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    this car is one of the sweetest looking out there!!
  2. Yeah... My thoughts exactly... when I first laid eyes on this baby...<!-- Signature -->
  3. Yeah!! I agree with you. I find the car extremely terrific!!!
    One of the most beautiful designs IŽve ever seen!!!
  4. The Japanese finally got something right. This is one sweet ride. Hopefully one day we will see this baby on the road.
  5. I think it's butt ugly. This might only be my opinion but it really is fugly IMO.<!-- Signature -->
  6. Simply one of the most spectacular cars I've ever seen. Let's just get rid of that yucky chrome-mask and not-so-nice wheels and we just might have the most beautiful car ever
  7. hey come on i think those wheels looks nice man...well its a matter of opinion<!-- Signature -->
  8. Sorry, that's one of the ugliest concepts I've seen in years. It has a lot of potential, but nothing comes together right...which you can tell by looking at it from different angles.

    The front fenders are hideous...largely due to the way the A-pillar is pulled out of the hood, after the fender buldge is complete. Also, the hood is too big; sticking out over the front of the car like a severe overbite. That works well at the center, over the grill, but the whole droopy, stoned eyelid look over the headlights is just plain wrong. looking at the car from the front it just looks nose-heavy.

    The back of the car is much better, but once again my eyes are drawn forward to that weird beltline and the way the whole a-pillar/fender/door hinge all come together.
  9. I love it's looks also, too bad all those losers post all this crap about it.<!-- Signature -->
  10. In general it is a step in the right direction. The back is probably the best i have seen in a while, but i don't like the small grill and tail lights. These guys are on the right track though
  11. its cool but this thing scares me...if i saw one of these on the road i'd let it do whatever it wants<!-- Signature -->
  12. taking a look at the enlarged picture of the rear, you can see all those ridges and curls, it is just so beautifully and sleekly designed. I agree, the rear is better than the front. I think it would look better if the grill was lengthened, but man, it is just so nice. I would love to see the power and performance stats. Probably the same as the XJ220, it looks like the rebody was done on it.

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