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Discussion in '1999 Rinspeed Diablo VT' started by Lone Star, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Fruity paint job

    This paint job makes the car look gay. I think it shopuld be one color: Red<!-- Signature -->
  2. Performance backs it up.<!-- Signature -->
  3. Cars can't have sexuality<!-- Signature -->
  4. haha cars cant have sexuality, i like that. But yah i actually like the paint job. It's different, catchy, and original. Im sure they could've done the same thing with out such a "fruity" feel to it, but still, i think its cool.
  5. What a waste of a good car. There are so many other colors you could make this car. What loser would want the type of attention that from having your car look like this.
  6. It was a promotional thing from Rinspeed!! Repeat after me: s-h-o-w c-a-r!!! Idiot. Why not search the internet and see that Rinspeed is not all about lifesaver paint jobs!! (And I referred to Lifesaver as the CANDY.) You will find that Rinspeed is a very Prominant company in the supercar industry that deals mainly with PERFORMANCE modifications. They take cars, and modify them to perform like mad. So look up on Rinspeed and LEARN you dumb child, because all you see is the paint job. You dumb fu
  7. it's the world's first Froot Loops Lamborghini Diablo!! lol...wild paint job to go with typical wild Rinspeed performance..sweet!
  8. Maybe it was having trouble deciding what to wear this morning...
  9. hahah! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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