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  1. True experience... My sister was with her friend on a Summer night, not raining or anything, a car cuts them off and the car she was in ( a CHEVY TAHOE) flips. My sister breaks her neck, and 7 of her fingers...My dad in a FORD EXPLORER in michigan, flips his SUV with 4 other people in and and they all walk out. Only injury is a 2 inch minor cut on a guys head. And the Explorer was a 94' and the Tahoe a 99' ( i think). I hope that explains something about safty out of these two companies.
  2. Oh and Ford invented the V-8 so in a way, every company had copied Ford.
  3. Yeah, them 94 Explorers are amazing. My uncle has one, NO major problems. Only problem was a temperature gauge problem.
  4. Ford trucks are the best out there... I've got a '90 F150 Lariat, never had any problems with the truck, despite all of the hell I've put it through. And I've got a '94 Blazer. That is the biggest piece of shit I've ever driven... Anyone who says that the 4.6 VORTEC engine is great, probably hasn't owned one... I've had the engine replaced twice now.

    Also have a '76 F150, 300ci I-6. Still running strong.
    '78 F100, 302ci V-8. Helluva work truck, even after all these years.
  5. I know my example isnt as amazing as yours, but my uncle's 94 Explorer is still running strong after 10 years. Never one problem. Hell, I saw it again today and it looked like he just bought it brand new. Then again, he takes real good care of his car, but still. Thats one hell of a car to have never had any problems.
  6. Re: Ford sucks

    Your talking about Chevy having problems with exploding gas tanks?

    I think Ford made this one car, I think it was called a PINTO!!!

    Ever heard of it?
  7. Re: Ford sucks

    Wow, you're stupid. You contradict yourself in the same paragraph, which also sucked. Let me see that "survey" and THEN I'll believe the BS you say. And the new Chevy Duramax is BARELY better than Ford's Power Stroke. Only 30 more lb. ft torque. Not bad. bBut even then, Dodge's Cummins 600 diesel is even better than THAT. And Road and Track isnt a great magazine. Car and Driver is even worse. They just get other mags' numbers and mix em up and get an average then say they got it. And if Motor Trend is "owned" by Ford how come its not all Ford? Hell, they're pretty biased towards European cars. So shut up before you get banned.
  8. Ford can beat chevy any day thats why its been the best selling truck for so long.So shut ur mouth and go home .
  9. My theory as to why there are soooo many chevy lovers that are sooo stupid is the cheapness and avialability of chevy performance parts and products. not to mention that chevys have to be the simplest car to work on (what is it? three wires to hook up a chevy ignition system), thats why you see lots of old Ford and Dodge hot rods with chevy engines. so you get these guys who think they're real big shots and smart working on their chevy cars becuase they dont have the brians to work on anything else, so they own chevy cars. then their kids grow up and since their daddy's had nothin' but chevys thats what they think is the best car company there was and ever will be, hence all the stupid people on this site knocking Ford.
  10. here it is-
    2005 f350
    gvwr-13000best in class
    payload-5800 best in class
    towing-16500-5th wheel- best in class
    gas horses-350- best in class
    gas torque-455- best in class
    diesel horses- 325- best in class

    - ford makes the best work trucks -

    not to mention that there on avarage 2000$ less for what you get!
  11. reliability-

    mimimum life expectancy of 363 c.i. 6.0L powerstroke diesel-

    !!!!!!!250,000 miles!!!!!

    if thats not reliability what is?

    besides- chevy 8100 has less horsepower than the revised triton 6.8L
    v10- even though it has 1300 more cc!

    also, all ppls talking about "your gay" "this sucks" against ford and other etc. need to get some balls- its easy to curse somebody off knowing there 1000 miles away and *probably* wont get around to hurting you ( *as you look nervously out your window* )

  12. I have a 1973 Ford F-250 Custom. It's a work rig. It gets beat to hell every day hauling Eqipment, Kettles, and other things. It is one ugly beat up truck. But if you want pretty buy a Pansy Ass Tacoma. It has the original engine and has well over 150,000 miles. Had to have it rebuilt though, but that is a small price to pay.

    I've owned a GM Sierra with a 350 V-8 and a factory 4-speed and it has never quit. My Ford F-250 has a 360 V-8 and a factory 4-speed and it has never quit. But I have an uncle who had a 2000 Dodge with a V-6. He didn't run it for 2 months and when he went to turn it onthe engine would fail to turn over. He looked at the engine bay and he found out it had a 2-barrel carb. Ford on the other hand has had EFI since like 1985.

    Well anyway, what it comes down to is that Ford is the best, not the fastest because most Chevys are quicker, but it is the best. GM is alright, and Chevy is a GM with a different name on it. But Dodge that has got to be the shittiest vehicle ever made.
  13. Name me another truck that has more torque and has better looking than the F-350 Tonka.
  14. One of the things i hate MOST in the world is when assholes put Chevy engines in Ford hotrords, and vise-versa. It KILLS the heritage of the car. To me, the heart of the car is the engine. But putting an engine that was designed by a rival company...thats like the US military made up of a million Bin Ladens.
  15. I cant wait for that truck to come out. But dont forget the current F-150, best towing, payload, low-end torque, and chassis strength in class.

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