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Discussion in '2002 BMW M3 GTR Straßenversion' started by shypo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Say you can afford it though wouldn't you rather purchase the car as an origional rather than make a "copy" or a "fake"??
  2. Who would really know it was a fake except you if you paid close attention to detail. Also who would really be checking to see if it was a fake while you were passing them with 450 hp?<!-- Signature -->
  3. Interesting idea about making a copy, but what you said wouldn't work. The main problem is that the M5 Engine is a 5 liter V8, whereast he M3 GTR's engine is a more compact 4 liter V8, so that it can fit under the hood. Also, judging from the picture it looks like it has a carbon fiber roof, which would make me think that measures have been taken to lighten the whole car. And you didn't even mention suspension- if this car is really derived from the practically unbeatable race car, it will be able to outperform almost any car on the road. I guess if I couldn't get my hands on the road car variant, instead of buying a normal 3 series and tuning it, I'd try to get the race car and detune it for street use.
  4. if i had 200K this car would NOT be the one i would get..

    i can get a 2001 Ferrari 360 Spider for a lot less...<!-- Signature -->
  5. ummm a 5 liter M5 engine can work, ever heard of Hartage? They do exactly that, rip a beautiful V8 out of a perfectly good M5 and throw it in a M3. The only problem with doing that is that you ruin the tuned and refined balance of the M3 and it looses some of it’s amazing handling characteristics. I love BMW and always have since I was about 4, I can agree that this doesn’t look like a car worth of it’s price tag. But if I had cash to blow it’d be high on my list. German engineering at it’s best !!
  6. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from EandE</i>
    <b>if i had 200K this car would NOT be the one i would get..

    i can get a 2001 Ferrari 360 Spider for a lot less...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->i would have to twin turbocharge the inle-6 m3, i would get
    alot more horsepower than 400hp<!-- Signature -->
  7. Its not all about the horsepower when you get a car, the GTR is much more than that. Its not all that easy to make a car as good as this.
  8. Ah Fordlover, you have said it so perfectly. Even if you could plop the M5 engine in it, or put a big turbo in it, its not the same car. 200k does seem pretty damn expensive, but I'm guessing that BMW has ample reason for charging that much. The standard 6 cylinder M3's are #$%#ing amazing cars, and their sticker price is about 46k. If BMW is selling a car for 200k, I'd bet its going to be absolutely amazing. And even though a 360 spider may be more bad-assed, I'd put my money on the m3 gtr in any race.

  10. yes, this car is perfect... but do you really need more fun than M3? The price for this car is really too much.. the only reason for it is because it will be produced in limited addition... for me M3 would be enough..<!-- Signature -->
  11. You speak with great prowess

    Your engineering prowess is absolutely divine. I'm glad that there are people out there who agree with me that this thoroughbred car our of Munich can beat the pants off of anything either detroit. With this car, you should not be looking for huge horsepower figures, but for refinement, balance, and performance. I would be willing to bet that on the fabled Nurhnburgrhing, this car would devestate, dominate, and disenfranchise any other BMW, short of the williams-bmw F1 car. They can have their 3 series with M5 engine, but we'll take our strassenversions and lap them over and over again, laughing, screaming, "Who's the man?! Who's the man?! IT'S SO PRETTY!!!" And then, we shall trample upon their defeated souls in triumph.
  12. unless im in germany and im on the autoban i dont want this car cause of one main thing, i'd spend too much on speeding tickets. this is an ultimate bmw. and about makin it urself, we all just have a spare M5 engine lyin around
  13. Exactly, performance is the name of the game. You can throw in the m5 engine into the m3, but that'd just throw the whole car out of balance. What's the point of having all that power if you can't control it at it's peak? This car obviously has a much better suspension to handle the power, and BMW prides itself on having near-neutral handling w/ a RWD car, so you know it'll handle great. This car is also lighter as well. It's all good to tune cars, but just throwing shit into a car isn't tuning. Comprimising handling and balance at 150 mph + isn't an option unless you're suicidal.<!-- Signature -->
  14. word<!-- Signature -->
  15. QUOTE -->i would have to twin turbocharge the inle-6 m3, i would get
    alot more horsepower than 400hp</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->I totally agree, even a twin turbo charged 6 cylinder would be good.<!-- Signature -->
  16. ahhh, i think your missing the point, this car is all carbon fibre,it weighs about 500 pounds less than an m3! has a racing suspension, and is tuned around the larger and heavier m5 engine. just ripping an m5 motor out and shoving it in your m3 is going to do nothing but mess up the dynamics of the car! all the power in the world isnt fun if all you can do is go straight cause your car will spin at the hint of a turn cause you messed up the weight balance!
  17. whos the monkey face that said the M3 was virtually unbeatable in racing? have you watched the speedvision GT whatever?

    1. Audi S4
    2. Acura NSX
    3. Bmw M3
  18. My Mercedes CLK whoops that BMW:s ass...
    I have no picture of my Mercedes but I will fix it.<!-- Signature -->
  19. quote: "whos the monkey face that said the M3 was virtually unbeatable in racing? have you watched the speedvision GT whatever?

    1. Audi S4
    2. Acura NSX
    3. Bmw M3"

    First of all, wtf is a monkey face? That's not really relevant but I'd just like to comment on how retarded that is. Anyway, time to smack you down. ALMS- American Lemans series. that would be that "speedvision gt" thing you're talking about. The bmw m3 gtr competes in the gt class. audi and acura don't even have teams in the gt class! Its basically a battle between porsche teams and bmw teams. and when i said bmw is virtually unbeatable with the m3 gtr, i didn't just make that up. The number one team is BMW motorsport, and in terms of car manufacturers bmw is also number one. the points add up like this: BMW: 204 points so far. Porsche: 180. Callaway: 22. Chevrolet: 11. (Callaway and Chevy haven't competed at all of the races, that's why they're so far behind). So next time you say something dumb, at least have something to back it up with.
  20. cool m3

    this bmw is in fact awesome, but i wish they would keep more from the successfull race version: the wheelbase extensions are awesome just round the flares a little and keep the roll cage - hard to get into but youll have better chances surviving an accident which could easily happen with a car this quick.
  21. The main reason they made the street version is so that they could race the GTR under GT rules. Still its an awesome car and if I had the green I buy it, not make some knock off which couldn't be the same unless you are a mechanical engineer capable of balancing the car if you droped an M5 V8 under the hood
  22. I would like to know were EandE is going to get a Ferrari 360 Sipder for $200K. The stock 360 Modena is $200K. The Spider is $300K,and still won't outperform this amazing bit of engineering.
    A 3000lb car with 450HP and a truely race-bread suspention... that's just breath taking.
  23. Beautiful, just beautiful...

    I have one word for this gem.

    ... S C I N T I L L A T I N G......

    Dominic<!-- Signature -->
  24. Re: oooo oooooo ooooooooooo

    This and the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R are my all time favorite cars ever! This replaced the M5 on my list. I cant beleive some of you can actually say something bad about this car! it is soooo badass! Also, I just love German cars (i dont know about VW). This car has luxury, comfort, power, speed, and one hell of a pussy magnet! I really wish I knew how fast this is from 0-60. Ya the price is pretty high but wait a year or two and I wouldnt doubt it that the price will drop a good 100k. It will ony cost you around 20 bucks and a case of beer to hire some professional Mexican to steal this car for you. Its amazing what they'll do for $20 and a six of bud. Not tryin to dis on mexicans i just know from experience. BMW FOREVER!<!-- Signature -->

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