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Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1' started by mustangs4ever, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Where do you guys get this stuff? My $21,000 Z28 just beat a $32,000 Mach 1 at the track. Im tired of this mustang vs camaro crap, they dont make the camaro anymore (for right now), why dont you compare your mustang to some new cars like the 300hp WRX 2.5L that runs low 13's stock and way cheaper then the cobra. By the way heres another pic of my slow 2002 Z28 wooping this Mach's ass.
  2. I belive you, but i don't belive your 02 z28 cost 21 brand new... so it's not fair to compare a high end cost of 32k to a low used cost of 21k and for the record the 03 cobra is 34k so a mach 1 should be a bit cheaper then that, i looked it up and it's around 28k (coupe versions on all cars here) the z28 base was 23 brand new.... now that's a 5 grand difference instead of your 11k
  3. You Dont have to belive me, thats fine but have you ever bought a vehicle through AAFESS? My Camaro cost $21,000, his Mach was $32,000. Sorry if I sound like im talkin sh*t because im really not. His Mach has a better interior then mine and a few more options, my point is that the Camaro is way faster then some of you give credit for.
  4. I think the only people that don't give it any credit are the ones that have never been in them... I've had the pleasure of being in a lot of different cars so i do belive you about the camaro being faster, and no i've never bought a car from aafess (never even heard of it) but i know from the dealership what most cars cost because i was looking at a lot of cars before i bought mine, and i almost bought an f-body. But since your were cool about your post i'll take your word on it.
  5. my brother sells cars for a chevy dealer and if you know the right people you can get a car at GMS witch is General Motors Sales price.... you get it for 1thousand more then the dealer takes it in on ... my brother bought a 1999 Corvette for 9,500$ it has 39K miles on engine...GMS .. hope i helped out there...but then again ford might have there on salesprice for employees or vip's

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