit and spend some $ in R&D(gasp). A car can have 300ft/lbs but [email protected] rpms, and smoke anything(which CART does) since it can reach those rpms so quickly. Detriot is so narrow minded, for instance the supra, with a stock block can withstand 900bhp easily(there r many supras making that much hp and have many miles without a rebuild)yet detriot engines can barely add another 100bhp without having to put new rods or pistons. And if we were to compare apples with apples and compare the camaro SS to the skyline GTR or supra TT, the imports would be better in nearly every way. especially on the track , the camaro SS would be smoked by the supra and skyline. Amd with a simple $50 boost controller, you can easily make 400rwhp with the supra, which (gasp) can smoke any production corvette or camaro. This is my rant on american muscle and hope the musclecar afficionados wont stop reading it after the first sentance.
  5. and if americans were not the only ppl obsessed with 1/4 mile times, detroit would not rule over a domion of americans, ANY company can cram a big engine in a car, true skill comes when you actually race it (1/4 mile is not real racing) and still make a good product.
  6. Hey by the wat Your an Idiot, Im comparing price u dumass, Skyline costs way more and is the supercar of Japan, so shut up Then ill compare with a close priced and same category car with the skyline, Ford GT. Because U have to admit, they put skyline in the category of ferraris, so u have to Put Ford GT and Ferrari and skyline together.

    If U put the Camaro with skyline it is like comparing A dodge Neon(stock) with a Ford Cobra or not to be that extreme a Ford Mustang Mach1.

    You cant say because its 6 cylinder it is beating an 8 cylinder, its better, becaus eLotus esprit was 4 cylinder or porsche 959 is 4 cylinder and it was faster tan most v6 or v8s in fact it beat 12 cylinder ferraris. SO DONT COMPARE # of cylinders, that is #1

    #2 You think drag racing is not real racing, but in reality, It is THE REAL RACING!, because if u race some guy on the street you are gonna go on a straightaway, youir not gonna turn and drift and all that crap. A

    nd there are very good handling American cars for your info Z06 and Viper handle really well.

    So To everything U said shut the hell up!

    America makes the best bang for your buck cars

    Dont get mad because z06 beat skyline in speed , handling, slalom and everything else , not to mention, its cheaper and looks better.

    skyline is overrated because its rare...Well Lotus is rare Ill get that.

    American V8s are very simple engines and simple is better.

    It doesnt have to be technologically advanced to be better, you are tring to show off japans technology, when in real life , US has that same technology , but chooses not to use it(mostly muscle cars) because simpler is better in a lot of cases.

    The v8 is the most potent engine, so never badmouth v8 thats why top fuel, funny cars, nascar and indy choose it!

    F1 chooses v12

    what racing chooses inline 6

    DOnt ever try to praise skyline, I will break you down so bad you will cry a v6 Turbo Buick Beat a tein turbo I-6 skyline.

    I will destroy any skyline complimenters, I am tired of proving you guys wrong.

    It is Japans supercar, when Americas current muscle car king Corvette Z06(production and affordable) Beat it in handling and speed and looks better..
    Not to mention skyline uses all high performance parts such as brembo brakes, plastic windshield and italian parts.. and it is still defeated. U can argue all you want, but i put you in a position of Humiliation!


  7. wow that is a post kkkman.
    well i always said that american small block and big block v8s are the best choice in terms of reliability, simplicity, torque an gas mileage.
    that is why i pefer to buy a car from the 60's-70's or a modern muscle car than a fragile car with too many electronics and a small crappy engine.


  9. Actually GM sells this 572 CI block, but it is I believe 720 or 730 HP instead of 770 Hp, but with a chip, hedders and a racing transmission, Itll easily be 770 HP!, with the right gearing It can be as fast or faster than the ZL1 and Itll cost cheaper to make than a stock skyline...Im too lazy to look for the site look it up yourself... or go to, they also sell it! ....GM 572 Ci low 700 Hp and they have a mid 600 Hp one too!
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    you are referring to the last goodwrench zz 572ci engine that was used in leno's buick
    12498793 ZZ572/620 Deluxe Crate Engine
    The Deluxe version of the ZZ572/620 engine includes the Base ZZ572/620 engine, plus the following items: aluminum water pump, 850 CFM Demon carburetor, flex plate, HEI distributor, aluminum Intake Manifold and red plug wires and looms.

    Technical Notes: Horsepower 720 @ 6250 RPM
    Torque 685 Ft. Lbs. @ 4500 RPM
    Max. Recommended RPM 6750 RPM
    Compression Ratio 12:1
    Partial Engine 12498825
    Block 25534368 Tall Deck
    Bearing Kit, Main 88962212
    Bearing Kit, Camshaft 12499434
    Crankshaft 88961554 Forged 4340 Steel
    Connecting Rod 88962926 Forged 4340 Steel
    Bearing Kit, Connecting Rod 88961556
    Piston & Pin 88963227 Forged Aluminum
    Piston Ring 12499212 Plasma-moly
    Camshaft 88962216 Mechanical roller
    Balancer 88962814 SFI Approved
    Cylinder Head 88961160 Aluminum
    Gasket, Head 88961561
    Rocker Covers, pair 12499200 "572"
    Valve, Intake 12366987 2.25" Stainless steel
    Valve, Exhaust 88963128 1.88" Stainless steel
    Valve, Spring 88963933 Dual
    Valve, Retainer 12366990 Chrome moly steel
    Key, Valve Retainer 12366992
    Shim, Valve Spring 88963937
    Rocker Arm 12361323 Roller 1.7:1
    Lifters 88962920 Roller
    Push Rod, Intake 88962284 High performance one piece
    Push Rod, Exhaust 88962283 High performance one piece
    Oil Pan 10240721
    Windage Tray, Oil 88962187
    Gasket, Oil Pan 10106407
    Oil Pump 88963707
    Spark Plug 5613100 - R42XLS
  11. Go to, I believe there is also a 700+ HP 572 also! Ok I found it page 23 of Jegs 572 ci 720 Hp $12,999
  12. ok thanks for the info i will have a look at it.

  13. MAn.... I have a question, how can people get banned? If they write skyline sucks and stuff like that can they get banned?(BTW that was old news, i havent written stuff like that for at least a month!) SO I dunno what happened, this is the new username of KKKMAN!
  14. You were banned because you started useless threads over a great many cars....and your threads were nothing more than r!ce-ism.
  15. a skyline with 1200 hp is maxxed out. when u get a supra or skyline around uh lets say 2600 hp then u can talk, *****.
  16. Thats it?, maybe they can get to 1600+, but ya, Im telling them and they dont believe..... Mopar makes 8000 Hp engines for top Fuel, If u dont wanna count that, then U can still get over 2000 Hp from a GM Big Block(stock block) all high performance parts on it. No matter how good an engine skyline is(still very skeptical) U can only go so far with 3 liter i-6, when a Big V8 can exceed it tremendoulsy!
  17. My god you want performance? how about an F15 strike Eagle? or an F16 those Jet can out run all those Topfuel dragsters and guess what there all stock.
  18. Nothing can Outrun a Top Fuel Buddy, They accelerate faster than Jets! Look it up In funfacts
  19. You do realise what your saying is stupid. If race cars have high torque they will pretty much automatically have high horsepower. Horspower = Torque/Time (i forget what the exact formula is)
  20. There are plenty of skylines with in excess of 1300hp (1000kW)
  21. Uhm Perhaps you've missed the last few years of LeMans and ALMS, and SCCA? o_O Corvette anyone?
  22. And most of them are dyno queens.
  23. I really hate it when people are so narrow mined to cars I love almost all sports cars weather it be American, Japanese, or Europian I do not know why people have to basically worship one car and hate the rest how boring. Though I do have to say that my two favorite cars are the 787B and RX-7.

    Well anyway the Camaro ZL1 kicks ass! IMO or basically anyone with a brain would appreciate a awsome car like this

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